A Tightening Ring of Terror!

A Tightening Ring of Encircling

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Al-Qaeda Jihad Terror!

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October 18, 2005

Israel does indeed have reason to be concerned about the tightening ring of the Al-Qaeda terror network around them.

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It will play a major part in the coming consolidated Jihad attack against Israel by 10 Arab nations, which I believe could occur as early

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as 2007 or as late as 2012. I know biblically that the attack must occur but, as is always the case in prophecy, the exact time of its occurrence cannot be predicted with an absolute degree of certainty.

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The following article was taken from the Jewish Daily Alert Bulletins listings. It is a series of quotes made by the head of IDF Israeli Intelligence, which are given by Ma’ariv-Hebrew on October 17.

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BEGIN Ma’ariv-Hebrew Article

IDF Intelligence: “Al-Qaeda Already Operating in Gaza” (Maariv-Hebrew, 17Oct05)

Maj.-Gen. Aharon Zeevi (Farkash), the head of Israeli Military Intelligence, said in an interview:

“We are not a high priority [for al-Qaeda], but our prioritization for them is increasing.

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From al-Qaeda’s standpoint we are dividing the Muslim world.”

“Look at the circle that is tightening around us.

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Attacks in Turkey, Taba, Sharm el-Sheikh, Katyushas in Jordan.”

“We know that activists from the global ji had, about ten, infiltrated Gaza from Sinai during the story we

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had with Philadelphi.

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They will link up with those who are in the uprising in Gaza. It is a real threat.”

“They came from the group hiding out in Jabal Halal [in Sinai] and were involved with others in the attacks in Sinai.

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In Jabal Halal a military-grade weapons base has been created, that Egypt has been unable to eliminate.”

End Ma’ariv Hebrew Article

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