February 1, 2007

The two following reports from two different sources, which were taken from the Jewish Center for Public Affairs, when merged together, state the Islamic Solution to the Jewish Problem in a plain, diabolical, and specific format.

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The Islamic solution to the Jewish problem is to:

Prepare Islamic Schoolchildren to drive Israel into the Sea so Israelis will swim to Canada

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and start a New Country!

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February 1, 2007

Begin Reuters Article

Iran Schools Feed Pupils “War Curriculum”

Mark John (Reuters)

Iran’s schools are nurturing a siege mentality in children with textbooks showing preparations for war and depicting Israel and the West as the enemy, the Israel-based Center for Monitoring the Impact of Peace (CMIP) said on Tuesday.

Director of Research Arnon Groiss said CMIP surveyed 115 textbooks published in Iran in 2004.

All the textbooks were underpinned by the belief that Iran was a world power preparing for global “jihad,” with the aim of world dominance of Islam.

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“This has been a structural component of the Iranian regime since 1979,” he said.

A picture book for 10-year-olds showed veiled girls carrying rifles, while material for 13-year-olds provided a basic acquaintance with weaponry, explosives, and military tactics.

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Israel was consistently referred to as “the regime that occupies Jerusalem” and marked out on maps as “Occupied Palestine.”

The U.S. was the “Great Satan” or the “World Devourer.”

Begin Al-Bawaba-Jordan Article

Palestinian FM: “Israel Should Move to Canada”


” One large Islamic nation should be established in the Middle East, and where will Israel go

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? It should go to Canada.

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There is much open territory there in which a Jewish state should be established,” said Palestinian Foreign Minster Mahmoud A-Zahar in a recent interview with Canada’s Globe and Mail.


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