The New Iraq Strategy 2007!


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Supplement to Last BLOG Issued!

January 6, 2007

Dardanelle MBC routinely puts up 1 or 2 BLOGS daily and special ones as Middle East events merit issuance.

The New Iraqi Strategy, due to be announced next week, based on the ongoing political and military appointments, does indeed seemed to be heading toward one last attempt for some kind of limited victory which, if it does not show signs of being successful, will be followed by orderly withdrawal of U.S. forces. 2007 appears to be the year of destiny for predicting events of future years based on decisions made during it.

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It appears we are on the verge of attempting one last charge, hoping for some kind of victory that might allow us to leave an Iraqi trained force, which could fend off the terrorist guerillas and Iranian Shiite attempts to take over the current government, and prevent an Islamic Republic from being formed in its stead. I do not think a democratic government can be maintained more than a year after we do withdraw, but am not going to criticize our government for making the attempt, hoping that I am wrong in what I have stated.

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I was part of the large military force that came under constant criticism for not being able to bring home a decisive victory against guerilla warfare in Vietnam, but we kept on fighting and trying to pull it off. I cannot be critical of my comrades in arms who are now trying to pull it off in Iraq. Inability to obtain a victory for what is right and just is not failure, but failing to try to do so is the pentacle of failure.

Begin DEBKAfile Report

DEBKAfile Reports: Bush’s military shakeup ahead of Iraqi policy shift places US command in fighting stance for possible confrontation with Iran and Syria

January 5, 2007, 10:45 PM (GMT+02:00)

DEBKAfile’s military sources: Adm. William Fallon, who takes over the Central Command from Gen. John Abizaid, is qualified for offensive operations, especially in naval and aerial combat.

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The new Iraq strategy which the US president is due to unveil next week – and is geared to victory rather than exit – could bring US troops into clashes with Iran and/or Syria in the Persian Gulf, the Arabian Sea or the eastern Mediterranean.

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Democratic leaders Senate leader Harry Reid and Speaker Nancy Pelosi are urging the US president to reject US troop increases in Iraq and opt for redeployment.

On the military side, Gen.

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David Petraeus, who compiled a new U.S. military manual on fighting insurgencies, with stress on understanding local norms, succeeds Gen.

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George Casey in command of American forces in Iraq.

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In Washington, retired Admiral Mike McConnell takes over as director of national intelligence replacing John Negroponte who becomes deputy secretary

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of state.

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Both nominations are subject to Senate approval.

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Ambassador Zalmay Khalilzad is due to head the US mission to the United Nations, making way in Baghdad for Ryan Crocker, ambassador in Pakistan. Crocker, an Arabic speaker, has headed US embassies in Lebanon, Syria and Kuwait and was deputy to Negroponte during his stint as US ambassador in Baghdad.

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End DEBKAfile Report

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