The Mysterous Nuclear Chinese Developed Area Was Once A Downrange Missile Impact Target Area!

A Mysterious Developed Area Was A Downrange Impact Missile Target!

Lop Nor became today’s Chinese Zone Complex while I was in the NSA

THE Area Today IS Much Better Developed SINCE MY 1971 Retirement!

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I worked on project pinpointing locale of northeastern China Nuke Site

And its downrange impact area we located in northwest China Lop Nor

Marks could be for satellite triangulation Twixt launch and impact Sites

Lop Nor is Part of la launch complex closer to foes known as ‘the West’

The shorter distance a missile travels the more accurate its likely to Be

November 18, 2011

Begin Excerpt from the Huff Post – The Internet Newspaper

China Desert Structures: More Mysterious Satellite Images Emerge

November 15, 2011

The plot has thickened in the mystery of the giant structures in the Chinese desert.

Earlier this week, images from Google Maps surfaced showing a bizarre tangle of white lines etched into the Kumtag Desert in northwestern China.

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According to Gizmodo, the lines cover an area approximately one mile long by more than 3,000 feet wide.

Since the initial finding, however, people have discovered a number of other strange structures in the Chinese desert.

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Along with another, similar collection of white lines, there are also huge complexes that that resemble anything from a collection of antennas to a collection of water cooling tanks to targeting grids for spy satellites.

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And now, to make things even more puzzling, a former CIA analyst has pointed out to Wired that, since 2004, someone has directed Google Earth’s satellite to take hundreds of images of that part of the desert. “Can’t have been cheap,” he says.

Begin Excerpt from the Nuclear Tracking Initiative (NTI) Research Library

Lop Nor Nuclear Weapons Test Base

Located in Malan, X

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injiang Autonomous Region. (between 87.12E/42.14N and 87.52E/42.15N). Location of China’s single nuclear weapons test site.

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Under the Commission of Science, Technology, and Industry for National Defense (COSTIND) with close ties to the China National Nuclear Corporation (CNNC). Established on 16 October 1959.

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Construction began on 1 April 1960. On 21 November 1958, Soviet advisers recommended the location after joint surveys of several areas. Contains nuclear testing and missile impact sites. Between 1964 and 1996, China conducted 45 nuclear tests at Lop Nor.

The test site is the world’s largest, occupying an area of over 100,000 sq km, with over 2,000 km of highways. Commercial satellite imagery shows that about 20,000 sq km have been used for testing. No duplicate facility was ever built under the “Third Line.” Also the site for China’s nuclear weapons training.

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Possibly also the location of a nuclear weapons stockpile. The headquarters of the test base is in Malan, about 125 km northwest of Qinggir.

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Lop Nor contains four testing zones, three for underground testing and one for atmospheric. Only two of the zones are currently used, which occupy an area of about 200 sq km.

Testing zones:

(1) QINGGIR REGION: Used for vertical shaft tests. Test site for 13 of China’s 22 underground tests.

(2) NANSHAN REGION: Northwest of Qinggir. Used for tunnel shots.

(3) BEISHAN REGION: Southwest of Qinggir. Used for tunnel shots.

(4) REGION FOR ATMOSPHERIC TESTING: Inactive. Last used on 16 October 1980.

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Lop Nur can be divided into three districts:


(a) Scientific city of Malan, the headquarters of the test site and residence for the scientists, engineers, and technicians. Located about 100 km northwest of the test site. The town has a notable infrastructure, including an airport.

(b) A nuclear institute (possibly the Red Mountain Institute), tens of km northwest of Malan, which acts as a nuclear research center, including the study of hydromechanics, optics, physics, radiation, chemistry, computing, and data management. The institute also houses archives on nuclear explosi

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ons, anti-nuclear warfare, nuclear weapons designs, etc.


Site of China’ s multi-megaton nuclear explo

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sions and other atmospheric testing.


Underground nuclear tests are conducted here.

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A few low-yield atmospheric tests were also carried out here.

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The district includes three underground test zones:

(a) Southern test zone, where tunnel testing was conducted until 27 October 1995 in horizontal shafts.

(b) Western test zone: the tunnel test zone where tests are conducted in horizontal shafts.

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(c) Eastern test zone, where tests are conducted in deep vertical shafts.


Lop Nur is a likely site for interim high-level waste (HLW) storage and an eventual repository.

[Sources: Robert S. Norris, “French And Chinese Nuclear Weapon Testing,” Security Dialogue, March 1996, p. 48; Nuclear Weapons Databook, Volume 5, p.

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339; Vipin Gupta, “Assessment Of The Chinese Nuclear Test Site Near Lop Nor,” Jane’s Intelligence Review, August 1993, pp. 379-380; Tracking Nuclear Proliferation, p. 52; Risk Report, November 1995, p.

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7; China Builds the Bomb, p. 180.]

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