If Israel does not Invade the Gaza Strip, Her National Spirit has been Broken! The Only Reason Hamas is signing the Palestinian Prisoner’s Peace Document is to Restart the Flow of Welfare Billions, which will be used to Buy More Weapons to Destroy Israel!

If Israel doe s

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not Invade Gaza, Her National Spirit has been Broken! The Only Reason Hamas is signing the Palestinian Prisoners Peace Document is to restart the Flow of Welfare Billions, which will be used to Buy More Weapons to Destroy Israel!

June 27, 2006


The two articles which follow, from the Jerusalem Post, leave me little to say about the current situation in Israel.

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If Israel does not retaliate for Sunday’s border intrusion, then she will be continuing on her appeasement path with the Palestinians, which will eventually end in disaster. If the international welfare flow of billions is restored to the Palestinian thugs, it will strengthen their hand of terror against Israel. This is no time for appeasement by Israel, but it is a time for an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth.

Begin Excerpt from Jerusalem Post by Caroline Glick

Our World: Israel’s Rude Awakening


June 27, 2006

It is painful to watch Prime Minister Ehud Olmert, Defense Minister Amir Peretz and Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni try to contend with the terrible outcome of the Palestinian terror strike against the IDF on Sunday morning.

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They use so many fancy and angry words.

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They sound

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so resolute. And yet, they have nothing useful to say. Two soldiers are dead, a third is now the prisoner of jihadist killers, seven are wounded, an IDF border post has been overrun, and a world view and a security doctrine have been blown to smithereens.

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Olmert and his associates have four general messages. First, they tell us that Palestinian Authority Chairman and Fatah chief Mahmoud Abbas is responsible for bringing about Cpl.

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Gilad Shalit’s release. Second, they say Hamas better watch out because they’re gonna get it. Third, they say that Hamas won’t get it until later. Finally, while stipulating that they will not negotiate with Hamas, Olmert and his associates are negotiating with Hamas.

None of these messages and none of the actions that attend to them have any chance of making Israel safer. They also hold little promise of bringing Cpl. Shalit home. Yet there is next to no possibility that Olmert or his associates will widen their options to include any relevant responses to Sunday’ s terror offen

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sive. Doing so would involve an admission that what the Kadima and Labor parties have presented to the public as their world view is wrong.

That world view involves a denial of a basic, fundamental truth: When you empower terrorists, terrorists are empowered.

WE HAVE been in this situation before.

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Six years ago, in October 2000, on the eve of Yom Kippur then prime minister Ehud Barak gave Yasser Arafat an ultimatum. He was ordered to end all the violence he had fomented within 48 hours or face

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the consequences. When as the deadline passed Arafat continued the violence, Barak did nothing. He did nothing because he could do nothing. His entire government was based on the idea of making peace with Arafat by empowering him. When Arafat chose war, Barak had nothing to say.

Kadima and Labor insist that by empowering terrorists they are somehow weakening them.

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This is the notion that stands at the base of the government’s insistence on reenacting the empowerment of Hamas and Fatah caused by last summer’s retreat from Gaza by repeating it twenty-fold in Judea and Samaria.

Somehow, destroying Israeli communities, ordering the retreat of IDF forces and so enabling the terrorist takeover of those lands is – according to Olmert and his associates – supposed to bring about the enhancement of Israel’s security through the weakening of terrorists that Israel is empowering.

End Excerpt from Jerusalem Post by Caroline Glick

Begin Associated Press Article from Jerusalem Post

Hamas, Fatah Sign Prisoners Document

Associated Press, THE JERUSALEM POST

June 27, 2006

Hamas and Fatah on Tuesday completed an agreement over the controversial prisoners document, ending weeks of acrimonious negotiations, a top official said.

“We have an agreement over the document,” said Ibrahim Abu Najah, coordination of the “national dialogue” over the proposal.

Salah Zeidan, another negotiator, said preparations were being made for a formal signing ceremony.

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“All political groups are prepared for a mutual cease-fire with Israel,” he said.

PA Chairman Mahmoud Abbas of Fatah has been trying to coax his Hamas rivals into endorsing the document, which was formulated by senior Palestinian prisoners held by Israel.

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He has endorsed the plan as a way to end crippling economic sanctions against the Hamas-led Palestinian government and pave the way to reopening peace talks.

However, the deal was overshadowed by a crisis over the kidnapping of IDF Cpl. Gilad Shalit on Sunday and opposition to the deal voiced by the Islamic Jihad,

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a small group that has carried out numerous attacks against Israel and refused to participate in the Palestinian elections in January.

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“In today’s meeting, we announced we reject some of the articles of this document and we have reservations about other articles,” said Khaled al-Batch, spokesman for Islamic Jihad.

End Associated Press Article from Jerusalem Post


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