Eurabia – The Colonization of Europe by Islam!

Eurabia – The Colonization of Europe by Islam

July 2, 2006

The European Colonization of the Islamic World, following the demise of the Ot toman Empire, was based largely on the desire

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to take over the countries as colonies in order to remove their natural resources to fuel the great European Industrial Revolution.

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Contrary to the propaganda hoax that it was propagated to convert the followers of Muhammad to become followers of Christ, it was not a noble Christian endeavor, but was based on selfish national European national interest to fill its own coffers.

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It would seem that the current colonization of Europe by Islam is in the process of converting more followers of Christ to become followers of Muhammad than Europeans did during the Crusades or the Industrial Revolution. The Europeans during the Crusades were interested in

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the killing of Arabs. During the Industrial Revolution they were interested in keeping them alive so they could exploit them.

The follow ing selected paragraphs, from an article by Mia Yamani

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in the Jerusalem Post, give a prospective of the process going on today in Europe.

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Selected Excerpts from an Article Extracted from the Jerusalem Post

The First Word: Is ‘Eurabia’ Inevitable?


June 22, 2006

This preoccupation with the Middle East is at the heart of young Muslims’ politics in British universities, mosques and Web sites.

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Although most do not support Pakistan’s Pervez Musharraf, Egypt’s Hosni Mubarak or the al-Saud family, they see hypocrisy in Western criticism of these leaders that is designed to manipulate and marginalize – after all, the West does not really want to push these regimes too far.

AS YOUNG Muslims in Britain (and across the West) try to maneuver between the various, and often conflicting, aspects of their identity, three clear tendencies have emerged:

* a secular and pragmatic response, which makes Islam a private matter;

* a conservative stance that reconciles cultural, religious and familial ties with “Britishness”;

* a radical response to the perceived collision between the foreign policies of their new homelands and the welfare of the Islamic world.

Messianic waves from the Middle East, reaching both schools and mosques, help draw young Muslims into radicalism.

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One such wave is created by the hard-line Saudi/Wahhabi education system, which is based on the concept of al-wala wa al bara – loyalty to the system and hostility

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to the infidels. This curriculum, exported westward by fat Saudi subsidies, is heavily punctuated with denunciations of the infidels and calls to jihad.

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Designed to secure the legitimacy of the Saudi monarchy at home, it is indoctrinating young Western Muslims with values antithetical to open and free societies.

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This process, indeed, is echoed in the 22 Arab countries, where religious orthodoxy rules out any significant liberal political opposition.

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In such circumstances, the mosque becomes the sole public space in which people can voice political views. Politicization of the mosque has, sadly, also become the norm in Britain.

The writer, author of Cradle of Islam, is a senior research fellow at Chatham House, the Royal Institute of Economic Affairs.

End of Excerpts from the Jerusalem Post Article

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