Israel has not lost its National Spirit – They did not Appease Hamas!

Israel has not lost its

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National Spirit – They did not Appease Hamas!

June 27, 2006

Hooray! Israel has invaded the Gaza Strip!

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Go Get-Um’ IAF and IDF!

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I applaud the actions of

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the Israeli Politicians in using force when the situation demands it. To do otherwise would strengthen the resolve of Islam to continue its insidious practices, believing Israel would be afraid to use brute force because of international opinion.

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I have long been of the opinion the things we have forced them to do over the years has done them more harm than good.

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I make no apologies for being a hard beaked hawk in this present world, but I look forward to being a dove during Christ’s Millennial reign.

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Begin DEBKAfile Report

First Israeli tank columns roll into southern Gaza Strip Tuesday night after Israeli air strike knocks out a main transformer station south of Gaza City

June 28, 2006, 3:20 AM (GMT+02:00)

Palestinian sources say the Israeli force is taking up positions around Rafah where captured Israeli soldier Gideon Shalit is believed held by Hamas captors. Much of the territory has gone dark.

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Israeli artillery also opened up from the tank emplacements at Nahalf Oz, Kisufim and Sufa to prevent the Palestinians shooting Qassam missiles . The Israeli incursion followed breakdown of diplomatic efforts to negotiate the Israeli corporal’s release. Palestinians have been setting up sand barriers sown with explosives and mining routes in the path of Israeli tanks and armor and building concealed firing positions.

End DEBKAfile Report

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