Supplement to Archive Update 76C


July 27, 2005

In his visit to France, Ariel Sharon hoped to secure France’s support in three areas.

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The following two paragraphs are quoted from an article in today’ s Jeru

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salem Post about this meeting.

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I still hold the viewpoint about France and

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the EU that I expressed in Archive Prophecy Update Number 76C.

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Begin Two Quoted Paragraphs

“IDF intelligence chief Aharon Ze’evi Farkash told Maariv last week that if Israel would be allowed to take a leading role in the fight against international terrorism and Al-Qaida, seventy percent of international terrorist attacks could be prevented.

Other issues expected to be raised in the Sharon-Chirac meeting include France’s effort to stop the Iranian nuclear program, the disarming of Hizbullah, and Israel’s hope that France will pressure Palestinian Authority Chairman Mahmoud Abbas to fight terror.”

End Two Quoted Paragraphs

The chance of Paragraph one ever happening is about as likely

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as Hell freezing over.

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International rejection of th is idea

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is a cert

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ainty. We may use their techniques, but we would never allow them to participate in, let alone lead, the international effort.

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The chance of France ever being successful in accomplishing the three things listed in Paragraph two is about as likely as popsicles

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being made of the ice formation in Hell.

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If any of these things happen it will not be because of France, but because Islam sees a temporary advantage in doing them to lull Israel into a false sense of security, thereby eventually allowing them to destroy Israel in a Jihad.

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