Al Qaeda Gaza Strip Cell is in Place!

Al Qaeda Gaza

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Strip Cell is in Place!

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March 1, 2006

The DEBKAfile Report, which follows, gives evidence of the al-Zarqawi wing of

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the international al Qaeda terror organization setting up shop in the Gaza Strip. I expect to see an increase of terrorism inside the Gaza Strip and West Bank against Israelis or anyone friendly to Israel, but I do not feel this will also occur in Israeli areas outside the security barrier wall and fence.

I am of the opinion that Hamas and al Qaeda are going to concentrate on turning the Gaza Strip and West Bank, inside the barrier, into a type of Islamic government like that in Iran.

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Attacks against their enemies inside the two areas would put fear into the moderate Muslims living there, and bring about the return of the Islamic Shiria laws to be forced down throats of the Palestinians living there. The attacks concentrated against Jews inside the security barrier would also serve to bring about

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their moving into areas outside the West Bank and Gaza.

With the primary trust of terrorist activity directed inside the security barrier, it will give a sense of

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security to those living on the Israel side of it. I feel perfectly s afe tr

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aveling outside the West Bank and Gaza Strip, but would not take a group of tourists inside either area.

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Usurps Extracted from DEBKAfile Report Begins

DEBKAfile Reports: Al Qaeda’s Gaza Cell Issues Ultimatum for Immediate Departure of all Non-Muslim Foreigners

February 28, 2006, 2:40 PM (GMT+02:00)

Our sources report that the al Qaeda communiqué was urgently translated by foreign embassies in Tel Aviv and transmitted to their governments. They concluded that the document was put together by Abu Musab al-Zarqawi’s subordinates posted in the Gaza Strip and contains a direct threat to unleash Iraq-style terror in the Palestinian territory against the targets listed below. Therefore, diplomatic, security and international aid staff can expect to be pulled out of the Gaza Strip without delay.

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DEBKAfile’s sources stress that the meaning for the Palestinian Authority, Israel and even Hamas, is the launch of an al Qaeda offensive to transform the Gaza Strip into a radical Islamic entity as set out by the statement issued by the Army of Jihad “…we address all believers of our people and all those who sacrificed their blood and property to defend Islam and Muslims against the Zionist occupation.

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Allah ordered us to fight to combat atheism.

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With Allah’s support we defeated our enemy and obliged Israel to withdraw in humiliation from the Gaza Strip. One thing remaining to be done is to implement Sharia laws.” Any girl who goes out wearing trousers without a veil to cover her hair; All non-Muslim foreigners of all different nationalities are warned to leave; Collaborators with Israel are warned “we will never relax in targeting them.” All foreign embassies and consulates must be evacuated and their staff leave within one month of this date (February 16).

Policemen who impede us and protect corrupt men; All corrupt leaders, even if they are influential and powerful in the Authority and organizations, are our first target.

Usurps Extracted from DEBKAfile Report Ends

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