January 26, 2007


I confess that nothing may ever come out of it, but I do believe that the off stage, behind the scenes, meetings that have involved a mixture of both the “good guys,” “bad guys,” and “who knows” guys from Europe, the United States, and the Middle East, are working toward something they have been largely successful in keeping on the back burner, out of public scrutiny over the last several weeks.

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If you will take the time to review my Blogs for the last week, many of these meetings, and all the countries and individuals involved in them, are covered.

Recent cries to the United States from the moderate Arab nations, the European Union, and Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas, caused the recent trip of Secretary of State Rice to the Middle East.

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A second trip has been scheduled for a February 2nd European meeting of the Quartet, which will be followed up by talks in Israel between Rice, Palestinian leaders, and Israeli government officials.

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The subject of these meetings will concern the shaping of a final peace treaty and the character of a Palestinian State alongside Israel.

Israeli Prime Minister Olmert has hopped like Peter Rabbit from China to Russia to Europe.

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The Israeli version of our Secretary of State has been on the diplomatic trail to Europe, as have other cabinet members. Strange diplomatic stuff has been going on unofficially between Syria and Israel. The Palestinian Authority President has shuffled between Syria and Hamas like a red-eye-special between New York and Miami, but only heaven knows what is going to come out of all this activity.

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I have been receiving conflicting reports out of the Middle East, as I have reported in recent Blogs.

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The Israeli Government denies their validity.

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I do know there has been a lot of activity going on in shuttle traffic diplomacy from place to place both among friends and foes over the past couple of weeks, and what information is leaking out of these different meetings in Europe, Syria, and Israel is not blending unto a homogeneous mixture of acceptance or rejection of the reports.

The latest reports coming out of these sessions in the Middle East and Europe, have mostly been classified as false by the government of Israel.

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Two of the most recent are as follows:

(1) The possibility of the Israelis transferring control of the West Bank to a European task force until the establishment of a Palestinian State.

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(2) Once the Palestinian State is established, the West Bank security control would be handed over to the security forces of Mahmoud Abbas’ Palestinian Authority, with the turnover being conducted by the European Union and Jordan.

I doubt if these two reports are correct as stated and, even if they are, I doubt they will be implemented

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as they are stated.

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The only thing I can say about all this is that something is going on in the “back rooms” of the Middle East, the United States, Europe, Russia, and China, and I will be very curious to see what comes out of all this, if anything.

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