The Initial Eight of Daniel’s Ten Horns!

The Initial Eight of Daniel’s Ten Horns

August 17, 2008

I was certain when I wrote my first book in 1976 that the ten toes and

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ten horns in Daniel 2 and 7 were all Islamic nations,

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and I was also sure of eight of them, those being Syria, Algeria, Tunisia, Libya, Lebanon, Morocco, Iraq, and Iran.

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I did not become sure of Turkey until the beginning of this century. I took a little flack on selecting Sudan at first, but during my trips

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to Africa in the nineties, I felt confident I had made the right choice. Sudan has brutally murdered many of its Christian believers, and is solid in its extreme radical position of Jihad.

I was in the Middle East when Egypt and Great Britain agreed to grant Sudan self-government.

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Its leaders are now among the most vicious and heartless Islamic rulers on this earth.

In February 1953, the United Kingdom and Egypt concluded an agreement providing for Sudanese self-government and self-determination.

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The transitional period toward independence began with the inauguration of the first parliament in 1954. With the consent of the British and Egyptian Governments, Sudan achieved independence on 1 January 1956, under a provisional constitution. The United States was among the first foreign powers to recognize the new state. However, the Arab-led Khartoum government reneged on promises to southerners to create a federal system, which led to a mutiny by southern army officers that sparked seventeen years of civil war (1955-1972). In the early period of the war, hundreds of northe

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rn bureaucrats, teachers, and other officials, serving in the south were massacred.

During the 1980s, political instability in S Sudan increased, with renewed fighting by the largely Christian and animist Sudan People’s Liberation Army (SPLA). Motivated at least partly by a desire to shore up his popularity in the largely Muslim north, Nimeiry in 1983 instituted strict Islamic law, further inflaming opposition in the south.

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Having survived numerous earlier coup attempts, he was overthrown in 1985, and Gen.

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Abdul Rahman Swaredahab was installed as leader of a transitional military government. Elections were held in 1986 and a civilian government led by Sadiq al-Mahdi ruled until it was overthrown in a bloodless coup in 1989.

The new military regime under Lt.

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Gen. Omar Ahmed al-Bashir strengthened ties with Libya, Iran, and Iraq; reinforced Islamic law; banned opposition parties; and continued to pursue the war with the south, diverting relief aid (primarily food) from the famine-stricken south to

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the Muslim north. In 1990 the United States halted relief efforts to Sudan; ties between the two nations were further strained when Sudan supported Iraq in the Persian Gulf War.

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Bashir officially became president in 1993, but significant political power was held by the National Islamic Front, a fundamentalist political organization formed from the Muslim Brotherhood and led by Hassan al-Turabi, who became speaker of parliament. In 1996, Bashir won a presidential election that was boycotted by most opposition groups; a multiparty system was restored in 1999.

Begin Excerpt from Weekly Standard via Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs – Daily Alert

Iran and Hamas Adore Darfur’s Genocidal Dictator

Jonathan Schanzer (Weekly Standard)

The head of Hamas’ politburo in Damascus, Khalid Mash’al, recently telephoned Sudanese President Omar Hassan al-Bashir and denounced the International Criminal Court’s accusations against him, according to the Palestinian Maan News Agency website. The “armed wing” of Hamas also proclaimed Bashir’s innocence on their website.

Without addressing the allegations, Mash’al decried the submission of international organizations to U.S. pressure. He confirmed Hamas’ solidarity with Sudan, its leadership and people “in confronting this new conspiracy targeting Sudan through its head of state.”

The Islamic Republic of Iran also defends Bashir. Last year, as international pressure mounted over the slaughter in Darfur, Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad described Sudan as a second home full of “dear, pious and revolutionary brothers.”

Ties over nearly two decades explain the current Hamas and Iranian support for Bashir, and why they ignore the incontrovertible evidence of genocide.

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Islamist support for the Darfur genocide reveals much about the dangers of Islamism.

The writer, a former Treasury intelligence analyst, is the director of policy for the Jewish Policy Center.

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