Pre-Tribulation World Mayhem in Many Things of Concern to Man – Number 2

Pre-Tribulation World Mayhem in Many Things of Concern to Man –

Number 2

September 27, 2011


If both Palestinians and Israelis accept the Quartet’s new peace negotiation plan, and cannot reach a peace agreement by December 2012, then it seems very likely that a Middle East war will begin at some point in time between 2013 and 2015.

Begin Excerpt from THE JERUSALEM POST

Merkel urges Abbas to accept Quartet peace initiative


09/27/2011 02:25

German chancellor telephones PA president, “insisting on opening negotiations” based on plan with December 2012 deadline.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel urged Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas to agree to the Quartet of Middle East mediators’ proposal to renew peace talks with Israel,

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AFP reported on Monday.

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A spokesman for the German leader said that she “spoke by telephone with Abbas, insisting on opening negotiations with Israel on the basis of the Quartet’s proposal,” according to the report.

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Abbas said on Sunday that he would not give his opinion on the Quartet’s proposal until he disusses the initiative with the Palestinian leadership in Ramallah.

He reiterated that Israel must accept the pre-1967 lines as a basis for negotiations and completely halt construction in settlements before he would agree to resume talks.

The Middle East Quartet – the US, EU, Russia and the UN – has been trying for months to come up with a formula that would enable direct talks.

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Its formula was released on Friday afternoon, after Abbas formally submitted a letter to UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon seeking full UN membership.

The Quartet statement urged the parties “to overcome the current obstacles and resume direct bilateral Israeli-Palestinian negotiations without delay or preconditions.”

Acknowledging that talks by themselves will not reestablish trust, the Quartet proposed the following: a “preparatory meeting” between the parties within a month to agree to an agenda and a “method of proceeding in the negotiation.” The two sides will commit that the objective is to “reach an agreement within a time frame agreed to by the parties but not longer than the end of 2012.”

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu told The Jerusalem Post on Monday that Israel would not declare a new settlement freeze to get the Palestinians to agree to the Quartet’s formula for a renewal of talks.

Herb Keinon and Tovah Lazaroff contributed to this report.


Begin Excerpt from MEMRI

Middle East Media Review Institute

Special Dispatch Number 4164

September 25, 2011

Taliban Video: ‘The Caliphate Will Soon Be Established In Afghanistan As Well As In Palestine, Lebanon, Somalia, Chechnya And Elsewhere In The Islamic World’

A new video released by the Afghan Taliban shows the triumphant Taliban fighters taking control of a military base in the Tangi Dara valley, which was until recently under the control of U.S. and NATO troops, in Afghanistan’s Maidan-Wardak province.

The video – “Fateh [Victory] Caravan” – was released on the jihadist internet forum Shumoukh Al-Islam. A triumphant Taliban commander, who has not been identified, makes this statement after the victory:

” On behalf of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan, I congratulate the whole Islamic world.

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Insha Allah (God willing) we are standing at the doorsteps of the establishment of an Islamic Caliphate and will soon free Afghanistan from the U.S.-led forces.

“The Caliphate will soon be established in Afghanistan as well as in Palestine, Lebanon, Somalia, Chechnya and elsewhere in the Islamic world. They (Mujahideen in other states) and we (Afghan Mujahideen) are waiting for the enforcement of Islamic Caliphate on the whole land of God.”


Begin Excerpt from DEBKAfile Exclusive Report

Egypt uncovers Libyan SA-24 anti-air missiles and sea mines bound f or Gaza

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DEBKAfile Exclusive Report

September 26, 2011, 2:14 PM (GMT+02:00)

Helped by highly sophisticated contraband weapons smuggled out of Libya, Iran and Hizballah are getting the Palestinian Hamas equipped for another round of hostilities with Israel.

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DEBKAfile’s military sources report that Sunday, Sept. 25, Egyptian security forces, acting on information from a Western intelligence source, homed in near Ismailia on a large half-empty buried cache of advanced SA-24 anti-air infrared missiles (a version of the US Stinger) stored there en route from Libya to Gaza.

The information came too late to block delivery; most of the crates were found empty of their contents of missiles and other military equipment which must already be on their way to Sinai or Gaza. Some of the empty containers were found to have contained Russian-made MDM-3 sea mines, of the type Muammar Qaddafi scattered around Libyan ports in May to keep NATO vessels at bay.

Our North African sources report that many of Qaddafi’s weapons stores were seized by the rebels and their contents sold by some of the officers to the highest bidders.

Tripoli today is under the sway of several rival militias belonging to the rebel National Transitional Council.

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An oversight committee of American, British, French and Italian delegates is trying to track down the advanced weaponry which the rebels seized during the NATO-led advance into the capital on Aug.

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21. They have been questioning the Libyan rebel officers placed in charge of the arms stores and Libyan weapons dealers for information.

The CIA agents on the committee are aware that Hizballah and Hamas purchasing missions armed with Iranian petrodollars established a presence some months ago in Benghazi, seat of the NTC which has not yet moved to Tripoli.

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Those agents elude discovery in the mayhem prevailing in rebel ranks and may be hiding in one of the rebel commands operating outside Benghazi.

But the NATO commission has managed to find out roughly what happens to the smuggled arms after they are spirited out of Tripoli, DEBKAfile’s counter-terror sources report. Some are bound for southern Libya and Niger, where Qaddafi loyalists holed up in the Sahel desert on the fringes of the Sahara take delivery: The second destination is Algeria for Al Qaeda in the Maghreb; and the third is the Gaza Strip through Egypt and Sinai.

The introduction of sophisticated anti-air infrared missiles and sea mines into areas abutting on Israel’s land and sea borders has given its army chiefs and strategists a serious headache. The SA-24s would give the Hamas an anti-air capability on a par with that of the Hizballah and consists three elements:

– The SA-24s which are portable air defense missiles with a range of 5.2 kilometers, an operational ceiling of 3.5 kilometers and Mach 2.3 speed.

Depending mainly on visual scanning, they can also be fired at night and are effective against fighter planes, armored helicopters, drones and diverse surface-to surface missiles, including cruise missiles.

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– SA-14 (Strela-3) has a small and very precise solid propellant guided missile as well as an improved system for overcoming countermeasures. Its range is 4.5 kilometers and operational ceiling 3 kilometers.

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– The SA-7 (Strela-2) has a 3.6 kilometer range, operational ceiling from 15 meters to 1.5 kilometers and Mach 1.75.

Hamas is therefore armed with weapons capable of attacking high-, medium- and low-flying objects, including planes, helicopters and drones over and outside the Gaza Strip in southwest Israel including the port towns of Ashdod and Ashkelon.

Sea mines if Hamas can sow them in eastern Mediterranean waters would severely impair the Israeli and Egyptian navies’ freedom of navigation.

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There is the additional danger of mines drifting ashore.

Our military sources report that Iran, Hizballah and Hamas employ experts with specialist knowledge of deep Mediterranean currents. They use them for Iranian freighters to skirt Israel’s naval blockade against the Gaza Strip and throw arms consignments overboard for Hizballah and Hamas to be carried ashore by currents.

Both radical terrorist groups are now in possession of a stock of Libyan sea mines which can be used with the help of these experts for striking precise locations on the Israeli coast.

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