India shall become part of the Islamic Caliphate!

India will become a part of Islamic Caliphate

After Jerusalem falls to the forces of Antichrist!

We are watching cold blooded acts of Slaughter

This week as a forerunner of continuing Terrorism!

This Will Finally Result in India Being a State of Islam

Within Two years after Jerusalem falls to the Antichrist!

AT some point in time between 2010 and 2015 a massive Islamic Jihad attack will be launched against Israel. This attack will put in motion before the world the most rapid forming Caliphate in History.

The Caliphate of Antichrist will include most of the territory inside a line stretching from the Rock of Gibraltar to the Aral Sea to Bangladesh to Papua New Guinea to the southern tip of Morocco to the Rock of Gibraltar. It will be larger than the huge Empire of Genghis Khan, which was the greatest of all time.

There are more Muslims in India than any Islamic country in the Middle East, and she ranks second only to Indonesia in having the greatest number of Muslims living in any country.

The increasing Muslim population in India has been a concern among the Hindus for some time, as Excerpt I from the UK Guardian indicated last week. Within 2 years after the fall of Jerusalem, Cairo, and Mecca to the Antichrist, Muslims will have taken over the government of India.

The current crisis manufactured by this weeks events are only a preview of coming attractions more chaotic that this single event.

November 27, 2008

Begin Excerpt 1 from UK Guardian

Hindus urged to curb ‘Muslim threat’ by having big families

By Maseeh Rhaman in New Delhi

November 20, 2008

A radical Hindu political party in Uttar Pradesh, India’s most populous state, which is a key ally of the country’s ruling party, is encouraging Hindus to have more children because of fears of a Muslim population explosion.

The militant Shiv Sena party announced that it had identified 50 Hindu couples with five or more children in the parliamentary constituency of the Indian prime minister, Atal Bihari Vajpayee.

“We will honour these couples at a special function next month by conferring the title ‘Awakened Hindu Family’,” said the Shiv Sena’s state chief, Vijay Tiwari. Couples with more than 10 children would be given gifts of gold or silver.

The call runs counter to the Indian government’s policy of controlling the country’s burgeoning population by promoting family planning. The “awakening” that the Shiv Sena wants to bring about stems from the belief that India’s Muslim population, already estimated to be about 140 million, will overtake the Hindu, even though Hindus account for 85% of India’s population, now more than a billion.

Demographic experts assert that high birth rates are related to illiteracy and poverty, and have nothing to do with religious beliefs.

Radical Hindu leaders claim the percentage of Muslims has been rising. Their propaganda finds a response among Hindus who resent the Muslims’ separate civil law permitting men four wives – though most Muslims are too poor to practise polygamy, and educated Muslims reject the idea.

“Even Hindus who do not support parties like the Shiv Sena or the ruling Bharatiya Janata party [BJP] believe that most Muslims have four wives and lots of children,” said Dipankar Gupta, a sociologist. The issue even figured in the Gujarat state assembly elections last year, with the BJP’s chief minister, Narendra Modi, mocking Muslim families for their “25 children each”.

Now the BJP’s political ally, the Shiv Sena, hopes for mileage in the spectre of the “Muslim population bomb”.

Mr Tiwari said: “When the Muslims become 30% of the population democracy and peace will disappear from India. To maintain the social balance, and to save the nation, we are now asking Hindu couples to have a minimum of four children each.”

Mr Tiwari claimed there had been a positive response from Hindus in Uttar Pradesh. But analysts are doubtful.

“The Shiv Sena’s appeal has always been its focus on pragmatic issues, such as jobs for its supporters,” said Mr Gupta. “Such a madcap campaign could rebound on the party.”

Begin Excerpt 2 from Jerusalem Post

In cold blood

November 27, 2008


The dreadful images coming out of Mumbai since late Wednesday night have stunned Israelis – and not just because the city’s Chabad House was targeted along with a hospital, open market, the main train station, a popular restaurant and two posh landmark hotels. At least 125 people are known killed and some 327 wounded.

The bloodbath reminds us that, though Muslim extremism is often traceable to some local grievance, it’s in essence part of a larger conflict between civilizations. Islamists are violently affronted when Hindus, Jews, Buddhist or Christians are sovereign over a Muslim minority.

AS WE try to make sense of the mayhem unleashed on Mumbai, a city of some 13 million souls, our thoughts naturally are with the family of Gavriel and Rivka Holtzberg. We are anxious, too, for the dozen or so other Israeli hostages.

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And we express our condolences to the people of Mumbai who have lost loved ones in this reprehensible assault.

Mumbai has been attacked six times since 1993, most recently in 2006 when 200 people were killed in a train-bombing.

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The nature of the latest attacks, however, with multiple terror teams hitting some 10 targets with explosives, automatic rifle-fire and grenades – in an operation that carried on from one day into the next – suggests a far higher level of coordination and training than anything seen before. Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh said the attacks were launched from outside India “with the single-minded determination to create havoc in the commercial capital of the country.” Plainly, the terrorists are connected to elements in the failed state of Pakistan. At least some of them may have arrived by sea, landing across from the Taj Mahal hotel.

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They hunted-down guests with US, British and Israeli passports to take as hostages.

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At the Chabad House, Indian neighbors nobly tried to fend off the attackers until they themselves were driven back by terrorists’ bullets.

Israelis feel at one with the people of India, especially at times like these. Both countries are modern incarnations of ancient civilizations. We share common political values, overlapping security concerns and a growing commerce.

India was established in 1947; Israel in 1948. Both peoples rejected British rule, both faced Muslim opposition to their independence. The subcontinent was divided into the secular state of India and the Muslim state of Pakistan.

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In the Mideast, the Palestinian Arabs rejected the idea of two states for two peoples. Substantially, they still do.

Though much still needs to be done to draw India and Israel closer, enormous steps have been taken since New Delhi first recognized Israel in 1950 and finally established an embassy in 1992. Israel has actually maintained a consular presence in Mumbai, formerly Bombay, since 1952.

India is a genuine multicultural democracy. Among its 1.1 billion people are 150 million Muslims. Its former president, and father of New Delhi’s nuclear program, is a Muslim.

NO ONE yet knows who carried out these attacks and speculation is rampant. Pakistan has in the past encouraged terrorism in Kashmir. Its doubtful India’s unstable neighbor is explicitly responsible for the aggression (the government there denounced it), but Pakistan has multiple power centers and its intelligence service has previously been linked to the Taliban. Both they and al-Qaida have an interest in diverting attention away from the Pakistan-Afghan border. And coincidentally, Pakistani troops reportedly opened fire on Indian positions along their joint border on Thursday. Still, al-Qaida specializes in mega-attacks using suicide bombers, which was not the case here. Even if it turns out that this outrage was the handiwork of Lashkar-e-Toiba – or one of its front-groups – which wants to turn India into a Muslim state, that still doesn’t unveil the real masterminds.

Whoever did this wanted to create panic, scare off foreigners, undermine India’s economy and turn the country’s people against one another.

ISRAELIS have long argued that no political grievance, no perceived injustice and no religious creed can ever justify waging war against civilians.

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Others have sometimes made excuses for “resistance” movements.

If any consolation can be derived out of the heartbreak in Mumbai, perhaps it will be that India will work ever more vigorously in international forums to isolate terrorists and the state’s that sponsor them.

Begin Excerpt 3 from Jerusalem Posr

Siege ends at Mumbai’s Taj Hotel

November 26, 2008

Associated Press , THE JERUSALEM POST

The siege has ended Mumbai’s Taj Mahal Hotel and the last three gunmen there have been killed, a state official said.

An official of the Maharashtra state home department, speaking on customary condition of anonymity, also said eight hostages have been freed from the Mumbai headquarters of Chabad.

He had no further details and did not identify any of those released.

The raid on the Oberoi Hotel was still continuing.

Authorities said 119 people died and 288 were injured when suspected Islamic terrorists – armed with assault rifles, hand grenades and explosives – launched a highly coordinated attack against 10 sites in the city Wednesday night.

Earlier, The terrorists issued a first statement saying, “We urge the Indian government to return stolen Muslim lands,” Sky News reported.

Dozens of people had been held hostage at the hotels and the as well as the nearby Chabad House, by the well-trained and heavily armed gunmen, authorities said.

The attackers had specifically targeted Britons and Americans inside the hotels, witnesse

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s said.

After dusk Thursday, police brought hostages out of the Oberoi, one of the city’s best-known five-star hotels.

One man, who identified himself as a Pole but did not give his name, told reporters he had seen many bodies inside, but refused to give more details, saying he had promised police not to discuss details of the rescue operation.

The Maharashtra state home ministry said 84 people had been freed from the Oberoi – 60 of them hostages – and dozens more were still trapped inside.

Police said they were going slowly to protect the captives.

A previously unknown Islamic terrorist group claimed responsibility for the carnage, the latest in a series of terror attacks over the past three years that have dented India’s image as an industrious nation galloping toward prosperity.

Among the dead were at least four Australian and a Japanese national, according to the state home ministry. An Italian, a Briton and a German were also killed, according to their foreign ministries.

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The most high-profile target was the Taj Mahal hotel, a landmark of Mumbai luxury since 1903, and a favorite watering hole of the city’s elite.

Police loudspeakers declared a curfew around the hotel Thursday afternoon, and commandos ran into the building as fresh gunshots rang out from the area. Into the night, brief exchanges of gunfire and explosions could be heard coming from the building.

The attackers, dressed in black shirts and jeans, stormed into the hotel about 9:45 p.m. Wednesday and opened fire indiscriminately.

Dalbir Bains, who runs a lingerie shop in Mumbai, was about to eat a steak by the hotel pool when she heard gunfire. She ran upstairs, taking refuge in the Sea Lounge restaurant with about 50 other people.

They huddled beneath tables in the dark, trying to remain silent as explosions went off.

“We were trying not to draw attention to ourselves,” she said. The group managed to escape before dawn.

Among those foreigners held captive in all three buildings were Americans, British, Italians, Swedes, Canadians, Yemenis, New Zealanders, Spaniards, Turks, French, Israelis and a Singaporean.

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At least three top Indian police officers – including the chief of the anti-terror squad – were among those killed, said Roy.

The United States and Pakistan were among the countries that condemned the attacks.

In Washington, President George W. Bush offered Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh “support and assistance” as he works to restore order in the populous and growing Southwest Asian nation, according to White House press secretary Dana Perino.

The motive for the onslaught was not immediately clear, but Mumbai has frequently been targeted in terrorist attacks blamed on Islamic extremists, including a series of bombings in July 2006 that killed 187 people.

An Indian media report said a previously unknown group calling itself the Deccan Mujahideen claimed responsibility for the attacks in e-mails to several media outlets.

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There was no way to verify that claim.

Magnus Ranstorp, a terrorism specialist with the Swedish National Defense College, said there are “very strong suspicions” that the coordinated Mumbai attacks have a link to al-Qaida.

He said the fact that Britons and Americans were singled out is one indicator, along with the coordinated style of the attacks.

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India’s prime minister blamed “external forces.”

“The well-planned and well-orchestrated attacks, probably with external linkages, were intended to create a sense of panic, by choosing high profile targets and indiscriminately killing foreigners,” Singh said in address to the nation.

Indian navy spokesman Capt.

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Manohar Nambiar said navy officers had boarded a cargo vessel that had recently come to Mumbai from Karachi, Pakistan.

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Hours later, he said nothing suspicious had been found on board and the ship had been released.

Mumbai, on the western coast of India overlooking the Arabian Sea, is home to splendid Victorian architecture built during the British Raj and is one of the most populated cities in the world with some 18 million crammed into shantytowns, high rises and crumbling mansions.

Among the other places attacked was the 19th century Chhatrapati Shivaji railroad station – a beautiful example of Victorian Gothic architecture – where gunmen sprayed bullets into the crowded terminal, leaving the floor splattered with blood.

“They just fired randomly at people and then ran away. In seconds, people fell to the ground,” said Nasim Inam, a witness.

Other gunmen attacked Leopold’s restaurant, a landmark popular with foreigners, and the police headquarters in southern Mumbai, the area where most of the attacks took place. Gunmen also attacked Cama and Albless Hospital and G.T. Hospital.

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