Strange Orders Coming out of Israeli and PA Head Sheds!

Strange Orders Coming out of Israeli and PA Head Sheds!

Are the Orders an Insane Gamble for Peace or just a Justification for Future planned violent Reoccupation of

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the West Bank and Gaza Strip?

December 27, 2006

Please read the Jerusalem Post article by Yaakov Katz, which follows our comments. There have been quite a number of strange orders given to the IDF since the ceasefire with Hizbollah.

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I identify them as strange because they seem out of character with Israeli policies of the last forty years.

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Strange Orders and Occurrences


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Palestine Authority leader Abbas keeps saying he is going to call for new elections, but he knows Fatah (His Party) cannot win them.

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Hamas will win! It may be the only way Fatah can get money, weapons, and backing from Israel and the U.S., which I suspect is the reason he called for elections.

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2. Israel has allowed some 65 Kassam rockets to be fired out of the Gaza Strip (Average of 2 a day) since the cease fire, and has taken no action.

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They are being fired by the Islamic Jihad, but Fatah and Hamas have not made any effort to stop them, nor will they, except perhaps for one or two arrests where those arrested are quickly released.

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3. Israel is opening numerous roadblocks in the Gaza Strip and West Bank to the Palestinians, increasing the risk of suicide bombers slipping through to blast the Israeli population, and allowing an increased flow of offensive weapons into the West Bank and Gaza Strip.

4. Israel is releasing Palestinian terrorists from their prisons without Hamas or Hizbollah releasing any of the kidnapped Israeli soldiers.

5. The ceasefire is being used by Hamas, Fatah, al-Aksa Martyrs Brigades, Islamic Jihad, and all the other terrorist entities, to train their forces, equipping them with more sophisticated weaponry, and bringing in Iranian and Syrian technicians to teach them how to use them. Both the Gaza Strip and West Bank are being flooded with anti-aircraft and anti-tank missiles, the bulk of which will be used in a future Jihad.

If all this is a bold gamble for true peace, it will fall flat on its face, creating more problems than Israel currently faces.

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On the other hand, Israel knows it will fall on its face, and can use it to advise the international community they did all they could to obtain peace, while the Palestinians did nothing, which will give them some degree of international justification when they reoccupy the Gaza Strip, and put more IDF troops in the West Bank.

I suspect Israel may be planning to let the terrorist groups get stocked up with all sorts of weaponry from Iran and Syria, and

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then suddenly, before the terrorists are trained to correctly use it, violently rush in to destroy it and as many terrorists as possible, using the long months of ceasefire Kassam missile launches as justification for the reoccupation. I hope that is what Israel is planning!

I will say this, if Israel actually thinks the current orders, coming from the head shed since the ceasefire with Hizbollah, will create some sort of peace in Israel if continued, they are out of their minds! I am hoping all this restraint Israel is showing does not create a disaster for them, as it did for Europe when they kept showing restraint on stopping Hitler’s military rebuilding in violation of the treaty ending World War I.

Begin Jerusalem Post Article

Background: Just a matter of time before the next Attack


December 26, 2006

OC Central Command Maj.-Gen. Yair Naveh’s objection to the removal of roadblocks in the West Bank is justified from a military perspective. The roadblocks prevent terrorism, Central Command sources explained on Monday. If they are not there, their work will go undone.

Defense officials warned Monday of the effect the policy of restraint would have in the face of continued Kassam rocket attacks.

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Firstly, they said, it made Israel appear weak and incapable as Palestinian attacks continue without disruption.

All it would take, officials said, was for a Kassam rocket to kill someone in Sderot or for a suicide bomber to infiltrate into Israel via one route where a roadblock had been lifted.

The moment this happens, Prime Minister Ehud Olmert will have no choice but to ditch the diplomatic overtures to Palestinian Authority Chairman Mahmoud Abbas, send troops back into

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the Gaza Strip and restore the roadblocks. The gestures are a gamble and the moment Olmert’s luck runs out is the moment the IDF will be back in action.

IDF soldiers thwart terror attacks at roadblocks in the West Bank every day. Some find pipe bombs on their way to roadside attacks and others arrest Palestinians carrying knives and guns. They also catch the occasional suicide bomber, although the IDF and the Shin Bet (Israel Security Agency) do their utmost to thwart the major attacks while they are still in the planning stages.

If it was up to the military, the soldiers would remain at the roadblocks and Kassam cells about to launch rockets at the western Negev would come under immediate IDF fire. For several weeks, Defense Minister Amir Peretz has been calling on the prime minister to allow the IDF to take the offensive and strike back against the Kassam cells.

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Olmert has rejected the request.

Diplomatic officials in Jerusalem claimed Monday that the IDF did not see the bigger picture.

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“It is not just about the situation on the ground,” they explained. “But rather sometimes there is a need to take risks and chances to see if you can move forward with a diplomatic process.”
This might be true, but while Israel is making overtures and extending good-will gestures to Abbas, the Palestinians are not responding accordingly.

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On the contrary, weapons smuggling is increasing and, according to deputy head of IDF Operations Brig.-Gen. Sammy Turgeman, Israel will soon find itself facing “new and unprecedented forces” in the Gaza Strip.

End Jerusalem Post Article

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