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April 29, 2008

Mohamed Elbaradei, the head of

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the United Nations IAEA, is a living farce in the world of controlling the spread of nuclear weapons. I am including two current articles about the investigation of Syrian attempts to produce nuclear weapons with North Korea’s help, which will follow our Web Site Archive Blog from November 6, 2007.

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Begin Archive Blog of November 6, 2007

Iranian Arab Energy Aid (IAEA) is Pro-Iran

November 6, 2007

The UN International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) should be titled the Iranian Arab Energy Aid.

Begin Jerusalem Post Article

‘IAEA chief playing into Iranian hands’


November 5, 2007

The International Atomic Energy Agency is not only neglecting its duties of preventing nuclear proliferation, but acting as an obstacle to those trying to preserve the status quo, the Foreign Ministry’s Director-General Aharon Abramovitch said on Monday.

Addressing the Saban Forum in Jerusalem Abramovitch said the UN nuclear watchdog provides an excuse to states that prefer not to join the international community’s efforts to prevent a nucle

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ar Iran.

Israeli officials believe the head of IAEA, Mohamed ElBaradei is not forceful enough in

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the periodic reports he presents to the UN on the Iranian nuclear program. By stressing Iranian cooperation with the inspectors and the need for more time, Jerusalem believes that Elbaredi is playing into Iranian hands.

The IAEA chief has also come under sharp US criticism over moves that Washington sees as appeasing Iran – particularly a deal he negotiated for Teheran to explain outstanding questions over its nuclear program.

He defended the strategy in an interview with the state-run Egyptian daily Al-Ahram as a test for Iran to “show good intentions.”

“This situation, which might continue for two or three months, is an investment in peace,” said Baradei.

He warned that the standoff between the West and Iran over the nuclear issue was adding “more fuel to a burning fire” in the Middle East. “The area is going through one of its worst moments and we cannot add more confrontations.”

“In my opinion, what we should do now is to encourage Iran to cooperate because any attempt to isolate Iran … means the hard-liners will take over the driver’s seat,” he said.

Begin Excerpt from Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs – Daily Alert

By Lying about Its Nuclear Activities, Iran Has Forfeited Its Right to Enrichment for Peaceful Purposes

Jim Hoagland

November 5, 2007

Iran is working to produce a 20-to-50-pound stockpile of enriched uranium that it can use to build atomic weapons within eight to ten weeks, once it decides to do so – and has consistently lied to the UN about those efforts. The IAEA and the UN Security Council have determined that Iran has lied about its nuclear activities and has therefore forfeited its right to enrichment for peaceful purposes. That Iran has gone to great, secretive lengths to create and push forward a bomb-building capability is not a Bush delusion. But neither is it fantasy to say, as do Russia and China, that the Iranians have had great difficulty in getting their system of 2,952 centrifuges at Natanz, south of Tehran, to work effectively. (Washington Post)

Begin “The Star on Line” Excerpt 1 via World News

IAEA to probe Syria atomic plant report, raps U.S. delay

Friday, April 25, 2008

By Mark Heinrich

VIENNA (Reuters) – The U.N. nuclear watchdog pledged on Friday to investigate whether Syria secretly built an atomic reactor with North Korean help but criticised the United States for delaying intelligence information.

The United States revealed its intelligence material on Thursday about the suspected Syrian atomic plant, saying it was “nearing operational capability” a month before Israeli warplanes bombed it on Sept. 6.

Mohamed ElBaradei, director of the International Atomic Energy Agency, lambasted Israel for the air strike, saying his inspectors should have been able to verify beforehand whether undeclared nuclear activity had been going on.

ElBaradei said the U.S. allegations against Syria, which denied the U.S. accusations and accused Washington of involvement in the Israeli air attack, would be investigated with due vigour.

“The Agency will treat this information with the seriousness it deserves and will investigate the veracity of the information,” he said in a statement.

ElBaradei, alluding to the United States, criticised a failure to share intelligence information “in a timely manner” about the project, which Washington said was launched in 2001.

He confirmed the United States had handed over information this week saying a Syrian installation destroyed by an Israeli air strike in September was an unfinished atomic reactor.

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“According to this information,” ElBaradei said, “the reactor was not yet operational and no nuclear material had been introduced into it.”

Thursday’s U.S. disclosure did not amount to proof of an illicit nuclear arms programme since there was no sign of a reprocessing plant needed to convert spent fuel from the plant into bomb-grade uranium, analysts said.

“The United States and Israel have not identified any plutonium-separation or nuclear weaponisation facilities,” David Albright and Paul Brannan of the Institute for Science and International Security said in an email commentary.

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“The absence of such facilities gives little confidence that the reactor was part of an active nuclear weapons programme,” they said. “The United States does not have any indication of how Syria would fuel this reactor…, which raises questions about when this reactor could have operated.”


Syria likens the U.S. allegations to those made against Iraq about weapons of mass destruction that were never found.

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It accused the United States of colluding in Israel’s air strike.

“The U.S. administration was apparently party to the execution” of the air raid, a Syrian government statement said, without giving details. A
U.S. official said Washington did not give Israel any “green light” to strike the area.

Israel is widely believed to have the Middle East’s only nuclear arsenal which experts estimate at up to 200 warheads.

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The Jewish state has never declared its nuclear firepower as part of a “strategic ambiguity” policy to deter adversaries.

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ElBaradei said Syria would have been obliged under its non-proliferation safeguards agreement with the Vienna-based IAEA to inform its inspec

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tors in advance of any planning and construction of a nuclear facility.

“It is essential that Syria shed full light on its nuclear activities, past and present, in accordance with its international obligations,” French Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Pascale Andreani told reporters in Paris.

“The clandestine construction of a nuclear reactor would be a major breach of Syria’s non-proliferation obligations.”

ElBaradei bemoaned Washington’s failure to turn the information over to the IAEA on the alleged reactor, said to have been launched in 2001, much earlier to help “enable us to verify its veracity and establish the facts”.

“In light of the above, (I) view the unilateral use of force by Israel as undermining the due process of verification that is at the heart of the non-proliferation regime,” he added.

Syria has belonged to the 144-nation IAEA since 1963 and has one, declared small research reactor subject to U.N. inspection.

Diplomats close to the IAEA said Syria refused requests for agency inspectors to visit the alleged reactor site after the air raid. Syria subsequently razed and buried the installation and removed “incriminating equipment”, Washington said.

The IAEA has been investigating the disputed uranium enrichment programme of Iran, Syria’s close ally, since 2003.

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Iran is under U.N. sanctions for failing to prove the work is only for electricity, not atom bombs, and refusing to halt it.


The White House said it was convinced that North Korea had helped Syria to construct a clandestine nuclear reactor.

Under a deal North Korea struck with five regional powers, it had until the end of 2007 to disclose a complete list of its fissile material and nuclear weaponry as well as answer U.S. suspicions of enriching uranium and proliferating technology.

North Korea tested a nuclear device in Oct. 2006.

(Additional reporting by Khaled Yacoub Oweis in Damascus, Estelle Shirbon in Paris and Jack Kim in Seoul)

Begin Eleven Quotes from Mohamed ElBaradei from “Brainy Quote”

Mohamed ElBaradei makes statements with verbal gymnastics which resound with descriptive phrases of what needs to be done to improve a situation that remains vague and shrouded in elevated aspects of some distant success.

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In Hillbilly terminology, He constantly treads water as he makes as few ripples as possible, and accomplishes nothing other than to keep his Islamic buddies happy and our allies frustrated. His following quotes are examples of a man holding a high paying job for more than 20 years of treading water and accomplishing nothing while spouting rhetoric.

Challenging the integrity of the non-proliferation regime is a matter which can affect international peace and security.

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Mohamed ElBaradei

Everybody has to chip in, I think, and see how we can have a functioning system of collective security where we do not continue to face the threat of countries trying to acquire weapons of mass destruction or particularly nuclear weapons. Mohamed ElBaradei

I hope everybody will go back to the negotiating table. I’ve always said this is the only way forward. Mohamed ElBaradei

I think it is fair to say that it is under a great deal of stress, and if I am asking for significant changes, it is because the world is going through significant changes. Mohamed ElBaradei

I think we still have a chance if we continue with our work, if Iraq provides full cooperation, we should still be able to avoid a war. Mohamed ElBaradei

So, we need to delegitimize the nuclear weapon, and by de-legitimizing… meaning trying to develop a different system of security that does not depend on nuclear deterrence. Mohamed ElBaradei

We continue to have nuclear weapons relied on as a weapon of choice. If that policy were to continue, we continue to have countries who are in a security bind, if you like, or perceive themselves to be in security bind to look for acquisition of nuclear weapons. Mohamed ElBaradei

We need to bite the bullet and see how we can move beyond nuclear weapons deterrence, and I think that we have not done that yet. Mohamed ElBaradei

We now have the right to have immediate, unfettered access to any site in Iraq and we have the right to interview people, both inside and outside Iraq. Mohamed ElBaradei

Well, first of all, we now have everybody with the exception of India, Pakistan, and Israel, and I don’t think these three countries are going to join by simply providing them an incentive, in terms of technology. Mohamed ElBaradei

Well, I think we still have to verify whatever declaration we will get and make sure that it is comprehensive and accurate. So, that would take care of the past activities.

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Mohamed ElBaradei

Begin “The Star on Line” Excerpt 2 via World News

Syria ready to cooperate with IAEA – Syrian envoy

April 26, 2008

UNITED NATIONS (Reuters) – Syria’s U.N. envoy said Damascus was “not afraid” to cooperate with the U.N. nuclear watchdog, which pledged on Friday to look into whether Syria secretly built an atomic reactor with North Korean help.

“We have close cooperation with the IAEA (International Atomic Energy Agency),” Bashar Ja’afari told reporters who asked if his country would cooperate with the probe.

“Syria has nothing to hide. The IAEA chief (Mohamed ElBaradei) is there to witness that what we are saying is absolutely true. So we are not afraid of this cooperation,” he said, noting that his country had joined the nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty in 1970.

The United States revealed intelligence material on Thursday about the alleged Syrian atomic plant, saying it was “nearing operational capability” a month before Israeli warplanes bombed it on Sept. 6.
Ja’afari said the U.S. allegations showed the Central Intelligence Agency was a “failure” and needed “to restructure itself”.

“I think this CIA report is in itself another proof of the huge failure in the business done by the CIA as well as by the American administration,” he said.

“The main target of the American CIA allegations against Syria is to justify the Israeli attack against the Syrian site.”

Ja’fari suggested the issuing of the report was linked with what he said were conflicts within the U.S. administration over the wisdom of dealing with North Korea over its nuclear program.

The Syrian ambassador dismissed pictures illustrating the U.S. intelligence material. “These pictures are prefabricated, they are false and they are futile,” he said.

“Just look at them and you will see that this so-called building which was, according to these rumors and allegations, predestined to be a nuclear reactor — if you look at it you will see that the walls are thick like this,” he said, making a gesture indicating thin walls.

“Any simple expert would tell you that for a nuclear reactor the walls must be thick — three or four metres — not like this.”

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