Poisonous Bittersweet Vine Purple Blossoms With Red Berries!

The Arab spring revolution seeds ar

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e producing poison Blooms,

Poisonous bittersweet vine purple blossoms and red Berries,

Are Appearing in the Middle East In A TORRID Arab Spring!

It will produce Middle East War not Western Democracy.

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Arab Spring revolt will eventually cause Mid-East War

Likely to begin at a point in time twixt 2013 & 2015.

May 29, 2011


James 3:8 – But the tongue can no man tame; it is an unruly evil, full of deadly poison.

Job 6:4 – For the arrows of the Almighty are within me, the poison whereof drinketh up my spirit: the terrors of God do set themselves in array against me.

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Psalm 2:2-5 – The kings of the earth set themselves, and the rulers take counsel together, against the Lord, and against his anointed, saying, [3] Let us break their bands asunder, and cast away their cords from us. [4] He that sitteth in the heavens shall laugh: the Lord shall have them in derision. [5] Then shall he speak unto them in his wrath, and vex them in his sore displeasure.

A Series of Excerpts from Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs/Daily Alert

May 27, 2011

Poison Blossoms Excerpt 1 in the Arab Spring from the AP

Mideast Peace Talks Would Face Huge Obstacles

Dan Perry


President Barack Obama wants Israelis and Palestinians to return to the bargaining table, but it seems unlikely this will happen anytime soon – and even if it did, the sides would find a formidable array of obstacles to agreement. Netanyahu has declared the 1967 lines “indefensible” from a military point of view. And a look at the map shows why: Israel would be about 10 miles (about 15 km) wide at its narrowest point; the West Bank surrounds the Israeli part of Jerusalem on three sides; and, on a clear day, the West Bank’s strategic highlands are clearly visible from Tel Aviv, where about a quarter of Israelis live. If there is any chance that a future Palestine could turn hostile, these borders are a challenge.

Jerusalem’s current demographics defy a clean division of the city. Over the years since 1967, Israel has ringed the Arab-populated part of the city with Jewish neighborhoods. Some 200,000 Jews now live in such areas, alongside about 300,000 Palestinians and 300,000 Jews in the western part of Jerusalem. The sides have discussed the principle of each keeping those areas of the city where its people live, but on the ground, such a division would yield an astoundingly kaleidoscopic jumble, with islands of Jews surrounded by Palestinian areas and vice versa. (AP)

Poison Blossoms Excerpt 2 in the Arab Spring from the Miami Herald

Lasting Peace Means Secure Borders


Miami Herald

Mr. Obama has gone about as far as any American president can go in playing bad cop – pressuring Israel to make “hard choices.” But instead of responding positively, Mr.

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Abbas is making all the wrong moves: shunning negotiations, making a pact with Israel’s sworn enemies, and trying to outmaneuver Israel by taking the Palestinian cause to the UN. None of these actions will bring Palestinians closer to fulfilling their national hopes of creating an independent state.

The realities that govern the peacemaking process are: Israel must have safe and secure borders. Neither the American public nor any U.S. president will support any deal that fails to win Israel’s agreement. No agreement is possible as long as the Palestinian Authority has embraced the terrorists of Hamas as allies.

Mr. Abbas should also rid himself of the persistent illusion in the Arab world that Palestinians can’t get a fair hearing because American policy is dictated by an Israeli lobby.

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On 9/11, the Israeli people mourned alongside Americans. On the West Bank, cheers of celebration rang out. Americans don’t need a lobby to remind them of that. (Miami Herald)

Poison Blossoms Excerpt 3 in the Arab Spring from the Canada National Post

The Israel-Palestine Equation

George Jonas

Canada National Post

In the Middle East, if your aim is not to have a Jewish state in your region, which has been the Arab/Muslim aim all along, then making peace with a Jewish state next door, on whatever terms, means defeat. If your aim is to establish and defend a Jewish state, which has been the Israeli aim from the beginning, then achieving peace with neighbors who oppose it, on almost any terms, spells victory.

In other w ords, peace amounts to an Israeli vict

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ory, except on terms that render the country geographically or demographically indefensible. This means that the Palestinians will insist on such terms, and Israel will not agree to them.

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Two-state solution? By all means. 1967 borders? No can do. (National Post-Canada)

Poison Blossoms Excerpt 4 in the Arab Spring from National Interest

Exposing Abbas

Benny Morris

In the New York Times, Mahmoud Abbas tells us that in May 1948, as “a 13-year-old Palestinian boy,” he was “forced” and “driven” out of his home in Safad by the Zionists.

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But on 6 July 2009 he told an interviewer on Falastina TV, in Arabic, that his family had actually fled Safad, fearing Jewish retribution for a massacre the Arabs had committed against the town’s Jews two decades before. The truth, of course, is that Safad’s Arabs fled the town as it was conquered by Haganah troops on 9-10 May 1948; there was no “expulsion.”

The Arab states and the Palestinian national leadership opposed the partition of Palestine, claiming all of Palestine for the Arabs. When the General Assembly voted in favor of partition, on 29 November 1947, the Palestinian leadership rejected the resolution and the Palestinian militias launched hostilities to abort the emergence of a Jewish state. They were aided by money, arms and volunteers from the Arab states. In the first four months of the 1948 War, the Palestinian militias attacked Jewish traffic and settlements, but eventually the Jewish militias went over to the offensive and routed the Palestinians. Abbas’ twisted history deliberately omits mention of the first half of the 1948 War in order to portray the Palestinians as innocent victims. In fact, they were primary agents in the events that followed.

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In history, peoples often pay for their aggression and mistakes, and this is what happened in Palestine.

Once the Palestinians get their West Bank-Gaza state, they will use it as a springboard for their second-stage assault, political and military, on Israel – and they will no doubt lodge claims “at the United Nations, human rights treaty bodies, and the International Court of Justice,” as Abbas has warned, as part of that assault. This is the Palestinian aim and end game, the “truth” that Abbas is pursuing. The writer is a professor of history in the Middle East Studies Department of Ben-Gurion University. (National Interest)

Poisonous Blossoms Excerpt 5 in the Arab Spring from Jewish Ideas Daily

No Springtime for Palestinians?

Sol Stern

Do not the Palestinians, at least as much as any of the other peoples of the Middle East, need a new beginning of consensual government? Consider Gaza, where more than a million Palestinians suffer under a regime so repressive that Mubarak’s Egypt seems like a bastion of liberty by comparison. Six years ago in Gaza, Israel voluntarily withdrew its forces all the way back to the pre-1967 lines, making possible the birth of a Palestinian mini-state, without even asking for land swaps that would have preserved the Jewish settlements there.

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Through its indiscriminate rocketing of Israeli towns, Gaza’s ruling party has made clear that it means what it says about the replacement of Israel by a Palestinian Islamic state. For Hamas, the 1967 line is of little interest; the struggle has always been over the UN partition plan calling for a Jewish state alongside a Palestinian Arab one.

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(Jewish Ideas Daily)

Poisonous Blossoms Excerpt 6 in the Arab Spring from Bar Ilan University

The Arab Spring from a Counter-Terrorism Perspective

Boaz Ganor

BESA Center for Strategic Studies-Bar-Ilan University

World War III is occurring right now. It is not only a war of ideas, it is a religious war – not between Islam and the rest of the world, but first and foremost a war within the religion of Islam. It is a war of the culture of Islamic radicalism against the rest of the world, which includes the majority of Muslims worldwide.

Dr. Condoleezza Rice has said that her next book is going to refer to a pillar of American foreign policy: the introduction of democracy in the Muslim world.

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My upcoming book will address exactly the opposite. It will be about how terrorists and fundamentalists are misusing the democratic apparatus of the state in order to promote their goals. When fundamentalists win in democratic elections, it is one man, one vote, one time. Dr. Boaz Ganor, acting Dean of the Lauder School of Government and Diplomacy at the Interdisciplinary Center in Herzliya, is the founder and Executive Director of the International Institute for Counter-Terrorism (ICT). (Institute for Contemporary Affairs-Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs)

Saudi Arabia, Iran and America in the Wake of the Arab Spring – Joshua TeitelbaumFor the rulers of Saudi Arabia, the Arab Spring’s primary result has been a shaking of the strategic foundation and alignments that have shaped Saudi regional policy since the 1979 Iranian Revolution. The Saudis had previously believed that they were the leaders, with U.S. backing, of a united Sunni coalition against Shiite Iran.

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Now its partners have fallen by the wayside – Egypt appears to be dropping out, Bahrain is threatened, and the U.S. is wobbly. (BESA Center for Strategic Studies-Bar-Ilan University)

Poisonous Blossoms Excerpt 7 in the Arab Spring from Foreign Policy

Money Can’t Buy Egypt’s Diplomatic Love

Colum Lynch

Last week, U.S. President Barack Obama pledged more than $2 billion in debt relief and investment assistance to Egypt. But what does that money actually buy

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? Since the fall of Hosni Mubarak, the Egyptian government has launched an overture to Iran and mediated negotiations on a new Palestinian unity

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government that includes Hamas. Egypt has sought to weaken American and European efforts to condemn Syria in the UN Human Rights Council. And Egypt has every intention of using the UN to maintain pressure on Israel.

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Egypt’s UN ambassador, Maged Abdelaziz, said, “This new approach is putting us more on the map of the international scene and the regional scene.” He noted that Obama’s commitment to provide additional funding reflected the “will and wish on the part of the United States to maintain and support such an Egyptian role.” (Foreign Policy)

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