More Blarney for Israeli Peace and Safety Mindset!

More Blarney for Israeli Peace and Safety Mindset!

January 28, 2007

Today’s article from the Boston Herald, which follows our introduction, says that Israeli newspapers are agog over a recent report in Haaretz, which discusses a possible peace treaty between Syria and Israel.

This Will Not Happen – But its proposal does add fuel to a “Peace and Safety Mindset,” when considered with P.A. and Israeli Peace Talks of the last Three Weeks!

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I don’t expect a peace treaty with Syria, but naturally hope I am wrong!

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A s I

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have stated so very frequently: I do expect a “Peace and Safety Mindset” to hatch and grow in Israel.

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That “mindset” is hatching, and apart from a few “growing pains,” it should grow erratically in form and strength until a sudden lightening Jihad is launched against Israel, by Islamic forces across her northern border.

The “mindset” will be based on what seems to Israel to be a glimmering, faint light of an eventual end to years of trouble in the land, which was first highlighted when they began to return to Israel in the thirties of the last century.

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One would hardly expect Hizbollah, Syria, Hamas, Fatah, Islamic Jihad, al-Aksa Martyrs Brigades, and Iran to be beating the drums of war standing on Israel’s northern border, shouting threats across it, just before they charged south across it. As my daughters often say to me – Get Real, Dad!

Biblically speaking, there can only be one kind of peace in Israel – A false peace induced into the minds of Israelis by the cunning deceit of Islamic nations.

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So, either way, if there should be a peace treaty signed with Syria it would only be a brief f

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alse peace.

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If the peace is only in the form of a “mindset,” it will only be a brief false peace. One way or the other a false peace is coming to Israel.

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Begin Boston Herald Article

Israel, Syria talks a real possibility

By Boston Herald editorial staff

Saturday, January 27, 2007

Newspapers in Israel are agog over a recent report in one of them, Haaretz, that “unofficial” negotiators from Syria and Israel reached agreement on a draft document to normalize relations between the two antagonists. Israeli newspapers are usually correct about such matters.

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If there’s the slightest chance that negotiations could move to an “official” level, the United States should not try to stand in the way of an agreement no matter how much the Bush administration despises Syria.

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Some analysts have said the administration may fear that a deal with Israel could free Syria for more interference in Lebanon, in Iraq and in support of terrorists generally.

Last summer, said Haaretz, Syria asked that the talks shift to the official level, in secrecy, with participation by the United States (which was said to have been kept in the loop up to that point). Israel rejected that proposal for unspecified reasons and nothing has happened since.

A deal with Israel would blacken Syria in the eyes of all the world’s Islamofascist warriors.

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It could break the current Syria-Iran alliance, always an odd construction because Iran is largely Shiite and Syria largely Sunni (though ruled by the tiny Alawite sect). It could make it easier for Israel to attack, or threaten to attack, Iranian nuclear facilities if Israel ever felt the need.

Israel would insist on shutting down Syrian support of Hamas and Hezbollah and Syria would have incentives not to violate those terms of an agreement – or at least not get caught. (The draft agreement printed by Haaretz said the two countries would cooperate “in fighting local and international terrorism of all kinds” and “for a stable and safe Middle East.”)

The draft called for a demilitarized Golan Heights returned to Syria. This was Syrian territory used to bombard Israeli settlements in the plain below before Israel captured the territory in the 1967 Arab-Israeli War. The area would become a park controlled by Syrian police and accessible to tourists from Israel without visas or border formalities.

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The United States and the United Nations would be asked to guarantee the new border, which would be the pre-1967 border. Surely the Bush administration can bring itself to encourage such a promising deal.

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