The Validity of the Middle East Beast in Islamic Jihad!

A Validity of Huge Middle East Beast In Islamic Jihad,

Now Opening the Eyes of Christians, Hindus and Jews,

Shows a great Islamic Beast all non-Muslims should Fear,

Whose Antichrist is Not Yet Visible But His Spirit is Manifest,

And His Spirit of Islamic Jihad Terror and Chaos very Apparent,

In Updates to Previous Blog on acts of Islamic Mumbai Terrorists,

The Antichrist is Not Coming Out of Europe, But Out of Islamic Jihad,

I believe we will soon see his rise in an Islamic country north of Israel!

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November 28, 2008


First three headline articles from Jerusalem Post on Friday Morning, November 28, 2008 were as follows.

1. At least five Chabad House hostages have been killed
Livni in press conference: No room for great optimism on the fate of Israeli hostages; IBN TV reports operation at Chabad House over.

2. Four Israelis rescued from Oberoi Hotel
Foreign Ministry official tells ‘Post’ no Israelis found in hospitals following chain of Mumbai attacks.

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3. Battle intensifies at Taj Mahal Hotel
Indian commandos end Oberoi Hotel siege, killing 2 gunmen; death toll from attacks reaches 143.

Begin Excerpt 1 from DEBKAfile Mumbai Terror Attack on Thursday

Mumbai Terror Attack Updates Day 2

November 27, 2008, 7:46 PM (GMT+02:00)

A. Group of hostages leaves Chabad Center on second night of Mumbai’s seizure by Islamist terrorists.

B. It is feared that none were Israelis although several are known to be held in the building.

C. Israel-India flights continue on schedule. One carried a group of Israeli doctors for Mumbai.

D. The Islamist terrorists attacking Mumbai for the second day came from outside the country, believed Pakistan

E. Indian security sources report many Israeli hostages in the Oberoi Hotel, which the terrorists still control amid sustained gunfire in the lobby.

F. Heavy battles resume in the Taj Palace Hotel.

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G. Indian naval troops board the MV Alpha freighter suspected of having sailed the terrorists to Mumbai’s shore from Karachi, Pakistan


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Anti-tanks missiles handed out to Indian commando force battling terrorists at Taj Palace hotel.

I. Indian general: Four or five terrorists inside Chabad Center.

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J. Islamist shooting attacks and blasts spread to southern Mumbai away from the hotel district —


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Terrorists hurl grenades at Indian forces surrounding Chabad Center and the Oberoi hotel.

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L. Fighting flares up anew in the Taj Palace Hotel said to have been cleared Thursday. Some hostages escaped and many bodies were found in guests’ rooms.

M. Terrorists are still holed up at the Oberoi Hotel and Chabad Center with hostages, including Israelis, under police-commando siege.

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N. A woman and child held at Chabad center came out of the building.

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O. The Mumbai stock exchange stayed shut.

P. Police sappers defused bombs containing RDX strewn across the town.

Q. International airlines canceled flights to the beleaguered Indian town.

R. The terrorists wear elite military unit uniforms. Each has an automatic rifle, grenades and military-style kit.

Begin Excerpt 2 from YNet News

Why India? Why Now?

Ron Ben-Yishai analyzes terror offensive in India, objectives and motives of perpetrators

Ron Ben-Yishai

This offensive must be viewed not only in the context of the traditional rivalry and hostility between the Muslim minority and Hindu majority in India, and also not in the context of the ongoing fight for control in Kashmir. The timing – right before Christmas – and the characteristics of the offensive – hostage-taking at major tourism sites, mostly focusing on Westerners – attest to the fact that the attackers objective was to carry out an ongoing mega-attack and hostage-taking operation, in order to secure several local and global aims:

1. Bring about the release of all radical Islamic prisoners jailed in India

2. Critically damage India’s tourism industry and economy

3. Gain global resonance and urgency to the Muslim demand to take control of Kashmir

4, The attack on the Chabad-Lubavitch center could indicate that one of the objectives was to deter Israel from providing military aid to India

5, No less importantly – the offensive was meant to constitute an impressive show of force in the framework of militant fundamentalist Islam’s war against what it views as corrupt Western culture.

This mixture to objectives, as well as reports that the Muslim terrorists who raided Mumbai arrived from outside of India, by sea, could point to the fact that the offensive is a joint operation initiated by global Jihad forces (al-Qaeda) and Indian Muslim groups that operate in a local, religious, and political context. The organization that claimed responsibility for the Mumbai offensive, the Deccan Mujahidin, is largely unfamiliar, similarly to the Indian Mujahidin group that claimed responsibility for most attacks carried out in India in recent years. The use of the word “Mujahidin” attests to some kind of affiliation with global Jihad

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of the Bin Laden variety. Therefore, we can say that the Mumbai offensive is one of

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the major military operations of global Jihad against Western cultural and economic targets since the terror attack on the Twin Towers in New York in September 2001.

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Based on the details we know so far, we can estimate that it was planned over a long period of time outside of India’s borders – apparently in nearby Pakistan, where at least some of the attackers arrived from.

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The central government in Pakistan is weak and Muslim terror groups operating in India – just like in Pakistan itself – at times enjoy the secret support of Pakistani security and intelligence agencies.

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We can assume that had the attack been planned and prepared inside India, Indian security forces would notice the preparations. It is almost impossible to hide intelligence and logistical preparations for an attack like this, which involves hundreds of fighters and collaborators, even in a giant country like India. We should also keep in mind that India’s intelligence services have been on the highest state of alert in the past year in the wake of the series of attacks carried out across the country.

At the same time, it is completely clear that the attackers gathered intelligence information in Mumbai for a long time, and that the targets attacked were carefully selected. This raises serious question marks regarding the effectiveness of Indian internal security agencies and their ability to thwart such attacks. The response of security forces following the offensive also showed indications of certain confusion and helplessness.

As to us – at this time we cannot know whether the Chabad House was chosen as one of the targets because of the high profile Israeli-Indian military cooperation, or because of Jihad members’ basic desire to hit an Israeli-Indian target. We can assume that both motives played a role here. In any case, it is clear that at this time India is a much less safer place for Western tourists in general and for Israelis in particular.

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