Supplement to Archive Update 153C


August 1, 2005

Dardanelle MBC


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Please take a look at Prophecy Update Number 153C in our Archives. Things are right on target, and the things outlined to be happening are progressing on schedule. Although no one can predict precisely what year Israel is going to be attacked by a vicious Jihad of 10 Arab nations toward the north, the way things predicted in Update 153C are falling in place assure me it is not some distant event far away in the future. I still believe the most likely year for this attack is 2007 but, as I have stated repeatedly for some 31 years, the attack will occur, and if I am wrong about 2007, I do believe it will occur not too long afterward.

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Building Triple Fence around Gaza


July 29, 2005

Would-be terrorist infiltrators from the Gaza Strip will have to overcome three fences and a range of state-of-the-art weapons systems after disengagement, it was revealed Thursday.

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The IDF believes fighting with the Palestinians will continue after the pullout, a senior officer in the Southern Command said, and therefore needs the “flexibility” that the complex defensive apparatus will provide.

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The officer was speaking during a tour of the security fence around the northern Gaza Strip, where two more fences are being constructed on either side of the existing one.

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Also under construction between two of the three fences are roads for both light vehicles and heavy armored vehicles, as well as sophisticated monitoring equipment meant to help identify

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and even fire on approaching threats.

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Command-and-control centers in the area will supervise and operate

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the fences and their additional equipment.

Asked why such a complex defensive system was necessary, the officer explained that each element was designed to slow the progress

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of attackers and increase the amount of time soldiers have to react to an infiltration attempt.

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“There is no replacement for strategic depth, so we have to create depth” by increasing the number of obstacles between the Gaza Strip and the nearby towns and kibbutzim, he said. “The idea is not just to prevent [the Palestinians] from launching rockets, but to prevent them from even reaching the staging area for launching rockets.”

Leaving Gaza “creates gaps in our defensive posture,” continued the officer, “so we are bridging those gaps through technology.”

While the details are sensitive, the officer said the new weapons would allow the army to significantly decrease its manpower requirements.

With only weeks to go before disengagement, however, only one fourth of the new fencing has been built.

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In some areas, negotiations with Israeli landowners are ongoing for the strip of land between

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the central and easternmost fences.

“Not everything will be ready by October,” when the evacuation of Jewish settlers from the Gaza Strip is expected to be completed, the officer admitted.

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All elements of the NIS 1 billion security apparatus, including unmanned vehicles, remote-controlled guns and fiber optic surveillance systems, should be in place by mid-2006 to late 2006, he said.

Other military post-disengagement preparations include moving encampments or creating new ones for soldiers who until now have been stationed in the Gaza Strip. The officer said the army was already prepared to absorb 80 percent of the soldiers in new quarters outside the Gaza Strip – mostly in temporary quarters – until new permanent structures, such as the ambitious Camp Re’em project, are completed.
By the time

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the last of the Gaza settlers was evacuated, the officer said, the army would have solutions for all the soldiers.

Considerable civilian infrastructure is also in the works, including an new enlarged Erez border crossing terminal that will, for the first time, be operated by non-military personnel.

For up to 45 Israeli towns and kibbutzim near the Gaza border, the IDF is also preparing a series of measures to increase security after disengagement. The means provided, said the officer, would be proportionate to the proximity of each one

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to the border and the level of the threat to it as assessed by the IDF.

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