An Iron Hand is Needed!

An Iron Hand Will Keep Terrorists Inside Barrier!

August 31, 2005

Dardanelle MBC

The two leaders in Israel that I have most admired in Israel are Ariel Sharon and Bibi Netanyahu.

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It does not matter which of the two wins in an election, both of them are capable of completing the security wall and confining the terror groups within it.

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Ariel Sharon bit the bullet, and has laid the way for a brief time of false peace to come to Israel, but in so doing he has lost much of his support in his own party.

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The next leader of Israel needs to have the full backing of his party to apply the iron fist that will be capable of transmitting a message to Palestinians and their many terrorist groups. The message must be – WE HAVE COMPLETED OUR PART OF THE BARGAIN!

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NOW, YOU KEEP YOURS! ANY TERRORIST ATTACKS AGAINST ISREAL WILL BE MET WITH DIRECT RETALIATION INSIDE YOUR BORDERS OF THE GAZA STRIP AND WEST BANK. Once Jewish settlements that are in harm’s way can be secured on the Israeli side of the security barrier, then Israel can cut loose with more than sufficient retaliation to get the attention of both the Palestinian Authority and the many terror groups confined within it. Because of Sharon’s age and the price he has paid in support for what I believe was the most difficult thing the old hawk ever had to do,

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I am hopeful Netanyahu will be the next Prime Minister. I believe Sharon has earned the right to a well deserved rest from the tremendous pressure he has endured with attacks from many different sources, both local and international.

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I am hopeful that the Labor Party will not get into power, which would be a disaster.

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However, as far as completing the barrier and getting the terrorists confined within it, even the Labor Party would complete that task.

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But a strong hawkish leader and party like the Likud is needed to carry out strong retaliation against the terror leaders inside it for terror acts performed outside it. It is the only message the Palestinians have ever understood. In any case, a false peace is coming to Israel when the wall is finished and the terrorists are confined within it.

The following selected extracts were taken from an article by JPost. com Staff on line.

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Begin Selected Extracts from Jerusalem Post Article

Bibi Netanyahu Announces Candidacy to Lead Likud


August 30, 2005

Binyamin Netanyahu announced his candidacy for the leadership of the Likud party Tuesday afternoon at a press conference in Tel Aviv.

Internal Likud polls show the hawk ish Netanyahu beating Sharon among Likud members in a matchup for party leader, though Sharon

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is far more popular among the general Israeli population.

Although none of the ministers of his party, even those who strongly opposed the disengagement, were present at the press conference, it was attended by a number of other prominent figures. These included Nathan Sharanksy and Yuval Steinitz, among others.

As Netanyahu rose to the podium, he was greeted with enthusiastic cheers of “Bi-bi! Bi-bi!”

“Our country stands in the face of many difficult challenges in the realms of security, the struggle against corruption, among others, and I believe that only one party can take on these challenges and lead the country,” Netanyahu began.

“The Likud needs a leader who can unite the nation and smooth the fissure developing in the country and in the party, someone who represents the [Likud’s] principles, and I believe that I can do that.

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“Therefore I am announcing my candidacy for the head of the party and the prime ministership,” Netanyahu declared. His announcement was met with energetic applause from the audience.

The next election is scheduled for November 2006, but Sharon’ s coalition government ha

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s grown increasingly shaky.

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If the government falls, it would almost certainly spark an early vote.

“I am going to lead the party to a victory based on the true principles of the Likud,” Netanyahu said.

“My stance isn’t just based on past experience.

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The measure of every leader is based on his ability to grow and learn from past mistakes, and I am ready,” Netanyahu said.

Citing his previous tenure as prime minister and his years as finance minister, Netanyahu noted that he was qualifed for the position owing to his experience in national and international affairs.

“In the past, I have shown that I can negotiate with the Palestinians. I stopped the Oslo agreement, and blocked the agreement on returning to the 1967 borders.

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[Yossi] Beilin said I ruined Oslo — and I consider this an honor.”

Netanyahu emphasized the iron fist he claimed he enforced while combating terrorism during his years as

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the prime minister. “When I was prime minister, I told Arafat that if he returns to terror, I would send him back to Tunisia.

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I showed him that aggression wouldn’t work. When I was prime minister there were almost no suicide bombings, and the people of Israel were able to walk freely in the streets.”

Netanyahu also stressed his contributions to rehabilitating the economy during his tenure as finance minister.

“I got a country in a state of economic collapse and I put it back on its feet,” he said.

The theme of his attacks on Sharon revolved around claims that the prime minister violated the principles of democracy. He urged Sharon to remain in the Likud, even if he lost the Likud leadership race.

“The key in a democracy isn’t that the winner accepts the majority decision, it’s that the loser accepts the majority’s will. When I lost to Sharon, I accepted it and worked as a minister under him,” he said.

End Selected Extacts from Jerusalem Post Article

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