National Interest – The True Motivator of Every Nation!

National Interest – The True Motivator of Every Nation!

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January 27, 2006

There seems to be somewhat of an illusion I keep hearing repeated over and over in many different articles by many different journalists from a wide variety of international news sources. Simply this, that Hamas will not be financially supported by the United States or Europe – as if it really mattered to Hamas. They have been getting plenty of financial support from Iran for some time, and now will receive even more. The Western powers

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pay Iran inflated prices for their oil and they pass it on to all the terrorist groups.

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It was obvious to me more that 30 years ago, when I wrote my first book, that oil would one day become the vehicle that moved money, rather than money moving the oil. The oil revenues of Iran have bought the support of Russia and China in the United Nations Security Council, in that they will veto anything that would hamper Iran’s source of income.

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In our Archive Blog of January 23, 2006, “Still Riding a Dead European Beast with 25 Horns,” I gave two direct quotes out of two books I wrote some 30 years ago, that predicted precisely what is happening with oil in the Middle East today.

The first thing I learned in the National Security Agency was that you could hang your hat on national interest as the prime motivator behind most world events. And the second thing I learned was that national interest, in most cases, consisted of whatever actions would keep the present government in power.

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In true democracies the actions usually are centered on maintaining or producing a good economy.

Hamas convinced a large segment of the Palestinians that it was

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largely responsible for Israel leaving the Gaza Strip. They actually had them believing they had the military expertise to drive Israel out. The Hamas leaders may be fanatical, but they are not insane.

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They know they will not be able to match the military might of Israel.

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We are heading for a c ontinuati

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on of disengagement, which at times will be bloody, but in the end the Palestinian groups will find themselves on the opposite side of a security barrier from Israel, and anything lobbed over it, or any terror act on the Israeli side of it, will be met with massive IAF retaliation.

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Ruling a people with a governmental structure is a new assignment for Hamas, and I am hoping it might cause them to be so tied up initially in the process, that we might see a lull in the terrorist activity for a period of time sufficient for them to put a workable government in place. But make no mistake about it – The goal of Hamas to eliminate Israel from the Holy Land will not change.

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Behind all the fanatical outpouring of Islamic emotionalism lies a cunning mindset of Arab treachery.

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