ISLAMOPHOBIA Is Being Generated By Islamic Metamorphosis – PART 2!

ISLAMOPHOBIA is being generated by Islamic Metamorphosis

“The Islamic World Is Going Through a Deep Metamorphosis”

European Christianity was almost defeated by Islamic Faith

When the Bulk of It became a mockery to True Christianity,

But the Islamic Caliphates destroyed themselves WITHIN!

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European Catholic Brand of Christianity Is Blatant Heresy

AND The FORMER Umayyad Islamic Caliphate Is Reviving

To Become The EIGHTH Beast Prophesied in Revelation!

Who IS OF The Seventh Because IT WAS ALSO Islamic!

Beast Number 8 Is Both The Caliphate AND ITS Caliph!

*PART 2*


October 27, 2010

Revelation 17:11 – And the beast that was, and is not, even he is the eighth, and is of the seven, and goeth into perdition.

The first head w as Egyptian, the second Assyrian, the third Babylonian, the fourth Persian, the fifth Grecian, the sixth Roman, and both the seventh and eighth were cl

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assified as being one because they were both Islamic, separated by time and the process of metamorphosis.

Continue Series based on Excerpt from MEMRI

Middle East Media Research Institute

Arab Author on ‘Pursuing an Islamic Metamorphosis’

October 24, 2110

Special Dispatch No. 3315



“But ideological secularism the French way, and legal secularism that excludes Islam as a source of legislation, will never take root in Islamic culture.

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Begin PART 2

“Historical potential”

“Muslims cannot, however, continue ignoring new developments in the morality of all humanity regarding the religion-state relations. First, the foundation of the modern state is geographical, not faith-based.

“Second, the equality of all citizens in political rights is, theoretically at least, unquestionable in any respected modern state.

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Third, every nation needs to consider the laws and legislation of other nations.

“Fortunately for modern Muslims who are deeply rooted in their cultural heritage, there are potentials in their inherited culture that might help. First, Muslim societies have always been open to religious diversity.

“The unbroken existence of Christian minorities in the Middle East from the birth of Islam until today is a good illustration of this potential. Second, Islamic law is very flexible and open to perpetual interpretation and adaptation, and it is easy to incorporate most modern laws within the Islamic legal vision.

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“Three players”

“A closer look at the conflict over religion and state in the Islamic world reveals the existence of three players who have a stake in the outcome of this conflict. These players are the Muslim majorities, the non-Muslim minorities, and the non-practicing Muslims.

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Each one of these players has its own set of concerns.

“The Muslim majorities see Islam as an essential part of inspiration in public life, and they don’ t wan

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t their value system to be compromised. They are also afraid of foreign manipulation of the minority’s case.

“Some people among these majorities believe that the issue of secularism is irrelevant. We have no church, they argue, and secularism, by definition, is ‘the separation between the state and the church.’

“Some would even go as far as saying that Islam is a secular religion, and we are already secular, because we have no clergy who have a claim on being God’s legate on earth.

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“The non-Muslim minorities don’t want to be treated as second class citizens, and they don’t want their religious freedom restricted. They are not willing to accept less than equal rights and responsibilities in their land of birth.

“As for non-practicing Muslims, Islam is acceptable as an individualistic observance, but not a social or political system. They believe the state should avoid legislation of morality, especially religious morality.”

“Non-Muslim Minorities and Non-Practicing Muslims Need To Accept the Fact That Islamic Law Is Too Rich and Too Important To Be Discarded”

“Towards a compromise

“The three players in this Islamic metamorphosis need to come to a historical compromise that will save much time and energy, and help produce a swift transition of the Muslim societies to democracy and modernity.

“Non-Muslim minorities and non-practicing Muslims need to accept the fact that Islamic law is too rich and too important to be discarded. The historical analogy with Western experience is misleading, since there was never a universally subscribed to ‘Christian law’ that governed societies and states.

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Unlike the Islamic law that has been the law of many Muslim states and empires throughout the last 1400 years, the medieval Canon law was to govern the Church, not the state or the society at large.

“Muslim majorities need to accept that faith is no longer the basis

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for a social contract; geography is the new basis.

“They must also guarantee the political and legal equality of their non-Muslim and non-religious citizens. Any legalization of discrimination against non-Muslim citizens in terms of constitutional and political rights is absurd. Unfortunately that is what we still have today in many Arab countries – including the very secular ones, where constitutions deprive non-Muslim citizens from running in presidential elections (good for them anyway, since the elections are never fair or transparent).

“Institutional secularism that prevents rulers from misusing religion, and guarantees freedom of conscience for all, should be accepted by all. Ideological secularism that chases religion away from public life should be rejected by all, because it is pure coercion.

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“Legal secularism that ignores the centrality of Islamic laws is meaningless. However, a great reinterpretation and adaptation of Islamic laws is necessary to help this compromise take place.


These laws are flexible, and there has never been a monopoly in interpreting them.”

“Those Who Complain About Islamic Laws Need To Shift Their Discourse To a More Positive and Practical Formula”

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