A Cancellation in New Orleans

A Cancellation in New Orleans

September 2, 2005


Dardanelle MBC

My Lebanese friend sent me this article, which was written by a Baptist pastor laboring in Australia.

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The article speaks for itself.

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I believe his name is Buddy Smith.

Article Begins

The Southern Decadence Celebration

The South’s biggest homosexual orgy was to have taken place in the streets of New Orleans this weekend.

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The Southern Decadence Celebration 2005 is now officially cancelled for the 10,000 partying homosexuals. Something you are not likely to hear addressed on media, Christian or otherwise, is the cancellation of a meeting of those who frequently commit their depravity openly at Southern Decadence events, but aren’t going to have a venue to do so this year in New Orleans. As the international media reports on America’s need for aid, I can’t help reflect on how quickly the arrogance of man can be turned to desperate need in the midst

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of destruction.

God’s hand of judgment has been stayed so many times in this country.

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His grace truly has been shed on us, as the hymn says.

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But how much longer can the Lord hold back his anger in this land when we have the blood of 40 million children reddening our soil from abortion

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? The river of blood is second only to the river of filth coming from the nation’s pornographers who are filling American homes with material from the pit of hell.

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We have our modern day Sodom where tens of thousands of homosexuals march through the streets of our cities, demanding acceptance and breathing out threatenings to those politicians who try to stop them.

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Now, in the midst of this culture of sin, even Christ’s own church is in such open rebellion and disobedience that we have churches featuring I Love Lucy videos and sponsoring rock concerts and sports shows in the name of evangelism.

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God is merciful, but his cup of wrath must surely be filling as he looks at America.

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As we pray for the victims who have lost everything in this horror, and so many innocent families have nothing tonight, we should also

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pray for the spiritual state of this nation.

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The awful scenes of desolation in New Orleans tonight are a far cry from the frivolity, debauchery and filthiness that were to have taken place this weekend.

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This is a time to mourn, not just for those who have lost their lives and everything they have, but also for the spiritual bankruptcy and the growing tide of evil that is sweeping America. These are sobering days in so many ways, because so often the innocent seem to suffer with the wicked.

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