Quite a Blow to being Ready for a Conventional Non-Nuclear War!

Quite a Blow to Being Ready for a Conventional Non-Nuclear War!

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May 30, 2006


I have tried for 30 years to warn whoever would listen that the danger facing Israel is not a nuclear war, but a conventional war in which very sophisticated non-nuclear weaponry of many types would be employed.

Israel has more than enough nuclear, chemical, and biological warheads to blow the Middle East Islamic nations off the face of the earth, and the leading Islamic countries are well aware of it. But they also know that Israel would never launch against them if they did not first launch one at her.

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I assure that the coming Middle East war will not be nuclear, but conventional.

Israel has been downgrading its conventional war weaponry for several years, which is a terrible mistake. The major advantage held by their Islamic enemies is primarily numbers of Islamic bodies that can rush to the south against them in a conventional war. The advantage the Arabs have is not the quality of their conventional weaponry, but the quantity of such equipment it possesses.

I am hoping that Israel will not pass the current proposal to cut back its military budget for this year in its final reading of the bill.

Please read the following article from the Jerusalem Post, and then read Prophecy Update Number 129C from our Archive which follows it.

Begin Excerpts from Jerusalem Post Article

2006 Budget Passes with Defense Cut

By Sheera Claire Fenkel, Yaakov Katz, and JPost Staff,


May 29, 2006

The 2006 budget was approved on Tuesday afternoon by 18 government ministers, slashing funds allotted to defense by NIS 500 million.

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Defense Minister Amir Peretz had hotly protested the cut, and seven Labor ministers abstained from the vote.

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Peretz likened the defense cut to “slamming the brakes on a full-speed train.”

During the meeting, Labor ministers presented a number of alternatives to cutting the defense budget. One of the alternatives was to raise the cap on government spending, which was set by law during Binyamin Netanyahu’s days as finance minister and remained the same despite a budget surplus.

The second reading of budget is set for Sunday and a third reading will take place on Wednesday.

“I can’t work under the pressure of the cut,” said Peretz at the reportedly tense meeting – to which Education Minister Haim Ramon of Kadima replied, “If you want to prevent the cut in your ministry, we can delay the minimum wage increase.” The minimum wage increase was central to Peretz’s election platform.

On Monday, defense officials slammed the Finance Ministry, warning that planned cuts to the defense budget would impair the defense establishment’s ability to protect the State of Israel.

The defense minister’s associates said on Tuesday morning that Olmert had trapped Peretz, attacking the prime minister’s intention to cut about NIS 500 million from the Defense Ministry’s budget. “Olmert is trying to take as much credit as possible,” they said.

“The way in which these cuts are being demanded is unheard of,” Amir Peretz had told a Labor faction meeting in the Knesset Monday morning. “Cutting the budget by this amount will weaken the state of Israel.”

“Any attempt to impose unexpected cuts on the defense budget, motivated by political constraints while ignoring security needs, will push the defense establishment into a state of crisis,” officials said.

During the meeting Peretz said that attempts by politicians to connect the dire state of welfare services in Israel to the large defense budget were purely politically motivated.

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IDF Chief of Staff Lt.-Gen Dan Halutz said in internal military meetings on Monday that the budget cuts would force the IDF to minimize reserve training in addition to possibly decreasing Naval, IAF and ground operations and training.

The cuts, he warned, would also harm the defense industries which would be forced to dismiss hundreds, if not thousands of workers after the IDF cancelled contracts.

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End Excerpts from Jerusalem Post Article


Atomic War in Israel – Yes or No?

July 23, 2003

One of the main reasons I wrote three books on prophecy in the late seventies and early eighties was to establish a case advocated by teachers of the pre-World War II era. It was, simply stated, that man would not destroy the earth with his weaponry, but rather that God would destroy the earth by the use of this own power.

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I am certain that the horrifying changes in the topography of Israel, as well as the terrifying destruction of the antichrist’s forces at Armageddon, are by the awesome power of God, not atomic, chemical, or biological weapons of man. The lifting of the land from Geba to Rimmon south of Jerusalem, the breaking up of Jerusalem into three sections, the splitting of the Mount of Olives, and the consuming of the flesh, tongues, and eyes of the antichrist’s men are natural phenomena unleashed by God, not by man. All the Scriptures dealing with these phenomena unleashed by God are covered in our Birth Pang Archives and the 36 chapters of the book “Tectonic Chaos,” which you may download from our Prophecy Update Archives.

There are many advocates of a great atomic, chemical, and biological war in Israel when the antichrist attacks 1260 days before Armageddon.

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It might happen at the time of Armageddon, but the initial attack will start what amounts to a non-nuclear, non-chemical, and non-biological war. So why am I so confident and outspoken about this being the case?

Israel has more than 200 extremely well concealed missile silos in the Negev between Beersheba and the Gulf of Aqabah.

It has more than 300 nuclear, chemical, and biological warheads to mount on Jericho missiles.

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The Jericho is a very accurate missile, and can hit a target in any Islamic country from Morocco to Pakistan and from Turkey to Yemen.

Israel has an excellent anti-missile defense to protect its array of silos, warheads, and missiles.

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It is able to pick up an incoming enemy missile launched from Syria before it reaches it maximum altitude.

So why do I believe this array of WMD will not be unleashed by Israel when it is attacked? Because the Israeli War Contingency Plan of Israel directs that WMD will never be launched against a foreign nation unless they are first launched against Israel.

So how do I know the Islamic countries will not launch WMD in their initial attack? All of them are well aware of what is listed in (1) through (5)! The Soviet Union, when it existed, shared Israeli intelligence information with Syria, which it collected over a long period of time from its hundreds of spy satellites it launched from pads between Moscow and the White Sea, and on the eastern side of the Aral Sea. Syria, in turn, has shared it with most of the other Islamic countries around Israel. Only a leader possessed of rank insanity would ever launch WMD first against Israel, which is why I was so relieved when Saddam Hussein was taken out of the way.

Many believe the United States will quickly rush to the aid of Israel, and, as the world’s greatest power, will immediately deliver her from any kind of attack she can’t handle. There are two problems with this idea:

The United States believes Israel can defeat any Islamic attack on its own without any help from us.

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After all, Israel has easily done so in four previous conflicts in 1948, 1956, 1967, and 1973.

This will be a lightning Jihad, and better coordinated than any of the previous wars, and this time Israel will have a Palestinian state attacking it from within, while the other Islamic nations come in from outside its borders. It will probably last less than a couple of weeks, and Jerusalem is likely to fall in less than a week.

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By the time we decide they must have our help it will be too late because Arab forces will have occupied most of the land from Dan to Beersheba. We watched Israel recover from the initial advances of Syria and Egypt in the 1973 War, and drive them back into their own territory. The U.S. will believe the Israelis will do the same thing in the coming Jihad, but when they see the Arab forces attacking Jerusalem it will be too late to intervene.

By this time it would take months, as

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it did in Operation Desert Storm and Operation Freedom Iraq, to get sufficient American troops on the ground to do any good.

What was the character of the past three wars? They were all very short in duration, and they all ended abruptly in a truce. That will be the case in this war.

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The United States knows that the Negev is the place where Israel will flee. When we believe they are safely in the Negev, we will be more than willing to accept a truce to give us time to think about what to do, and Israel will remain trapped in the Negev for some three and one-half years.

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End Archive Prophecy Update Number 129C

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