Saddam Himself was the Weapon of Mass Destruction (WMD)!

Saddam Himself was the Weapon of Mass Destruction (WMD)!

WMD Himself is on Trial for What He Unleashed

October 19, 2005

I was never in favor of US troops staying in Iraq after they had found and captured Saddam Hussein.

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He was the only WMD that worried me because he was a megalomaniac, and once they found him I had hoped our troops would pull out.

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I have never, nor will I ever believe it to be possible, for a democratic government to be established in Iraq – voted for, Yes – but established, No!

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As soon as we pull out of Iraq, the flimsy government will come apart at the seams, and Sunni, Shiite, and Kurds will slug it out for supremacy, with the final government of Iraq being a Shiite Islamic Republic. It may split into three sections, with the other two being Kurdistan and Sunnistan, but the bulk of Iraq will be a real Shiite Islamic Republic like Iran. I was all in favor of us going in to get Mister WMD himself, but never in favor of staying after we had found him.

It is a noble gesture on the part of President Bush, and I applaud his compassion for even attempting to establish a democratic state in the midst of tyranny, but it simply will not happen before Messiah returns.

The following article, taken from DAWN – The Internet Edition, lists the charges against Mr.

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Saddam Hussein Faces Long List of Allegations

BAGHDAD, Oct 16: Former Iraqi strongman Saddam Hussein is to stand trial on Wednesday for the 1982 massacre of 143 Iraqi Shias, but has also been accused of many other crimes against humanity.

If convicted on the first charge and if the sentence is upheld, he would face death by hanging and might never be judged for all of the accusations.

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Following are other alleged crimes for which the military dictator might be formally charged at a later stage.

HALABJA/ANFAL: The gassing of Kurds in Halabja, nor thern Iraq during

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the infamous Anfal campaign that included a policy of demolishing homes, evictions and separating men from their families.

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More than 5,000 people died in Halabja on March 16, 1988, and even survivors still suffer from after-effects of the chemical bomb attacks, which also provoked birth defects in children born later.

Between February and November 1988, the Anfal campaign declared 95 per cent of pro

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perty in the north off-limits, and 180,000 people are reported to have disappeared.

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Many women and children died from a lack of food and medical attention, and Kurdish militants were allegedly executed in the deserts of western and southwest Iraq.

President Jalal Talabani, a Kurd, said recently that Saddam had “confessed” to some of his alleged crimes and deserved to die 100 times.

WAR WITH IRAN: The United Nations has blamed Saddam’s Iraq for starting the 1980-1988 conflict against Iran.

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Around one million people were estimated to have been killed in the eight-year war before Iran accepted a UN-sponsored ceasefire.

Iran’s judiciary says it has finalised charges of genocide and using chemical weapons it hopes will be levelled against Saddam.

KUWAIT INVASION: Saddam’s tanks rolled into Kuwait on August 2, 1990, annexing the oil-rich Gulf state as Iraq’ s 19th province and it

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s historical right. His troops were driven out of the tiny emirate

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after a seven-month occupation in the Gulf War by US-led multinational forces.

In September, Kuwaiti authorities said they would also seek a trial and the death penalty for Saddam’s crimes against the emirate.

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1991 SHIA UPRISING: After Iraq’s defeat in the Gulf War over Kuwait, coalition forces encouraged soldiers and civilians to rise up against Saddam in the south, but tens of thousands were subsequently massacred.

Brutal crackdowns were launched around the holy cities of Najaf and Karbala, in the Hilla and Basra regions.

MARSHES: in 1991 for military purposes, the military dictator started eng

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ineering projects to drain the marshes of southern Iraq inhabited by Shias, forcing a centuries-old Marsh Arab people to abandon their land that could no longer provide an income and an ancient way of life.

BARZANI TRIBE: Saddam is also accused of the 1983 massacre in the Kurdish tribe of Mullah Mustafa Barzani, the found

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ing father of Iraqi Kurdistan who died in March 1979.

Saddam’s regime rounded up around 8,000 men from the tribe in northern Iraq, took them into the desert and executed them.

In 1980, another tribe of Faylee Kurds were expelled from Iraq to Iran, while some were massacred in northern Iraq.

RELIGIOUS LEADERS: Saddam is also accused of assassinating a string of Shia religious leaders between 1980, when the war with Iran broke out, and in 1999.

HUMAN RIGHTS ABUSES: The feared dictator is alleged to have systematically tortured, executed or intimidated all Iraqis who opposed his regime, whether Shias, Sunnis, Kurd, Turkomen or other.—AFP


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