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And Now, in the Center Ring, All Eyes are on

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the West Bank!

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August 28, 2005

The European Union, China, and at times, even the United States, Great Britain, and Australia, are going to keep on pressuring the Israelis to do the same thing they did in the Gaza Strip. That is, they will pressure them to pull all their settlements out of the West Bank.

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This, Israel will not do!

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Israel will pull some of their settlements out of the deep interior of the West Bank incapable of defending themselves against Palestinian attacks, but they definitely will keep any settlements close to the 1967 famous “green line” boundary. They will do so by building the security barrier wall/fence in the areas of those settlements such that they end up on the Israeli side,

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where they can be protected from terror attacks.

There is going to be a wild fiasco in the Israeli governmental structure until the next election or when new early elections are called.

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There will be a fantastic amount of shuffling for position in each separate party.

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And, among the Palestinians there will be an even wilder scrambling for position and power between its many terror factions and the Palestinian Authority.

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Additionally, as usual, the Palestinians will keep right on continually screaming and condemning Israel for not making more concessions while they, as they have from the day the road map peace plan was implemented, refuse to make a single one.

In the midst of all this in-country and international intrigue, claim and counterclaim, and downright mass confusion across the Middle East, we will see Israel do the following by 2007 regardless of who is in power.

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(1) Finish the Security Barrier Fence/Wall in early 2007.

(2) Curve it in and out to keep most Jewish settlements on their side.

(3) Put the Palestinians and all terror groups enclosed within it.

(4) Conduct Deadly IAF strikes inside it for terror acts against Jews.

(5) Begin to believe they can control terror attacks in country.

(6) Develop a mindset of peace and safety.

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