While the Prime Rooster placates the Hamas Weasel, the Chickens fly out of the Knesset Hen House!

While the Prime Rooster placates the Hamas Weasel, the Chickens fly out of the Knesset Hen House!

December 30, 2006


While the Israeli Prime Minister Rooster allowed the Head Hamas Weasel to go to Saudi to pick up funds for his war machine from Saudi and Kuwait, the Rooster’s Knesset ruling party chickens decided to freelance on their own in the Israeli settlements and among PA Fatah leaders.

It was a “who’s in charge” week in Israeli politics.

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They all seem to be hoping for a new rooster in the barnyard. The old axiom “united we stand and divided we fall” seems to have been ignored since Hizbollah and Israel agreed to a ceasefire. I cannot remember Israel being this internally divided on policy or, for that matter, on “what do we do next, how do we do it, where do we do it, and when do we do it?” Nor can I remember when there were so many foreign fingers in their rhubarb pie mix trying to stir in different directions, while adding their own variety of spices.

The DEBKAfile Report, which follows, discusses some of the erratic events of the past few days.

DEBKAfile: Olmert lets Hamas PM Haniya exit Gaza to pick up Saudi, Kuwaiti funds for his war chest.

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Israeli ministers break ranks over the prime minister’s erratic Palestinian policies

December 28, 2006, 6:56 PM (GMT+02:00)

Hamas PM Ismail Haniya was permitted to drive through the Rafah crossing in convoy Thursday, Dec. 28, on his way to Saudi Arabia and Kuwait.

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The European monitors shut the crossing in protest. Only two weeks ago, Israel and Egypt agreed Haniya would be barred from any more cash-collecting expeditions, after the uproar over his attempt to smuggle in $31m of Iranian donations to the Hamas war-chest, in violation

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of an international embargo.

Defense minister Amir Peretz went his own way this week, announcing the resettling of 30 Jewish families evacuated from the Gaza Strip last year in an abandoned outpost in the northern Jordan Valley.

Foreign minister Tzipi Livni stepped out of line with a “peace proposal” offered independently to two Fatah officials.

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It entailed skipping the Middle East roadmap clause on the dismantling of Palestinian terror and jumping over the interim clauses straight to talks on a final-status deal for a Palestinian state.

DEBKAfile’s political sources report that this is a display of contempt for the Olmert-Abu Mazen track.

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Livni has decided to challenge Olmert with her own agenda, ready for US secretary of state Condoleezza Rice’s forthcoming Middle East visit – as Olmert discovered Thursday.

Peretz too is pushing himself forward to show Washington that he is not to be ignored.

Both have stepped into the confusion created by Olmert’s incomprehensible zigzags.

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On the one hand, he backs Mahmoud Abbas and allows Egypt to deliver thousands of Kalashnikovs and ammunition to the Fatah-dominated presidential guard in Gaza; on the other, he bowed to a special request from Egyptian FM Ahmed Aboul Gheit to let Ismail take off for lucrative interviews with Saudi King Abdullah in Jeddah and Kuwait rulers.

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Gheit was in Jerusalem this week to prepare the PM’s talks with Hosni Mubarak next week at Sharm el-Sheikh.

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Clearly, the Gulf’s oil states have had a change of heart and are now willing to fund the Hamas government in defiance of the Western embargo.

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It was Jordan’s King Abdullah who took the first step, as DEBKAfile reported on Dec.

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26 (King Abdullah denies Abu Mazen and audience, invites Haniya).

The prime minister is already in hot water with Israel’s military and security chiefs over his lenient attitude toward the non-stop Palestinian missile barrage from Gaza.

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His erratic steps place Israel at a grave disadvantage with the Palestinians, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Jordan and Syria.

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They are also forc ing serious cracks

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in his government.

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