The New Owner-Friendly Kadima (Forward) Party

The New Owner-Friendly Kadima (Forward) Party!

November 28, 2005

The f ar, f

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ar, far right of the Likud Party has disappeared from the new Kadima Party formed by Ariel Sharon, and a more compatible party platform has emerged, which is likely to appeal to more Jewish voters.

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Make no mistake, the Kadima Party is a conservative, right wing party, but the sharp edges of extreme conservative positions have been shaved

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off. I should stay out of predicting

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Israeli elections, which are usually complicated affairs, but I do expect the Kadima Party is likely to get the most seats in the coming election.

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However, whoever gets the most se ats must still form

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a government with other parties to get a majority of 60 seats in the Knessett.

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It will be an interesting sideshow to watch from now to the elections in March of 2006. The following article from the Jerusalem Post by Gil Hoffman gives the basic outline proposels of the Kadima Party.

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Kadima Platform Proposal Allows for Palestinian State


November 28, 2005

Justice Minister and Sharon ally Tzipi Livni outlined the proposed platform of the new Kadima Party Monday afternoon, emphasizing the nature of Israel as a democratic Jewish state and the need to continue along the road map peace plan.

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Outlining the party’s diplomatic stance, Livni focused mainly on the roadmap plan.

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She alluded to the need for a Palestinian state, although she did not state her intentions specifically.

The document from which Livni read contained statements referring to the creation of a disarmed, terror-free Palestinian state as well as the preservation

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of settlement blocs, Army Radio reported.

Livni discussed the stalled road map, as Israel waits for the Palestinians to fulfill their commitment

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to combat terror and violence.

She also emphasized the need for maintaining a Jewish democratic state with Jerusalem serving as the undivided capital.

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