Phase II of Operation Summer Rains Begins in Northern Gaza Strip!

Phase II of Operation Summer Rains Begins in Northern Gaza

June 29, 2006

As I mentioned in blogs early this week, when Israel actually did go into the Gaza Strip, it

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was likely to be done in stages or phases, as they have done in the past under several other operations given code names.

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One of the reasons for this is to allow for brief pauses between phases to give Hamas the opportunity to give up the kidnapped solder. I imagine this has partially been done at the suggestion of the United States. The State Department would like to see Hamas back down, and for the operation to end when the soldier is returned.

I think it likely that some of these phases might even be stopped briefly in their very midst, if

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it appeared likely that Hamas might return the soldier to Israel. So, to make a long story short, look for brief pauses in Operation Summer Rains. Israel is in no great hurry to retake the Gaza Strip. They are seeking a way to get back their comrade, and to stop the Kassam rocket launches into their territory.

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I am a hawk, but I am persuaded they are wise to follow the pattern they have in place now.

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It was super wise to go in, but the old adage, ‘Fools rush in where angels fear to trod,’ as well as, ‘walk softly but carry a big stick,’ would be the best policy as to what they need to do, now that they have gone in.

The worst possible political move that Hamas could make at this time would be to either kill their captive, or whisk him out of Israel’s reach. Goodbye foreign aid and hello to loss of international favoritism from Europe and the Western World, if Hamas happens to make either of these two choices.

Begin Arutz Sheva Article

IDF Ready for Operation Summer Rains, Phase II

Thursday, June 29, 2006 / 3 Tammuz 5766

Arutz Sheva

Israel Defense Forces were poised to invade northern Gaza early Thursday morning as residents of Beit Lahiyeh and Beit Hanoun were told to leave their homes and ‘stay safe’.

Defense Minister Amir Peretz gave the ‘thumbs up’ on Wednesday for IDF troops to begin the next phase of the incursion into Gaza, code-named “Operation Summer Rains”.

The plan calls for forces to re-enter northern Gaza and capture strategic positions in the area.

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IDF troops entered southern Gaza in the wee hours of the morning on Wednesday.

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There was little resistance from the population.

Two goals for the operation were announced: to rescue Gilad Shalit and to put an end to the constant Kassam rocket attacks against Israel.

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Shalit was captured during an attack Sunday morning by Hamas terrorists on an IDF outpost near the Kerem Shalom border crossing with Gaza and Egypt. Two soldiers died and four were wounded in the attack.

Meanwhile, Kassam rockets continued to explode in the western Negev. A total of six rockets were fired at Sderot on Wednesday, with no injuries or damage reported.

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At least one landed within Palestinian Authority territory.

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Hundreds of Kassam rockets have rained down upon Sderot and other western Negev communities for the past several years.

The Israel Air Force will be dropping flyers over the northern Gaza villages of Beit Lahiyah and Bait Hanoun, telling residents their lives are in danger if they remain near Kassam rocket launch sites.

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The flyers warn residents to evacuate their homes since gunfire from land and air will be directed at the populated areas from which the rocket attacks have been launched against Israel.

Senior IDF sources said that residents of the villages are expected to begin leaving their homes by Thursday morning.

IDF artillery also shelled an area near Gaza City on Wednesday evening.

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Israeli officials said, however, that the army was not targeting any particular location, but was simply testing its artillery.

It was the first time the IDF aimed at targets in the Gaza City area.

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Large explosions were heard in the eastern part of the city.

End Arutz Sheva Article

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