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August 29, 2010

Begin Excerpt 1 from Arutz Sheva

Former IAEA Inspector Warns Iran Can Build Atomic Weapon

by Chana Ya’ar

August 26, 2010

A former nuclear inspector for the United Nations International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) is warning that Iran already has the capacity to produce a nuclear bomb.

Olli Heinonen revealed the information in an interview with

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the French Le Monde magazine on Thursday.

According to Reuters, quoting the interview, Heinonen was an expert on Iran’ s nuclear

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program during his tenure as the deputy director-general of the IAEA, heading the agency’s nuclear safeguards arm.

The Finnish official said the Islamic Republic currently possesses three tons of low-enriched uranium which has the potential to be used in building an atomic bomb.

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Interviewed just prior to stepping down from his post this August for personal reasons, Heinonen said, “In theory, it is enough to make one or two nuclear weapons. But it makes no sense to go all the way to the final step, when one only has just enough material for two weapons.”

‘Peaceful’ Claims, But Galloping Pace

Tehran is continuing to insist that its intentions are peaceful, although intelligence officials in Israel, the U.S. and other Western nations are convinced Iran is racing to build a nuclear weapon.

Earlier this month, the Islamic Republic activated a second centrifuge cascade, linking it to one activated in February, a move the IAEA said has enabled Iran to produce enriched uranium at up to 20 percent in the two linked cascades.

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Both are located at the Natanz facility.

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In addition, Ali Akbar Saleh, the head of Iran’s atomic program, announced 10 days ago the country plans to build a third uranium enrichment plant within the year. Construction of a second plant is already underway at a mountain site in Fordo.

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Begin Excerpt 2 from Arutz Sheva

Iran: Dimona is in Our Crosshairs

by Gil Ronen

August 26, 2010

An unnamed senior officer in the Iranian Revolutionary Guards warned Thursday that Iran would strike Israel if it is targeted, no matter who the attacker is.

According to the Kuwaiti newspaper Al-Rai, the officer said, “Iran has thousands of surface-to-surface missiles, including improved Zelzal-2 and Al-Fatah 110 missiles, with which it will set alight all of the oil towns, facilities and infrastructures of the neighboring countries, if these serve as platforms for attacking it.” including the nuclear power plant at Dimona, no matter where the attack on Iran originated from. This is taken as referring to a possible attack by the United States.

The Iranian officer boasted that the Patriot missiles that Kuwait intends to buy from the US will not be able to protect it from the Al-Kaim 1 missile in Iran’s arsenal. He added that the torpedo boats that the Gulf states received from the West will be useless against Iran’s small submarines, which will deploy sea mines against enemy ships.

Ali Fazli, Deputy Commander of the Iranian Basij militia, warned this week at a Basij conference in Tehran that his country would destabilize security in the Persian Gulf if it is attacked.

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Meanwhile, Iran’s ambassador to Russia told Hizbullah’s Al-Manar television that an attack on Iran would cause American interests in the region to be damaged and will endanger the existence of the “Zionist entity.”

Arab countries are as worried

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as Israel is by the Iranian nuclear weapons program. London-based A-Sharq al-Awsat reported Wednesday that Said Mashaal, Egypt’s State Minister for the Security Industries, said that the nuclear weapons being developed by Iran pose a danger to the entire Middle East, and not just to Israel.

“Iran’s push to develop missiles with a range of 3,000 km is causing all of the European nations to develop hostility toward it and to take action to prevent it from developing militarily,” he added.

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