20 Years of Deceit likely to Produce an Iranian Nuclear Bomb by 2009!

20 Years of Deceit likely to produce an Iranian Nuclear Bomb by 2009!

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October 10, 2006


When the United States dropped the two atomic bombs on Japanese cities, it was because it knew multimillions of lives would be lost in what was certain to be the highest casualty, conventional battle, in the history of man. There would have been dead bodies piled high from one end of Japan to the other, both allied forces and Japanese. I believe we did the right thing.

But suppose that Japan had also developed atomic bombs and had the capability to bomb our west coast major cities – would we have dropped the bombs

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? NO, I don’t think so!

It is certainly no secret that no nation has used an atomic bomb on any other nation since World War II ended, nor is it a secret that the major reason they have not, no matter how evil, corrupt, and demented their leaders have been, was the fear of their own total destruction, plus that of their people. It stopped them cold. Saddam Hussein was the only one I thought might use an atomic bomb if he was ever able to develop it.

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It was for this reason I was in favor of taking over Iraq, getting rid of him and his cronies, destroying whatever WMD’s were found, then exiting to let the Sunnis, Shiites, and Kurds slug it out to establish new borders.

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It has certainly been no secret that North Korea has been helping Iran in the development of its missile and nuclear development programs. If the underground nuclear test was actually nuclear, and not a hoax on the part of North Korea, it

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was certainly a feeble megaton release of nuclear energy, which would indicate they are not as far along in the development of an effective missile head launching system as they would like to be. Whatever the case, North Korea will help Iran when it comes time for its first underground test. North Korea’s help may help Iran to conduct its first underground test by 2009.

It was, to a large extent, the war Iran had with Saddam Hussein’s Iraq which caused Iran to seek nuclear weapons

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for the first time, as well as its beginning to purchase massive numbers of sophisticated weapons from the Russians, Chinese, and North Koreans in both defensive and offensive warfare categories. Instead of using their huge oil revenues, once they drove out the Shah in their Revolution, to better the living standards of the poor and middle income sectors of their people, they used them to become a nation determined to create a revolution across all of the Middle East.

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Their current President was a very active leader in the first revolutionary movement, and he seems determined to cause enough chaos in the Middle East to cause Allah to lift up the Mahdi.

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He got the popular vote of the poor because he promised to dramatically increase their living standards, but they are probably worse off than when he came into office.

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We supported Iraq in their brutal war with Iran, which made it even easier for Iran to turn to Russia and China for sophisticated weaponry. Since the end of the war Iran has been flooded with many Chinese and Russian technicians, nuclear building projects, and high tech weaponry in every imaginable facet of military offense and defense. Iran is now producing many of their own versions using acquired Russian models for their own designs.

North Korea, Russia, China, and some scientists from Pakistan have been very helpful in assisting Iran in their drive for nuclear power. The desperate economic straits in which North Korea finds itself will surely put their knowledge of atomic bomb development on the sales block to get Iranian oil revenue dollars to bail them out. My guesstimate for the first atomic underground test in Iraq would be 2008 or 2009, provided Israel refrains from attacking their facilities to slow down development.

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The following article by Yossi Melman in Haaretz presents a letter from 1988 by the former Supreme Leader of Iran and the Revolution, which presents some of the beginnings of what we are seeing today in Iran as a full blown process.

Begin Haaretz Article

Khomeini letter written in 1988 describes Iran’s nuclear plans

By Yossi Melman, Haaretz Correspondent

September 30, 2006 (20:15)

Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini, former Supreme Leader of Iran, wrote in 1988 that Iranian military leaders were seeking nuclear weapons, according to a letter released Saturday by former Iranian President Hashemi Rafsanjani.

Khomeini reportedly sent the letter to political leaders during the Iran-Iraq War. In it, he describes why he was forced to agree to a cease-fire which, as he described it, was like “drinking poison.”

In the letter, he quotes military leaders who had urged him to stop the war unless the army was equipped with advanced weapons systems including fighter planes, helicopters, and laser-guided missiles.

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The officers also told him, he wrote, that if Iran wished to win the war and not reach a cease-fire, it should obtain nuclear weapons, a process which could take five years.

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This is the first time an official document has come from Iran indicating the country’s interest in achieving nuclear capability, a charge the government consistently denies.

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Inspectors from the International Atomic Energy Association (IAEA) discovered that Iran began a nuclear program 19 years ago, and since then has violated its international obligations by failing to report its acquisition of materials and equipment used for developing nuclear arms.

Several Iranian news sources have erased sections of the letter in which Khomeini describes what he believes is Iran’s need for nuclear weapons.

Analysts believe that Rafsanjani timed the release of the letter in order to embarrass Ahmadinejad, who has repeatedly denied Iran’s intention of pursuing nuclear arms. Ahmadinejad defeated Rafsanjani in the latter’s 2005 re-election bid.

The publication of the letter may also be part of power struggles taking place within religious and political leadership circles in Iran.

In his letter, Khomeini describes the demands made of him by military leaders, singling out General Muhsain Razai, then leader of the Revolutionary Guards and today responsible for an influential news web site.

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On his s ite, Razai rejected the charge that

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it was he who recommended to Khomeini that he end the war with Iraq.

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