September 7, 2005

Wild Sewer Rats Do B ite

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Hands that Try to Feed Them!

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If You Pour Money Into a Sewer, Don’t Expect its Rats to Thank You!

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Please consider the following article by Margot Dudkevich in the JPost On-Line. This is the reason I do not believe the United States should be putting pressure on Israel to concede more and more land to the PA. It is a sign of weakness to the PA and

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their associated terrorist groups.

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I am not opposed to the Palestinians receiving aid. I am only making the point we should expect only biting words in return.

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The Palestinians will only be satisfied when there is no homeland for the Jewish people in the Middle East. My summation follows the article.



By Margot Dudkevich, THE JERUSALEM POST

September 7, 2005

A report published by Palestinian Media Watch revealed that after having signed a deal with the US for $50 million to help with housing and infrastructure, Palestinian Authority officials called to launch attacks against US soldiers and portrayed the US as “an enemy.”

PMW noted that in recent days PA religious officials in radio and television sermons described the US as “the most heretic” among countries and as an enemy who is trying to dismantle the Islamic world.

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One of the officials called to intensify terror acts against US soldiers in the presence of PA Chairman Mahmoud Abbas.

The report menti oned texts of two serm

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onducted on September 2.

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One was broadcast on PA television and in the presence of Abbas and Yusuf Jum’a Salameh, the PA minister of the Wakf and Religious Affairs: “We say to the dear, heroic Iraqi nation, turn this incident [the accidental death of 1,000 Iraqis] into an opportunity for resisting the [American] occupation, for uniting families, for unifying the forces and for opposition to the policy of dismantling Iraq and dividing it geographically.”

On PA radio, Aksa Mosque Imam Ysuef Abu Sneina said “Anyone who watches closely the nature of our world today, can see that the heretical countries – first and foremost, the USA – have succeeded greatly in tearing our Islamic world apart by disintegrating and splitting up more than one Islamic state, intending to weaken it, disperse [its citizens] and plunder its resources It is terrorism, and there’s no choice but to fight it.

“As regards Iraq, there is much to say about it.

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The USA has composed a draft of the Iraqi Constitution in a way that it will serve US interests and enhance the disintegration of Iraq’s unity. The new constitution includes federal solutions, which are dividing Iraq into small countries…

“A federal government hides behind it; the seeds of a future civil war… The USA is planning to rule Saudi Arabia and disintegrate it, too, despite the close friendly relations between the two countries…
“Is the USA going to fulfill its ambitions and aggressive plans

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? And, for how long shall the submission and surrender to the plans of the enemies of the [Islamic] nation?”


Give aid to help the Palestinians rebuild its infrastructure – FINE – even though most of it will end up in the hands of corrupt Palestinian officials – that is to be expected. Help the Palestinians to feed and take care of their poor – FINE – but simply understand that most of it will not reach the man-in-the-street, and some will fund rockets to be fired at Israel.

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All of this is understood, and I am certainly not opposed to giving aid to the Palestinians. But please, don’t tie Israel’s hands by asking them to do what we would not do if we were in their place.

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Let them keep as much of the land that God granted them as they are able to keep without us putting pressure on them to give back more.

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