UN Inspectors shall NEVER find ALL of Syria’s Chemical Weapons!

UN Inspectors Will Never Find ALL Of Syrian Chemical Weapons

Many WMD Came Over Iraq Border Before Saddam Hussein Fell

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October 30, 2013


Two Excerpts from Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs/Daily Alert

October 29, 2013

Excerpt 1 – Washington Post

Most Syrian Chemical Warfare Equipment Destroyed

Joby Warrick

International inspectors have destroyed in four weeks nearly all the equipment used by Syria to prepare munitions for chemical warfare, dramatically reducing the country’s ability to launch a large-scale attack, U.S. and European officials said. The organization in charge of the inspections said Monday that its teams had visited all but two of the 23 chemical-weapons sites declared by Syria, in some cases smashing with hammers the machines used to fill chemical warheads with sarin and other lethal toxins. The two remaining sites are located in areas contested by rebel fighters. (Washington Post)

Excerpt 2 – Times of Israel

Syria Had 1,230 Missiles Ready to Be Loaded with Chemical Weapons

UN inspectors revealed on Monday that the Assad regime in Syria admitted to possessing 1,230 missiles ready to be loaded with chemical weapons, according to a report by the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons obtained by The Times of London. The UN report also suggests that Syrian rebels may have obtained small amounts of chemical weapons. (Times of Israel)

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Saddam Hussein WMD Intent was not a Myth

November 22, 2008


The following two quoted paragraphs from a November 19, 2008 article by Carter Andress in the Washington Times, titled “Iraqi Yellowcake Discovery,” give a very interesting insight into the awareness that Saddam Hussein really did have the basic essentials necessary to eventually develop nuclear weapons. I do not believe crazy Saddam would have used them just for deterrent purposes.

Begin Quote

In a significant development on weapons of mass destruction (WMD) inexplicably not publicized by the administration nor well-covered by the media – a few months ago the U.S. military removed from Iraq 550 metric tons of yellowcake uranium, a necessary precursor to the development of nuclear weapons. With this radioactive material, all that was needed to create up to 140 nuclear bombs was the centrifuge equipment Pakistan stole from Europe and then re-exported to Libya and Iran. Consequently, Iran is on the verge of finishing the enrichment process but Libya’s Moammar Gadhafi gave up the technology out of fear of having the same thing happen to him that happened to Iraq’s dictator. Were we just to leave this devastatingly dangerous WMD precursor to the tender mercies of Saddam Hussein?

Carter Andress, chief executive officer and principal owner of American-Iraqi Solutions Group, is author of “Contractor Combatants: Tales of an Imbedded Capitalist.

End Quote

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January 14, 2004

Whatever Happened to the WMD in Iraq?

This has been an intriguing question that has produced a lot of political hay for those who say the Iraqi WMD did not exist, but were merely an excuse to invade Iraq. And, to be perfectly honest, no one knows for sure what happened to the WMD. There was an event, which I did report in Special Prophecy Update Number 81A, that I really did not understand involving Iraq and Syria, and it did indeed seem strange at the time, considering past relationships between the two countries. The following three paragraph quote is taken from the August 17, 2002 Update 81A, titled “More Strategic Dialog Among the 10 Toes,” which was written some seven months before Iraq was invaded by coalition forces.

BEGIN QUOTE from Archive Prophecy Update 81A, 2002

“Iraq has recently been conducting large-scale military maneuvers on the Syrian border, reportedly by prior agreement with its new President, Bashar Assad. Bashar then made a trip to Iran to hold talks with its President, Mohammad Khatami. The talks were described as a strategic dialog.

The healing process is taking time because of all the past conflicts that have occurred between these nations, but it is progressing because of a common healing balm – Their natural hatred for Israel, which far exceeds their dislike for each other. The great breaches between them occurred in the last decade. Iraq and Iran fought a very bitter war that took the lives of millions. The relations between Iraq and Syria, which are ruled by two rival wings of the Baath party, were severed in the eighties, but have been on the mend since 1997, fueled mainly by trade links. We have covered these trade links in detail in previous updates, as well as the sneaky way that Syria is militarily assisting Iraq and receiving oil benefits in return. This is one of the reasons that Bashar, last month, sent a message to Saddam on the thirty-fourth anniversary of his rival Baath party rising to power in Baghdad. In the message he underlined his desire to boost the brotherly ties between Iraq and Syria.

An independent Jordanian newspaper, Al Hilal, reported that last week Syrian President Bashar al-Assad met with Iraq’s Saddam Hussein on the border between the two countries. The article said Assad took along his brother, Maher, and the head of the Syrian Intelligence Service with him to the meeting. During the meeting the report stated that Saddam presented Assad with an ancient rifle taken from the Iraqi museum.”


This meeting between two presidents of two rival Baath parties of two countries, who did not like or trust each other, seemed strange to me at the time. Recent reports from a senior Syrian journalist, Nizar Najoef, who has recently defected to Western Europe, suggest that this meeting may have been for more than just a get together for a friendly chat. It may have been to coordinate the transfer of Iraq’s WMD across the border into Syria in the event Iraq was overrun by foreign forces, and the Iraqi maneuvers along the border on the Iraqi side may have involved the scurrying movement of special units of Saddam’s Republican Guard, who could have been in the process of concealing them along the border for a quick transfer to the Syrians, if necessary.

I linked the events of Update 81A in 2002 with a report from a Dutch newspaper article of January 5, 2004. It carried a letter from Nizar Nijoef in which he identified three Syrian sites where Iraq’s WMD are stored. Nijoef says he knows where they are hidden. Does he know? I honestly don’t know, and I cannot vouch for the validity of his claim, but it does explain the strange meeting of Assad and Hussein in 2002.

The Newspaper was “Die Telegraff,” and Nijoef claims the storage places to be as follows:

———-Sjinsjar on the Lebanese border with Syria.

———-The villege of Tal Snan.

———-In a vast complex of tunnels that are part of a great underground factory, built by the North Koreans, for producing Syrian Scud missiles. He claims that Iraqi chemical weapons and long-range missiles are stored in these tunnels. This underground complex is said to be beneath the town of al- Baida near the city of Hama in northern Syria.

Is his report the truth? I don’t know! But if it is, then you may rest assured the U.S. and Israeli Intelligences will find out, or already know one way or the other. And if is true, and I were Bashar Assad, I would be making every effort to make peace with Israel and to get on the “good side” of the United States before they took action to eliminate the WMD. Oddly enough, this is precisely what Assad has been doing over the last two months.

It is somewhat ironic that the aforementioned Syrian city of Hama is ancient Hamath, which will soon mark the northern extent of the vast land grant promised to Israel by God through Abraham and Isaac. The vast grant will be occupied by Israel for a thousand during the reign of its Messiah.

Genesis 15:18 – In the same day the Lord made a covenant with Abram, saying, Unto thy seed have I given this land, from the river of Egypt unto the great river, the river Euphrates:

Ezekiel 47:17 – And the border from the sea shall be Hazar-enan, the border of Damascus, and the north northward, and the border of Hamath. And this is the north side.

Last year I issued a Prophecy Update titled “Kurds in the Whey.” In it I discussed the role of the Kurds in the northern neck of Iraq. It is quite obvious that the shortest distance between Iran and Syria is across this northern neck. Do not be surprised if they discover some WMD have, and possibly still are, being moved across this land of the Kurds, or put in remote places in Iraq for future use. Believe it or not, Syria, Iran, and North Korea really are an axis of terror, and Osama ben Laden is among them.

In last year’s Prophecy Updates, I indicated I would continue to watch both the Syrians and the Israelis regarding the reality of negotiations between them that could lead to a false peace settlement between them. So far it has a been a lot of rhetoric between them to create the effect of which is the “good guy” who really wants peace, and who is the “bad” guy who doesn’t. The situation is worth watching, but until more than rhetoric to gain press favor and headlines stops, I simply intend to just keep on listening and watching for something real.

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