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March 29, 2011

Begin 2006 Blog

Bashar Assad Made the Wrong Choice Two Years Ago!

January 21, 2006

The last two BLOGS have been about the two day “terror summit” just finished in Damascus between the Syrian and Iranian Presidents. The die was cast for this summit almost two years ago.

Bashar Assad made the Wrong Choice Two Years ago as we reported in Special Prophecy Update Number 161C, titled, “Syria Makes a Very Bad Choice!” During the Iranian President Ahmadinejad’s Thursday and Friday visit to Syria, he and Syrian President Bashar Assad formed a “front” to oppose what Ahmadinejad identified as world “arrogance and domination.” Once Assad made his choice two years ago I knew it was all over – there would be no second chance. He is now up a creek and Iran is not a trustworthy paddle. He made his choice on February 28, 2004 to cast his lot with Iran rather than with the United States. The following excerpts are from Special Prophecy Number 161C.

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March 5, 2004

Syria Makes a Very Bad Choice

I have always believed and taught that the most likely part of the old Roman Empire, which would foster the rise of the Antichrist, would be Syria. Syria has been hanging suspended between two choices: (1) Turn toward the United States in order to avoid sanctions, and to gain support from the western world in a war on terror, or, (2) Turn toward Iran to make an alliance and continue to give support to all the terrorist groups. On February 28 Syria apparently made its choice.

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The Iranian Defense Minister, Admiral Ali Shamkhani, came to Damascus and signed a new military pact with the Syrian Defense Minister, General Mustufa Tias. I believe this is a clear sign that President Assad has made his choice to put his trust in an Iran-Syria Axis to protect his administration from a coup by terrorist groups in his own country. President Assad has been active recently in communications with Washington to see what they would give him in the way of security if he should choose to give up sponsoring the many terrorist group offices in Syria, and Hizbollah in Lebanon. Really, he did not have much of a choice. Had he turned pro-west and resisted the terrorist groups, his regime would have been overthrown in a matter of weeks. Syria’s new military pact with Iran likely contains an Iranian promise to invest in additional long range Scud-C missiles, now in mass production at Syria’s underground missile facility near Hamah.

The United States and Europe wanted Syria to follow Libya’s lead, but Bashar Assad was really in no political position to do so without being overthrown by the terrorist elements in his own country. There were four things the United States wanted Syria to give up.

(1) Scrap your long-range missile program.

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(2) Scrap your WMD program.
(3) Drive all the terrorist groups out of Syria.
(4) Stop supporting Hizbollah in Lebanon.

I feel confident it was a choice Bashar Assad simply could not make. Iran and Syria are of the same mind on these four issues. Had Syria chosen to do those four things, it would have cut Iran’s flow of weaponry and the movement of terrorists to Hizbollah. Syria was left without any military backup with the fall of Iraq, so Assad has chosen to shore up and expand its existing ties with Iran, and create new military ties with them for a joint defense against the west.

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The strong showing by the radical Shiite hardliners in Iran’s elections last month was a strong element that Assad considered in making his choice. Iranian Shiites will continue to have a direct pipeline via Damascus airport for massive shipments of military hardware to the large Hizbollah terrorist army, which it has supported in southern Lebanon for years, as have the Syrians.


During Ahmadinejad’s visit Syria expressed support for Iran’s nuclear right to have nuclear weapons.

Syria and Iran also demanded a timetable for the withdrawal of foreign occupation forces from Iraq.

Begin January 20, 2006 Blog

The Rising Voice of the Islamic Movement in Syria!

Friday, January 20th, 2006

The Rising Voice of the Islamist Movement in Syria!

January 21, 2006

President Bashar Assad’s two recent quick trips to Saudi Arabia and Egypt to garner support for his Syrian regime, where he apparently did not receive the support he had hoped for, were followed by the arrival of the radical Iranian extremist President in Damascus, from whom he probably received assurances of political, economic, and some military support. The shift from a secular government in Syria to a religious one is occurring, but at the present it is very gradual. However, when the regime of Assad does eventually fall, it will accelerate.

While the radical Iranian President Ahmededijad was in Syria he met with the Heads of 10 Palestinian terrorist groups, among them Hamas and Islamic Jihad. As I indicated in the previous Blog, the Islamic Jihad sent the suicide bomber that detonated himself in Tel Aviv on Thursday, perhaps as a welcoming present to Ahmededijad.

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The latter portion of an article from BBC News by Kim Ghattas speaks of the rising voice of Islam in Syria. It will be interesting to see how much power Islam can gain in Syria as changes in the government arise, and how close it will align with any ruler that replaces Bashar Assad.

The Kim Ghattas BBC article was titled “Syrians Ponder Country’s Future.” The latter portion dealt with the rising voice of Islam in Syria. I am including the last 10 paragraphs, which follow.


January 19, 2006

“During this time of transition for Syria, one voice is rising above all the others.

For decades, the Syrian government ruthlessly crushed Islamist movements.

But today, let down by the state, unemployed, increasingly poor and living in a country under intense international pressure, many Syrians feel religion is the answer.

“When you have a good relation with Allah you will feel very comfortable. I am not afraid of the future.

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Allah helps us at this time of pressure,” Layla Sharaf al-Din says, as she helps young girls memorise the Koran in a Damascus mosque.


While the move towards religion is widespread across the region, in Syria it is a phenomenon to be watched closely.

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A growing number of people are going to the mosque, more and more women wear the veil, and the conservative Islamic dress that has women completely covered – including their faces and hands – is also spreading in certain circles.

It is all a sign that things are in changing in a country that is meant to be socialist and secular.

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The various segments of this very diverse society are now all looking ahead, wondering how they will fit into Syria’s future.

While the ruling elite worries about losing out if change does occur, the secular opposition and the conservative Muslims are hoping to be the beneficiaries of that change.

Meanwhile, President Assad is working hard to weather the storm and stay on top.”


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Suicide Bombing in Tel Aviv During Terror Summit in Damascus!

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Friday, January 20th, 2006

Suicide Bombing in Tev Aviv During Terror Summit in Damascus!

January 20, 2006

While the Iranian and Syrian duo of the “Axis of Terror” were meeting in Syria the Islamic Jihad, funded by the two nations, sent their terror suicide bomber into Tel Aviv to detonate himself in a fast food shop. Do you think the timing might be coincidental with the Damascus terror summit, which was held between the charismatic Islamic President of Iran and the embattled Syrian President?

Defense Minister Shaul Mofaz certainly thought so, accusing Iran of funding the suicide bombing, which was ordered by the Islamic Jihad headquarters in Damascus, and carried out by one of its cells in Nablus.

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In an article by Amon Regular and Amos Harel in Haaretz , Mofaz said the defense establishment has ‘decisive proof that the attack was a direct result of the Axis of Terror that operates between Syria and Iran.’ He went on to say, ‘Iran supplied the money and Islamic Jihad’s headquarters in Damascus directed the organization’s operatives in Nablus, giving operational orders and instructions.’

According to Haaretz New Correspondents Regular and Harel, ‘Israel has already given details of the intelligence behind Mofaz’s statements to the United States, the European Union and Egypt.’

Mofaz labeled the meeting between Iranian President Ahmadinejad and Syrian President Assad as ‘the terror summit.’ Following the meeting they issued a joint statement reiterating their support for Palestinian terror.

The statement read as follows: ‘Continuing the resistance is the only way to restore the legitimate rights of the Palestinian nation and put an end to the occupation of holy Islamic lands.’

The bomber blew himself up near the old central bus station in southern Tel Aviv at around 3:45 P.M. on Thursday. He was the only person killed in the explosion.

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Do you really believe the terror summit meeting and the timing of the terror attack just happened to align with the Iranian President’s meeting with the President of Syria?

President Assad recently ran to two moderate Arab leaders of Saudi Arabia and Egypt to seek support against the onslaught of international pressure for his part in the assassination of the former Lebanese Prime Minister, but found little support from them. Now he has turned to the Islamic extremists in Iran, which will likely lead to much greater Islamic control when his government falls.

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Begin March 29, 2011 Excerpt from Reuters via THE JERUSALEM POST

Syrian government resigns in attempt to appease protesters


03/29/2011 14:53

State TV reports Assad accepts cabinet’s resignation; pro-government rallies held in capital, throughout country following a week of deadly pro-reform protests.

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DAMASCUS – Syrian President Bashar al-Assad accepted the resignation of the government on Tuesday, Syrian state television said.

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“President Assad accepts the government’s resignation,” an announcement on state television said.

Assad was expected to address the nation later on Tuesday or Wednesday in a speech which may include a decision to abolish emergency laws, after two weeks of democracy protests gripped the country.

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Unrest shatters illusions of Assad regime’s stability

Syrian forces open fire to disperse Deraa protest

Earlier, tens of thousands of Syrians held pro-government rallies as Assad was expected to address the nation after two weeks of democracy protests in which at least 60 people have been killed.

Assad, who has been facing the gravest challenge to his 11-year rule after protests in the South spread to many parts of the country, could announce a lifting of Syria’s decades-old emergency laws.

Protesters at first had restricted their demands to more freedom, but incensed by security forces’ crackdown on them, especially in Deraa where protests first erupted, they have been calling for the “downfall of the regime”.

Syrian state television showed people in the Syrian capital Damascus, Aleppo and Hasaka, waving pictures of Assad and chanting “God, Syria, Bashar”.

“Breaking News: the conspiracy has failed” declared one banner, echoing government accusations that foreign elements and armed gangs were behind the unrest.

“With our blood and our souls we protect our national unity,” another said.

Employees and members of unions controlled by Assad’s Baath Party, which has been in power for nearly 50 years, said they had been ordered to attend the rallies, where there was a heavy presence of security police.

All gatherings and demonstrations are banned in Syria, other than those sponsored by the government.

Syrian Vice President Farouq al-Shara said on Monday the 45-year-old president would give a speech in the next 48 hours that would “assure the people”.

Presidential adviser Bouthaina Shaaban has said Assad had taken the decision to lift emergency law, but gave no timetable. Arab media reports said Assad was likely to sack the current cabinet.

Emboldened protesters

However Syrian officials, rights activists and diplomats doubt Assad, who oversaw the crushing of a violent uprising against Kurds in the north in 2004, would completely abolish emergency laws without replacing them with similar legislation.

Emergency laws have been used since 1963 to stifle political opposition, justify arbitrary arrest and give free rein to a pervasive security apparatus.

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Protesters want political prisoners freed, and to know the fate of tens of thousands who disappeared in the 1980s.

Last week Assad made a pledge to study ending emergency law, consider drafting laws on greater political and media freedom, and raise living standards, but increasingly emboldened protesters have not been mollified.

In Deraa, a southern city that has been a flashpoint of the protests, demonstrators destroyed a statue of Assad’s father late President Hafez al-Assad, remembered for his intolerance of dissent. In 1982 he sent in troops to quell an armed uprising by the Muslim Brotherhood, killing thousands and razing part of the conservative city of Hama to the ground.

Even Hama has seen protests and Assad deployed the army in the main port city of Latakia, scene of clashes in which officials said at least 12 people had been killed last week.

Assad’s crackdown on protests the likes of which would have been unthinkable two months ago in this tightly-controlled country has drawn international condemnation and pressure to speed up political reforms.

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