The Witching Hour has Arrived – Negotiated or “Forced” Unilateral Peace – It is Up to Hamas!

The Witching Hour has Arrived – Negotiated or “Forced” Unilateral Peace – It is Up to Hamas!

March 29, 2006

Since early in January 2001, I have maintained consistently that if the Palestinians did not stop Hamas, Fatah, al-Aksa Martyrs Brigades, and Islamic Jihad from their attacks against Israel, then a “forced” peace, dictated solely by Israelis, with no input by the Palestinians, would be jammed down the throats of the Palestinians on Israel’s terms.

Hamas is now the Palestinian government, and they have sworn an oath they will never recognize Israel as a nation,

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and will continue the armed struggle against them.

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The only type of peace negotiation terms they will accept are: all land within the 1967 borders must be returned to them, all Palestinian refugees

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must be allowed to return, and Jerusalem must be the capital of the new Palestinian state. In return they will let Israel live peaceable alongside them, at least as long as the Hamas hudna (truce) is allowed to last.

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I have always believed the only time of “relative” peace that could ever be reached in Israel would be a false peace maintained by a barrier wall of separation, the IDF, the IAF, and constant vigilance, in other words, a “forced” peace.

It is now apparent that Kadima has won the election and will ask Labor to join them to form a new government. In order to reach a majority of 61 in the Knesset, they will have to ask at least one other party to join them, and most likely they will ask two others to insure a solid majority.

According to the Kadima leader, who will be Prime Minister of the new government, if the Palestinians do not s

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top the terrorist groups, and are not willing to compromise from the rigid demands of the Hamas terror government, the Israelis will create the new borders on their terms, and slap the Palestinians and the terror groups inside the security barrier, which will be the permanent border between them.

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Olmert: Israel Entering a New Chapter


March 29, 2006

Ehud Olmert, the apparent winner of Tuesday’s election in Israel, according to all exit polls, said in his victory speech that the Israeli election marked a new chapter in Israeli history and that he planned to draw the country’s final borders in the coming years.

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Olmert, head of the Kadima Party, did not explicity claim victory, dedicating his speech instead to outlining his governing plans.

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He said he was ready for new peace talks and was prepared to make painful compromises.

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“In the coming period, we will move to set the final borders of the state of Israel, a Jewish state with a Jewish majority,” he said. “We will try to achieve this in an agreement with the Palestinians.”

Addressing Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas, Olmert said: “We are prepared to compromise, give up parts of our beloved land of Israel, remove, painfully, Jews who live there, to allow you the conditions to achieve your hopes and to live in a state in peace and quiet.”

“The time has come for the Palestinians … to relate to the existence of the state of Israel, to accept only part of their dream, to stop terror, to accept democracy and accept compromise

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and peace with us. We are prepared for this.

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We want this,” he said.

Olmert said he would not wait for the Palestinians indefinitely.

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“It is time for the Palestinians to change their ethos, to accept compromise as soon as possible.

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If they manage to do this soon, we will sit and work out a plan. If not, Israel will take control of its own fate, and in consensus among our people and with the agreement of the world and US President George Bush, we will act. The time has come to act,” he said.

Olmert also praised Prime Minister Ariel Sharon, the founder of the Kadima Party who suffered a devastating January 4 stroke.

“Now, my heart is at Hadassah Ein Kerem, with the man who began it all.

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Prime Minster Ariel Sharon, our prime minister. The man who had the courage, the will, the stubbornness, to see things in a different way and make a change.”

“Sharon changed his path, offered an alternative.

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Founded Kadima.

“Sharon should have been here to see his dream come true, but his body failed him. Thank you , Arik, myself, all MKs, Kadima members, voters, the Jewish people – I send you a warm hug and also a hug to Omri and Gilad and their families, who are by his bed night and day.”

“Tonight a chapter in Israel’s history has been closed.”

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Olmert to Appont Cabinet-Negotiating Committee

Associated Press, THE JERUSALEM POST

March 29, 2006

Acting Prime Minister Ehud Olmert was set to set up a committee on Wednesday to lead negotiations with other parties in order to attempt to reach an agreement on a feasible coalition for the government.

The leader of the largest party is traditionally asked first to try to form a ruling coalition.

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Whether Olmert chooses to form a government with dovish parties or more hardline factions could determine his ability to carry out his plan.

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Olmert could form a coalition with Labor, Meretz and the pensioners’ party that advocates pensions for retirees, or he could add the haredi Shas or United Torah Judaism parties to his government.

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