Now the Palestinian Government Shoe is on the Other Foot!

Now the Palestinian Government Shoe is on the Other Foot!

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Janu ar

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y 27, 2006

Genesis 16:12 – And he will be a WILD man; his hand will be against every man, and every man’s hand against him; and he sh all dwell in the presence of

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all his brethren.

As has been mentioned in previous Prophecy Updates and Blogs, the Islamic faith reveres Ishmael as the promised seed of Abraham by the teachings

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of the Koran, and a large percentage of Arabs are descended from Ishmael. And, as we have exposited before, the Hebrew word in Genesis 16:12, translated as “WILD,” literally means “a wild ass.”

How would you like to govern more than a million wild asses? That is the task now facing Hamas! Flag waving, emotional outpourings of hatred for Israel, shooting AK-47’s in the air, dancing in the streets, and all the other associated phenomena, will not create a government. Now the shoe is on the other foot – Fatah is out – Hamas is now wearing the shoe of government, and responsible for governing a stampeding herd of wild asses.

Fatah, a defeated branch of wild asses, trotted their hoofs up and down the West Bank streets today, screaming for the resignation of Abbas.

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Wild asses are known for their snoring, braying, and kicking during the mating season, but they usually settle down after it is over, which is what I suspect Fatah will do after it mates with Hamas, which is what it says it will not do today in the heat of the moment.

Now, for the first time, Hamas is faced with changing the governmental mess created by Yassar Arafat’s corrupt government, and creating a degree of order in its maze of internal conflict between emotional street thugs, other organized terror groups,

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and a disenfranchised Fatah.

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There are two distinct possibilities that have surfaced out of the wake of the surprise victory of Hamas over Fatah in this week’s elections.

Hamas will likely form a government with the Fatah party and temper its position by stopping the terrorist attacks against Israel temporarily.

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It could happen because, for the first time in its existence, Hamas is faced with the everyday tasks of providing the Palestinian population with all the facilitations of a regular government. Internal jealously between Hamas, Islamic Jihad, and the Al-Aksa Martyrs Brigades was intense in the early stages of terror attacks, each group seeing who could bring

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off the most vicious attack. However, they did finally come together, being guided by their separate headquarters in Damascus, and worked in a united spirit of Jihad.

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The jealousy will again flare up now that Hamas is the controlling party among them, which is another factor that could keep Hamas so tied up trying to keep peace among the many internal terrorist groups that it would cause them to back off from

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terrorist attacks against Israel. If Hamas should choose to take this route, long enough to develop internal control within the new government, it will have a difficult time controlling the Islamic Jihad, who would want to continue the terrorist attacks.

The second distinct possibility is that Hamas will continue the status quo attempts to keep up terrorist attacks to placate

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the wildest asses among them, while attempting to satisfy the food, clothing, and shelter needs of its millions of subjects. Whatever path Hamas takes it has its hands full of numerous internal problems, which will not allow it to devote its FULL attention to terrorizing Israel.

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In any case, the Israelis long ago dropped the pipe dream they could ever trust any Palestinian government to keep its word and maintain any sort of lasting peace with them. So, the bottom line continues to be, simply stated, Israel will finish its security barrier/wall/fence, separate themselves from the terrorists, and control a relative peace by their own expertise and military power.

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Any terror attacks by terrorist suicide bombers or missiles launched over the barrier, will be met by retaliation much more brutal than was performed while the wall

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was being built.

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One way or another, a period of relative false peace is on the immediate horizon for Israel, such that Israel will develop a mindset of “peace and security.”

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