Antichrist Will Rule the Known World at the Time Revelation was Written!

The Antichrist Will Govern THE Known World Of Revelation!

Parliament: Syrian President should govern whole World,

Speech Bashar Asasad Delivered To Syrian Parliament,

‘Spontaneous’ interruptions from adoring Legislators.

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Bashar’s interminable, seemingly rambling Oratory,

And an absence of specific reform Commitments,

But shifting revolt blame to Foreign Conspiracy,

So ‘God, Syria and Bashar only’ they Chanted,

Our souls – our blood – we sacrifice for You!

Crying: the Arab world is too small for You,

President should govern the Whole World

As Known When Revelation Was Written

See Archive Prophecy Updates 77to77C

And See why I believe this is the Case!

March 31, 2011


The same cries of the Syrian Parliament will also be showered on his successor, who I believe is likely to be the Antichrist. Antichrist will eventually rule as the Caliph over an Islamic World Caliphate larger than the Omayyad Caliphate of 750 AD. I do not believe the Old and New Testaments always refer to the world as we know it today, but to the world as it was known when they was written.

Begin Excerpt from the Jerusalem Post

Analysis: Assad the intimidator


03/30/2011 17:02

We’re reforming all the time, smiled Syria’s tyrant. So anyone demanding more must be an enemy. And we all know how our enemies are treated.

It’s easy to scoff about the speech Bashar Assad delivered to

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the Syrian parliament on Wednesday.

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An interminable, seemingly rambling oratory. The absence of specific commitments to reform. The risible conspiracy theorizing.

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The “spontaneous” interruptions from adoring legislators: “God, Syria and Bashar only,” they chanted. “Our souls, our blood, we sacrifice for you.” And my particular favorite, “The Arab world is too small for you; you should govern the whole world, Mr

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Locals in the capital, according to some of the Western journalists reporting from Damascus, weren’t too impressed either. People had gathered in cafes to watch, and the speech was broadcast over loudspeakers, noted a France 24 correspondent, but they quickly returned to their normal business.

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Assad didn’t promise anything, he didn’t say anything concrete, this reporter almost wailed.

Aah, but he did. Nothing binding about rescinding emergency laws or opening up the political process – nothing, that is, that would justify Hillary Clinton’s extraordinary CBS Face the Nation utterance on Sunday: “There is a different leader in Syria now. Many of the members of Congress of both parties who have gone to Syria in recent months have said they believe he’s a reformer.”

But there was meat in the message there, nonetheless — a ruthless rationale amid the rambling. For Syria’s dictator, whose dutiful armed personnel have gunned down dozens of his people in the last few days, drew a very clear line between protesters and loyal Syrians.

Protesters in other Arab nations were pushing positive demands for change, and meeting the aspirations of the masses was a good thing, he said. But no one in his Syria had the slightest need to protest, since he was already working tirelessly to meet the needs of the people. “Whoever wants reform, we are here,” he said paternally, eminently reasonable. “ Refor

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m is not seasonal.

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There are no real hurdles to it.”

Thus it could only be enemies and plotters and conspirators and outside forces who were fostering the unrest of recent days. And he made plain that he, his security establishment and all good Syrians would stand tall and “unite” against such toxic forces, against the “big plot,” the “conspiracy.”

Almost three decades after the event,

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the savagery with which his father Hafez quashed a potential Islamic uprising, by sending the military to bomb and shell and gun down thousands upon thousands of people at Hama in February 1982, still stands as a terrifying deterrent to any Syrian contemplating taking their dissatisfaction with the dictatorship into the streets. Those killings stand as the deadliest single action by an Arab leader against his own people in the modern history of our region.

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It remains dangerous for Syrians to so much as put words like “Hama” and “massacre” into the same sentence.

What Bashar Assad did on Wednesday, with his talk of unity and standing tall and prevailing over devious enemies, was to link himself to his father’s brutal legacy.

He most certainly did not make concessions.

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He had seen all too clearly where a public willingness to nervously concede to demands for reform had gotten the likes of Tunisia’s Zine al-Abidine Ben Ali and Egypt’s Hosni Mubarak. Assad wasn’t going down that route.

No, this was Assad the smiling tiger, vowing to retain his primacy. This was Assad, self-confident to the point of smug laughing off – ¬ with that curious high-pitched giggle of his ¬ – the “lies” being peddled about Syria on hostile satellite TV stations. This was Assad telling those of his people who may have fancied that they smelled Mubarak-style weakness, who may have thought they could try their luck, that they have misjudged the moment. This was Assad, iron fist in velvet glove, telling those who had come out onto the streets that they had been “duped” by Syria’s fiendish enemies, and that while he was magnanimous enough to forgive them for what they had done thus far, he would not be so tolerant again.

And this was Assad, most importantly, relishing the simple fact that, whereas the armed forces in Tunisia and Egypt chose not to open fire to put down the people’s protests, there is no daylight between him and his troops.

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Word is that further protests are being planned for Friday. We will see then whether Syria’s opposition got the message he delivered on Wednesday, and whether that message fulfilled its intimidatory purpose.

Begin Excerpts from Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs/Daily Alert

Excerpt 1 – Huffington Post

Syria: The Sectarian Genie Is Out of the Bottle

Josef Olmert

Syrian President Assad’s Alawi community, numbering about 15% of the population, is dominant due to its over-representation in the armed forces and the Ba’ath Party. This was the result of developments starting with the French Mandatory regime in Syria, which favored the non-Sunni minorities and encouraged their enlistment in the armed forces. A British consular report from the 1870s about Syria stated, “they hate each other….Sunnis boycott the Shi’ites…both resent the Druze…all despise the Alawis.”

The greatest Syrian Sunni scholar, Ibn Tayimiyya, issued a ruling in the early 14th century forbidding his followers from marrying Alawis as they were worse infidels than the Jews and Christians. Opposition sources in Syria keep referring to the support that Assad receives from Iran and Hizbullah, trying to prove the non-Sunni character of the regime. The writer is adjunct professor at American University’s School of International Service. (Huffington Post)

Excerpt 2 – Washington Post

Can Syria’s Dictator Reform

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Editorial (Washington Post)

Many of the members of Congress of both parties who have gone to Syria in recent months have said they believe he’s a reformer.” Thus did Secretary of State Hillary Clinton respond to a question on Sunday about Bashar al-Assad, the latest Arab dictator to respond with fusillades to calls by his people for democratic change.

Clinton was only reflecting a piece of wishful thinking to which the Obama administration and its congressional allies have tenaciously clung: that Mr. Assad, despite his brutality, sponsorship of terrorism and close alliance with Iran, can somehow be turned into a Western ally.

We don’t believe that Mr. Assad could deliver on promises of reform even if he wished to. His minority Alawite sect would quickly lose power in a more democratic system. Most likely the dictator is seeking to deflect the demands for change with a mixture of violence and false promises.

If that proves to be the case, the Obama administration and others who have reached out to Mr. Assad should be ready to respond – by siding decisively with those in Syria seeking genuine change.

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Excerpt 3 – Boston Globe

U.S. Should Encourage the Syrian Uprising

Jeff Jacoby

If the U.S. has good reason to support the popular revolt in Libya, it has considerably more reason to do so in Syria.

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Though Bashar Assad’s brutality has not yet exceeded that of his father – in 1982 Hafez al-Assad annihilated some 25,000 civilians in the city of Hama, then literally paved over their remains – his own reign has nevertheless been a horror show of repression, torture, assassination, disappearances, and the near-total denial of civil and political liberties.

Assad is no reformer. He is a totalitarian criminal and an enemy of the U.S., and his downfall should be

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an explicit American aim. In his remarks on Libya the other night, the president promised that “wherever people long to be free, they will find a friend in the United States.” At a moment like this, the Obama administration should be taking every reasonable step to encourage the Syrian uprising and undermine the regime.

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(Boston Globe)

Excerpt 4 – AP-Washington Post

Israel, Grateful for Border Quiet, Not Cheering for Demise of Assad

Many in Israel view the current unrest convulsing Syria with a wary eye, fearful that a collapse of Bashar Assad’ s regime might imperil decade

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s of quiet along the shared border. Privately, officials note that Syria has been careful for decades to avoid direct violence, while fighting proxy wars by backing anti-Israel groups like Hamas in Gaza and Hizbullah in Lebanon. “That has been the working assumption in Israel for years: Better the devil you know than the devil you don’t,” said Eyal Zisser, director of the Middle East Studies department at Tel Aviv University. “(Syria) scrupulously maintained the quiet. And who knows what will happen now – Islamic terror, al-Qaeda, chaos?” (AP-Washington Post)

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