Lulled into Sleepwalker Status and walking to Disaster!

Lulled in to Sleepwalker Status and Walking

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to Disaster!

January 25, 2007

Like a Cobra is hypnotically lulled into a pacified state by the piping of a Persian musician, so are many being

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lulled into an isol ationist foreign policy of thinking th

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at not confronting those who would destroy us and Israel, will cause our enemies to have disappeared when we pull down the covers at dawn to see what has happened around us while we slept.

We live in a dangerous, ungodly world, ruled by heads of state whose motivational factors are quite different from ours, and elimination of their enemies, both internally and externally, when it advances their self centered objectives, is not an option, it is a requirement.

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U.S. Political Leaders Rip Iran in Herzliya Conference

Center for Jerusalem Public Affairs, THE JERUSALEM POST

January 24, 2007

Herb Keinon and Tovah Lazaroff

Former U.S. House Speaker Newt Gingrich, addressing the Herzliya Conference by video, said, “Israel is facing the greatest danger for its survival since the 1967 victory….Three nuclear weapons is a second Holocaust.” “We have enemies who are quite explicit in their desire to destroy us.

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They say it publicly, on television, on Web sites

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. We are sleepwalking through this as though it is all a problem of communications,” he said.

Asked about the Palestinian issue, Gingrich said the West needed to discriminate between “people who are willing to live with us, and people unwilling to live with us.” He said there was “no elegant way to say to Hamas, ‘why don’t we meet and have a really long weekend together and learn how to be friends.’ If someone says to you, ‘I am determined that not a single Jew remain,’ I think it is useful to take them at their word.

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And if the choice is your survival or their survival, I think you should pick you.” Other U.S. political leaders addressing the conference included former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney, Sen.

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John McCain, and Sen.

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John Edwards. (Jerusalem Post)


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