Worthless Terrorist State Negotiations!

Terrorist State Negotiations are Worthless!

Israel Has Peace And Safety With Syria Now,

More so than she Would Ever Have by Treaty!

Israel Would be Crazy to Mess up A Good Thing

By Giving away the very thing Producing a Peace!

Golan Heights Prevents Syria from Attacking Israel!

If Israel gives it back and begins to say Peace & Safety,

They Will Soon Feel Sharp pains like a Woman’s Travail!

April 28, 2008


I have not changed my position on negotiations with Iran, Syria, North Korea, Hizbullah, or Hamas from what it was four years ago.

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To trust any terrorist state or organization to keep their word is the height of sheer diplomatic stupidity exercised by the state departments of European, American, Israeli, and all other free world nations.

My opinion on this subject is still the same as when we issued Special Prophecy Update Number 188A some four years ago. It is a position I have held since my days in the National Security Agency. Any form of agreement with these fanatics is doomed to complete failure.


September 5, 2004

The Axis of Evil Will Not Go Away By Negotiations!

The memories from three wars are burned in my mental storehouse of lifetime unpleasant events, and the conflicts of history, from what I was taught in high school, seminary, and universities, are always around for analysis on recall. If I have learned nothing else in my lifetime, I have learned that attempting to: hide from, run away from, rationalize with, ignore, or trust in agreements with, leaders or countries that practice terrorism, is a waste of time, and will usually act as an encouragement for it to increase. We have, in this country, a growing tendency among us to follow the path of appeasement, not wanting to face the Islamic terror bully. We demonstrated it before when the dictator Hitler first began to spread terror, torture, and murder across Europe in the mid-thirties of the last century.

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As often happens, when the school bully picks on someone to prove his recess time superiority over the rest of the students, sooner or later it will be your turn. I remember when my turn came on two different occasions in grade school and in junior high, with two different playground bullies. In both cases, adults monitoring the playground saved me when I ran from the two bullies, but I was told by both they would get me after school.

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I could have let good ole mom know, and she would have picked me up to save me from my fate, but I knew it only get worse unless I faced them and either got beat up or whipped them. A bully never stops picking on you until you stand up to him. Well, for me the story had a happy ending – I won the two fights. They left me alone, and others started standing up to them.


When President Bush first publicly identified North Korea, Syria, and Iran as the real “Axis of Terror,” many liberal members of congress were quick to disagree with him, but I knew he was right. North Korea has an absolute dictatorial government, and, as a result, has a horrible economy, which has led to massive famine and loss of the lives of many children by starvation and malnutrition. They used nuclear technology, given them by China and the old Soviet Union, to manufacture missiles and develop nuclear, chemical, and biological weapons. North Korea was able to barely keep its economy afloat by selling their technology to Syria and Iran in the form of products and technicians, which, along with what Russia and China have also supplied the two terrorist states, has brought them to their current status of the production of weapons of mass destruction. This situation is only going to get worse and worse with the passage of time. We are facing a very real axis of terror, and we must stand up to it. We are dealing with the rabid ideological form of Islam among the Shiite Muslims that is not going to leave us alone by peaceful dialog, which the European Union advocates. Now is the time to stand up to terror, no matter what the cost, because with the passage of time it will allow the countries sponsoring it to become much stronger militarily if we fail to deal with it.

In Special Prophecy Update Number 83G, which we issued two years ago on September 5, 2002, titled, “The Growing Bond Within the Axis of Terror,” I reported: “The positioning of an Al-Qaeda contingency in southern Lebanon may well be a part of Syria’s long range plans to attack Israel from the north as part of a ten-nation Jihad force. (Special Prophecy Update Number 79D in our Archives).”

My conclusions for Update 83G were based on an Associated Press news release at that time, which was as follows: (Begin 83G Quote).

“Nearly 200 al-Qaeda operatives, including several senior commanders, have settled in a Lebanese refugee camp with Syrian approval, a source confirmed Monday, quoting Israeli and Western intelligence agencies.

According to media reports, Damascus has allowed between 150 and 200 al-Qaeda operatives to settle in the Palestinian refugee camp of Ein el-Hilweh refugee, near the Lebanese coastal town of Sidon. The group includes senior commanders who arrived from Afghanistan through Damascus and Iran, the reports said.

Raanan Gissin, an adviser to Prime Minister Ariel Sharon, refused to confirm the report, but noted that several radical groups, including militant PLO factions, are based in Damascus. “It was only a matter of time before al-Qaeda found a comfortable refuge in Damascus like other organizations,” Gissin said. Last month, fighting erupted in the refugee camp, wounding at least one person. Officials in the camp said

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the clashes were between members of a radical Palestinian faction and Lebanese militants who were hiding from Lebanese security officials. But according to the Haaretz newspaper, the fighting erupted when al-Qaeda operatives tried to gain control over the camp, which is off-limits to Lebanese authorities and is run by various Palestinian factions who often settle their differences with arms.

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The camp is home to some 75,000 Palestinian refugees and their descendants. Mohammed Atta, who commandeered the first airplane to hit the World Trade Center on September 11, visited Syria two or three times, but Syrian intelligence agencies did not voluntarily offer this information to the United States, the reports said.

In addition, Osama bin Laden’s son, Omar, and his mother, Nagwa, were reportedly living in Syria until three weeks before the attacks, leaving when they received instructions to flee. The son returned to Syria at least three times after September 11.

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Bin Laden’s wife and son are not in Syria now, the reports added. Syria was considered a place where al-Qaeda activists could move with relative freedom and served as a transit point where they set up infrastructure before September 11, Haaretz said.” (End 83G Quote)

In Special Prophecy Update Number 177A, I outlined how strong this initial group of al Qaeda terrorist had grown amidst the Hizbullah army of terrorists in southern Lebanon, and may eventually be used to lure Israel into a pre-planned war with 10 nations of Islam.

In Special Prophecy Update 106A, February 10, 2003, I gave the classic example of the result of going down the historical path of appeasement, which led to World War II. (Begin 106A Quote).

“The great conflict, known as World War II, arose because of the growth in the increasing military might of Germany in violation of the Treaty of Versailles, which ended World War I. Under the Treaty of Versailles, signed by Germany, which was supposed to be enforced by the League of Nations, there were severe limitations imposed on the quantity, quality, and type of weaponry German was allowed to have and/or manufacture. But the League of Nations stood by, and watched a pattern of concessions to a madman develop, unchecked by any enforcement actions on their part. They could have sent a small force into Germany and abruptly stripped Hitler of his ability to have and/or manufacture weapons not allowed by the Treaty of Versailles.

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The cost of military lives lost in enforcing this treaty would have been miniscule. However, because of the League of Nation’s unwillingness to disarm Hitler, he was able to build up one of the best equipped, and most effective military powers in history. As a result, countless numbers of humans lost their lives in a war that could have been prevented by the League of Nations enforcing an agreement, which Germany signed, called the Treaty of Versailles. As a result of the public outcry in those countries against anything that might cause war, their leaders keep on making concessions to Hitler, and he was thereby able to produce weapons that later took the lives of millions of the daughters and sons they were so anxious to protect by a policy of appeasement. By 1933 the Versailles arrangements began to crumble. In March of 1935 Hitler took over Austria by an annexation, obtained the Sudetenland by the Munich Pact in September of 1938, and occupied all of Czechoslovakia in March of 1939. He invaded Poland on September 1, 1939 to begin World War II, a war in which six million Jews were butchered.

I began my series of three books some 50 years ago. I remember in one of them, probably the first, I made a statement concerning the changing Islamic technological structure, and their increasing power by the monies being procured through their oil productivity. As I recall, I said something like: “Most Americans are now looking upon the typical Arab as he is pictured by the West – A scrawny, dopey-looking, little fellow sitting on a camel in the midst of the desert, with a long musket powered by flint and powder. However, this is all rapidly changing, and the stage is being set for the rise of an Arab array of nations under an Islamic banner of an empire.” Well, it is now almost in place. If our internal ideological march of bleeding heart appeasement continues to vent its ire on its own government, rather than on the nations who control terror, we who oppose this appeasement may finally throw up our hands and cry out: “O.K., go ahead and appease to the end of your existence as a free people, and to your own eventual destruction by the Arab madmen you now appease!” I am hoping against hope that the free world will grow some backbone, and stand up against madmen who lead their countries by terror while they work to control nations around them by the threat of terror. However, I fear the United Nations is headed down the same path of appeasement as that practiced by the League of Nations with Hitler. The real problem is not that many world nations possess weapons of mass destruction. The weaponry becomes horrific only when unleashed by hands of madmen. Madmen and their regimes must be replaced by the action of the United Nations acting against such men and their regimes. Israel has had them for some 35 years, and yet has never used them. The United Nations must stand firm against regimes that are more than willing to use them to forward the advance of their leaders and Islamic beliefs. The League of Nations could have stopped Hitler in 1933, 1935, or 1938, and the world paid a terrible price because they did not disarm him and replace his evil regime. The United Nations can also take action to quell the threats of another madman and his regime in North Korea. If it does not, it will pay a great price eventually.” (End 106A Quote)

If the United Nations cannot stop the acceleration of massive support by Iran, Syria, and North Korea to the worldwide cause of Islamic terrorist groups, both by harboring and supplying them with finances and the tools of their trade, then we must defend ourselves by taking whatever action is necessary to keep them in check.

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But, whether the United Nations chooses to approve or disapprove of U.S. actions, I am hopeful we have learned the historical lesson of madmen and their regimes, and will elect a man who will lead America to fight terrorism, not negotiate with it.

To give in to terrorists merely reinforces their behavior, and eliminates any respect they have for your resolve.

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The one attempting to negotiate with them is believed to be negotiating from a position of weakness. It is this belief that has prevailed among the followers of Islam for centuries. Strength to them is not measured in how many bombs you have, or how sophisticated they are, it is measured in your willingness to use them, it is measured in your resolve to defeat them, no matter what the cost in human life – this is the only attitude and practice that can win against extreme Islamic terrorist activities and a North Korean leader, whose fanaticism to stay in absolute control ranks with all the great dictators of the ages.

The dramatic blossoming of terrorism, out of its Middle East Axis of Terror garden, first came into full bloom on 9/11, and seeds from al-Qaeda have now been scattered into all terror organizations across the planet, such that no country is secure from their influence. Al Qaeda’s influence in, and financial support of, Hamas and the Chechnya terror groups through Syria and Iran, has been felt in both Israel and Russia during the past week in a most terrifying wave of murder by ungodly terrorists in Beersheba, and on both the ground and in the air over Russia. The death of more than 450 people on the ground and in the air, caused Russian President Vladimir Putin, during a speech on Saturday, to say international terrorists had declared “a full-scale war” against Russia. Whether Americans like it or not, we are in a full scale war with all the terrorists on this planet. This will not end until the return of the Lord, so we might as well grit our teeth and wage an active war against terror groups until he comes.

End of Archive Special Prophecy Update 188A, September 5, 2004

I Thessalonians 5:3,4 – For when they shall say, Peace and safety; then sudden destruction cometh upon them, as travail upon a woman with child; and they shall not escape. [4] But ye, brethren, are not in darkness, that that day should overtake you as a thief.

Begin YNet News Article

We already have peace with Syria

Quiet that has prevailed on Syria-Israel border for years may be better than peace

April 27, 2008

Guy Bechor

There is not much difference between the peace we have with Syria today and the peace with have with Egypt, with the exception of the written agreement whose exact details nobody remembers.

Bashar Assad has not traveled to Jerusalem, but when did Hosni Mubarak visit Israel

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? Only once, for the funeral of Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin, when the Americans forced the Egyptian president to do so.

Moreover, our border with Syria is quiet and stable and no clash has taken place there for dozens of years, as opposed to the “border of peace” with Egypt, which is replete with criminal and terror infiltrations, as well as other troubles. Compared to Syria’s border with Jordan and Iraq, its border with Israel is an asset: Damascus is enjoying the quiet and security too.

Syria lost its hold on the Arab world, most of which boycotted her by not sending top leaders to the last summit meeting in Damascus. Today, Syria is isolated, lacks legitimacy, and a peace treaty with Israel would only serve to isolate it even more and further reinforce the Syrian leadership’s illegitimacy among Arabs.

A peace agreement with Israel will turn Iran into Syria’s greatest enemy: A dangerous enemy that has a hold on Iraq and Lebanon, Syria’s neighbors. Syria lost Lebanon, and therefore a peace treaty with Damascus does not mean a peace deal with Lebanon as well. On the contrary, there will be elements in Lebanon that would do everything to undermine an agreement between Syria and Israel.

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On the Golan Heights, IDF and Syrian forces are separated by a buffer in the form of UN forces. Each side knows its place, while an effective and powerful Israeli deterrence system exists.

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It must remain powerful in the future has well.

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Both our prime minister and the Syria president admitted in recent times they made a system of signals, clarifications, and possibly even deterrence, for fear of misunderstandings.

The Syria front is again stable, after a period of disquiet in the wake of the Lebanon War. What else can we ask for?

Peace threatens Assad regime

And no less important: As opposed to the old model of peace with Arab states, Israel continues to hold on to territory here, that is, the Golan Heights. This is the only case of “peace” between us and our neighbors where we hold on to both territory and stability. This is a much more advanced model for us than the Egyptian or Jordanian model.

Paradoxically, at this time it appears that the only element the Syrian regime can rely on may be Israel.

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As opposed to the hatred it faces in Lebanon, Jordan, and Turkey, quiet with Israel is a supreme interest for Damascus.

When will we realize that the peace we seek threatens the Syrian regime? Just like we frighten it with war, we do the same inadvertently with our desire for peace. This peace phantom threatens to sink Assad’s regime.

Yet our media outlets have continued to numb us with this conditioned peace reflex for dozens of years now, and the sense around here is that absolute happiness is right around the corner. If only we cede the Golan Heights, the Mideastern heaven will open its gates to us.

Today, the Golan Heights stabilizes the Galilee and northern Israel in an existential manner. What will be our fate should we make the mistake and evacuate the Golan? The peace will end, the stability will end, and the quiet will end. Moreover, the Syrians will immediately dispatch a million Syrians to settle the area, just as they did in Lebanon, and with the option of a “resistance movement” just like in Lebanon.

And what will happen should the minority regime in Syria be toppled and replaced by a radical Islamic state that would be situated deep in our Galilee region?

Instead of lamenting our absence of peace with Syria, perhaps we need to understand that we already have peace with Syria, and possibly a situation that is even better than peace.


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