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West Must Surrender to Hidden Imam Messiah!

Thursday, November 25th, 2010





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November 25, 2010


Iran’s current President is a “died in the wool” religious Islamic fanatic from the top of his head to the tip of his toes. The Apostle Paul was a “Hebrew of the Hebrews,” and President Ahmadinejad is truly a “Shiite of the Shiites.” He is locked in combat with the old conservative heads. They have run Iran since the revolution that overthrew the Shah of Iran. He is trying to slip new leaders and departments into his new government. He is trying to get younger key members of the extre-meists from his Revolutionary Guard into top positions of power, putting out the old leaders who have held power for so long over all governmental decisions.

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It appears he has another revolution in mind, one in which he has absolute power to form a very radical Islamic Republic to replace the cur-rent conservative one. I truly believe the religious extremism in the fanatical Shiite beliefs among their literal interpreters is going to unveil the antichrist

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among them. Both the Sunni and Shiite sects of the Muslim faith believe in a coming Al-Mahdi, which we would relate to by our looking forward to the return of our Messiah Jesus Christ. The major difference between the two sects of Sunni and Shiite, concerning the coming of their Messiah, the Al-Mahdi, it that the Sunni believe he is yet to be born, while the Shiites believe he has been hiding in a cave for some 1,100 years, but will soon come out to rule all Islam as the 12th Imam. Many of the local Imams across Iran and Iraq are preaching his coming is very soon, and a fever for his arrival is growing.

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The President of Iran, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, is a Shiite religious literalist, who believes in the imminent return of the 12th Imam. His segment of the Shiite faith believes the 12th Imam went into hiding in the 9th century. The Sunni sect of Islam believes the Al-Mahdi, who is to arise and lead Islam to rule the world and establish a one-world Islamic religion, will be an ordinary man, born to an ordinary woman, and will live an ordinary life with the people of his time. But the Shiites under the same persuasion of their current President, believe that soon the 12th Imam, who disappeared mysteriously in the 9th century, will suddenly ap-pear to lead the Shiites to victory over all enemies starting with the hypocrite mullahs and ending with the Jews. In the Shiite theology, believing in the Imams is the cornerstone of their faith. They believe the 12th Imam has been living in a cave for more than ten centuries, and that he will suddenly surface from his hiding place as their Mahdi, their Messiah, and

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will meet Jesus, the Son of Mary. They believe Jesus, the Prophet of Allah, will be second in command in that he will pray behind Al-Mahdi. They believe Allah will give Al-Mahdi the ability to rule the Muslim nations with righteousness in the span of a night.

In the Shiite theology of the religious followers

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of the current President of Iran, the 12th Imam is still the sole source of legitimate power on the earth. I suspect a man will suddenly arise in Islam claiming to be the 12th Imam. He will declare himself to have returned with the power of Allah but in reality, he will be the antichrist. Islamic writers indicate the signs in the next paragraph will precede the 12th Imam.

There are many signs that will precede him, a very important sign is that he will come at a time when there is great confutation, intense disputing, and violent deaths – when people are experiencing great fear. Calamities will fall upon people, so much that a man shall not find a shelter to shelter him self from oppression. There will be battles and conflicts before his appearance. The people will be troubled to such an extent that they will long for death.

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It is then that Imam will arise. The messenger of Allah said he will be sent at a time of intense disputes and differences among people amidst widespread earthquakes.

It may well be that Paul’s man of sin, the antichrist, is the coming Islamic Al Mahdi.

Begin Excerpt from MEMRI

Middle East Media Research Institute

Ahmadinejad: West Must Surrender to Hidden Imam; Establish 9/11 Investigative Committee; ‘Islamophobia is Humanophobia’

Special Dispatch No. 3396

November 23, 2020

In recent days, Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has made statements at several venues. On November 23, 2010, in a speech in the northwestern Iranian city of Zanjan, Ahmadinejad called on “the arrogance and the great powers” to surrender to the Hidden Imam – the Shi’ite messiah whose appearance he repeatedly claims is imminent.

Prior to that, on November 18, while in Baku, Azerbaijan for the third meeting of the leaders of Caspian littoral states, he gave an interview to Iran’s Sahar TV discussing the negotiations with the 5+1, Iran’s demand for a committee to investigate the 9/11 events, “Islamophobia” as “humanophobia,” how the world will treat the Jews, and other issues.[1]

The following are Ahmadinejad’s statements:

Ahmadinejad in Zanjan: West Must Surrender To Hidden Imam

On November 23, in the city of Zanjan, Ahmadinejad said that the time of the arrogance and the great powers is over, and called on them to to surrender to the worldwide governance of the Shi’a Hidden Imam.[2]

Ahmadinejad in Baku: Negotiations With 5+1

While in Baku, Ahmadinejad said that the West would regret rejecting Turkey as the negotiations venue for the negotiations with the 5+1.[3]

In his November 18 interview with Iran’s Sahar TV, Ahmadinejad said that Iran’s nuclear program is a resolved issue and that Tehran would not negotiate on its inalienable rights.

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“We have announced that we will not negotiate on our inalienable rights, such as independence. No one negotiates about their independence with anyone,” he said, referring to Iran’s upcoming multifaceted talks with the 5+1 – Britain, China, France, Russia and the U.S. plus Germany.

“Our stance is obvious; we have presented our proposal package,” Ahmadinejad said, adding, “We think global issues will not be resolved without public management and the participation of all nations and governments and without paying due attention to law and justice.”

He went on to say that that Iran’s proposal stresses the main problems of the international community and that Tehran has expressed its readiness to resolve them in an atmosphere based on understanding, justice and respect. “But if they (the West) want to negotiate with their old domineering thoughts, nothing special will happen to them… We, however, will continue our course.”

“Those [countries], whose arsenals are full of atomic weapons arm their friends with atomic weapons and justify all the crimes their friends commit, but when it comes to Iran they spread false news,” Ahmadinejad said, adding that the world powers want Tehran to prove something which does not exist.

“We tell them we work according to the law, and there is no diversion. They say no, there is (diversion). We ask, what is your proof? And they say you give us proof… We say we do not have any [such] proof, and they say well, then this shows Iran is hiding something.”[4]

The 9/11 Investigative Committee

Responding to a question in the Sahar TV interview about Iran’s proposal for a fact-finding committee to probe the 9/11 events, Ahmadinejad said that the West invaded the region using those incidents as a pretext.

“More than one million have been killed, and more [people] are being killed everyday… they bomb villages, children, women and weddings. Why are they interfering in Iraq’s affairs, in Afghanistan’s affairs? Why? The Afghan president [Hamid Karzai] says, ‘Why do you carry out military operations on our soil? This is a republic!’ They [i.e. the West] say, ‘Because we feel like it!’ The excuse for all of this is September 11.

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On September 11, they singlehandedly accused our region.”

He continued, “How can they be plaintiff, prosecutor and the judge? How can they deliver the verdict and then carry out that sentence against the nations

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? This issue should be cleared.”

“Of course we were saddened by that incident [9/11]. A group of innocent people were killed for no reason… Of course this [9/11 probe] can be a good thing for the U.S. government and NATO.”

He added that if the initial claim by the U.S. government turns out to be wrong, they can say there has been a mistake and withdraw their forces honorably.

Ahmadinejad then said that if the West does not allow the fact-finding committee to be formed, it means all this has been a plot to invade the region.[5]

The West’s “Islamophobia” Is “Humanophobia”
Referring in the Sahar TV interview to the “Islamophobia policy” of the “hegemonic powers” after 9/11, Ahmadinejad said that “Islamophobia is in fact humanophobia.”

“What they are afraid of is retrieving humane [sic] identity. In today’s world a strong and deep wave has been formed in which people are finding themselves.

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Nations are finding their capabilities, identity and humane [sic] origins.”

He continued, “Nowadays, humane [sic] dignity is a very serious matter in the world. Justice is a very serious matter. Monotheism, which is the basis of justice and humane dignity, is a very serious matter. And they (Westerners) are afraid of this. Every human that [truly] knows himself is a danger to them, because such a person will not accept hegemony.

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Any nation that knows itself will not accept hegemonic and one-sided methods.”

“They are basically against every religion that originates from truth and seeks humane quintessence and dignity, and justice. They are not only against Islam, they are also opposed to Christianity if they (the Christians) promote true Christian values,” Ahmadinejad added.[6]

The West Will Oppose the Jews

Ahmadinejad added in the interview that the West would oppose the Jewish people if they act according to the teachings of Moses.

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Azerbaijan-Iran Relations

Ahmadinejad also told Sahar TV that economic ties between Iran and Azerbaijan would expand.

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“In the first step, we envision at least US$5 billion. This [sum] can easily be increased,” he said.[7]


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