A Little Propaganda Here, And A Little Truth There!

A Little propaganda here, And a Little truth There

Will Make It Confusing When Entering Enemies Lair

And the next time Israel Invades into Lebanon So Fair

It may Well make Israel’s IDF Leaders Pull out their Hair

They may well discover they have attacked the wrong Bear

“Bear went over the Mountain” is a tune the IDF will not Hear

August 16, 2008

Some of the “truth” coming out of the Middle East is true, but is issued for propaganda purposes in such an exaggerated format it is a joke, and little military importance is attached to it. Such is the case with the Excerpt 1 from the Jerusalem Post.

Excerpt 2 is not exaggerated.

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It would be foolish of Iran not to prepare to take over the Iraqi government after American troops are pulled out. The Hizbullah is expert in successful

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assassinations within all Islamic groups, and I have no doubt that in a very short period after American troops are gone, we will see an Islamic Republic in Iraq.

Neither is the “truth” in the third Excerpt from the Jerusalem Post an exaggerated format in what is stated about the great strengthening of Hizbullah. I am afraid that Israel will go into Lebanon on her next trip with military hardware designed to “root out” imbedded Islamic forces, but will not be equipped with mechanized equipment designed for a full retreat.

Begin Excerpt 1 from Jerusalem Post

Iran builds new, smart submarine

August 12, 2008

Associated Press , THE JERUSALEM POST

Iran’s military capabilities have “increased remarkably” after the construction of a new submarine, Iranian state radio quoted the country’s defense minister as saying Tuesday.


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ral Mostafa Mohammad Najjar said

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the submarine was “smart,” unmanned and had radar-evading capabilities.

Tuesday’s report did not elaborate on its size and technical specifics, and did not say whether the submarine had been tested.

Iran occasionally announces production of advanced weapons. Since 1992, it has been active in producing military tanks, missiles, torpedoes, as well as guided bombs and airplanes.

But little is known about Iranian submarines, beyond announcements years ago that Teheran bought some Russian subs and was to produce its own, smaller-sized ones.

Begin Excerpt 2 from Persian Journal

Iran training Iraqi hit squads: US military

Aug 15, 2008, 19:58

(AFP) — Iraqi assassination squads are being trained in Iran by the Iranian Revolutionary Guards Quds Force and Lebanese Hezbollah for attacks in Iraq, a US military official said

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The official, who spoke on condition of anonymity, said the Shiite “special groups” were being trained in Qom, Tehran, Mashad and Ahvaz in assassination and bombing techniques to target specific Iraqis as well as US troops and Iraqi security forces.

“We have intelligence reports confirming Iranian-sponsored groups are planning to return back to Iraq and are targeting specific coalition forces, ISF (Iraqi Security Forces) and Iraqi citizens,” the official said.

The intelligence, if it proves out, raises the prospect of a deadly new security challenge at a time when the US military is hoping to make further cuts in its forces.

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The official, who spoke from Iraq, said the information has been turned over to the Iraqi government “and they are taking the lead in handling the situation.”

The groups were being trained in “reconnaissance, small arms, small unit tactics, cellular operations, EFPs and other IEDs, RPGs and assassination techniques,” the official said.

EFPs, which stands for explosively formed projectiles, are armor-piercing bombs that have proven highly effective against US armored vehicles. The US military charges that components for the bombs are made in Iran.

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The official said the special groups were being deployed to carry out “terrorist acts” against specific individuals as well as US and Iraqi forces.

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The special groups have been associated in the past with radical cleric Moqtada al-Sadr’s Mahdi army, but the official would not link those being trained to Sadr.

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Among the Iraqi groups identified as involved in the training were Kitaib Hezbollah, which he described as a criminal group supported by the Iranian Revolutionary Guard that has claimed a number of sophisticated attacks since 2005.

The official identified a second Iraqi group as As Said Al-Haq.

“They are being trained by Quds Force under the leadership of Qassim Suleimani and Lebanese Hezbollah,” the official said.

Begin Excerpt 3 from Jerusalem Post

‘Hizbullah and Syria gaining strength’

August 12, 2008


The flow of arms reaching Hizbullah from Syria could disrupt a “balance” between the Shi’ite terror organization and the IDF, Defense Minister Ehud Barak warned on Tuesday while touring a large drill held by the military in the Golan Heights.

Barak was accompanied by IDF Chief of Staff Lt.-Gen. Gabi Ashkenazi, the commander of the army’s ground forces, Gen. Avi Mizrahi, and other senior military brass.

Barak has repeatedly warned in recent days that Hizbullah’s ambitious rearming program formed an immediate threat to Israel’ s national

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“The other side is getting stronger. It is not a coincidence that we are holding a large-scale intensive exercise here in the Golan,” Barak said.

“[UN] Resolution 1701 has not succeeded in its mission.

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There is a very significant strengthening of Hizbullah in recent years.

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We are monitoring the possibility of a violation of a balance by the transfer of advanced weapons systems from the Syrians to Hizbullah,” he added. “What needs to be done in the field of preparations is being done. As for the rest – I prefer to not always talk about this, but, if and when there will be a need, to act.”

The exercise involved soldiers using live ammunition and missiles, and was described by Barak as “changing from the foundation up the IDF’s state of readiness and the ability of units to afterwards carry out missions in [actual] fighting, if and when this is forced on them.”

Asked to address the ceasefire in Gaza, Barak said the truce was holding up. “Until now the truce has been successful. There were around ten incidents of firing over the past six weeks.

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But this must
be compared to the hundreds of incidents in the past. Every passing week of calm allows us to become stronger,” he said.

The defense minister also commented on the Georgian-Russian conflict, saying Israel should not look to abandon Georgia in its time of need.

“We can’t influence what is happening in Georgia,” he said. “We view in Russia an important element in the regional and global existence, while we view Georgia as a country with which we have friendly relations. Because of its experiences, the State of Israel should ensure that it does not intervene, and that it does not abandon friends during their hour of need. This is what we expected of our friends, and this is what our friends expect of us, and we all hope that matters there will be straightened out quickly.”


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