Carter and Obama Disastrous Diplomatic Dialog Doctrine

Jimmy Carter’s Disastrous Diplomatic Dialog Pandemic,

Now spreading across the Middle East as Obama Doctrine,

Will eventually bring more death than the 1918 Flu Pandemic!

Swine Flu is doing precisely as I said it would in the April 25 Blog,

It shall not produce a death toll like the 1918 Spanish Flu Pandemic,

But will spread across the earth like pollen spread from bees to Plants!

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The world’s population should be more concerned about the Obama Plan,

The Obama-Carter Doctrine Shall Lead to Billions of Deaths by Armageddon!

May 1, 2009


This Is Not The Killer Spanish Flu Virus of WW-1!

April 25th, 2009

This is NOT the Killer Spanish Flu Virus of WW-1,

But it does classify as a biblical End Time Loimos!

It won’t produce a huge death toll like Spanish Flu,

BUT It Seems To Have Ability To Spread Very Rapidly,

And Will Affect A Large Part Of The Planet’s Population,

But Is Only One of the Many Types of Pale Horse Loimos,

Which Mankind WILL View in Ever INCREASING Frequency,

As The Time Of The Second Advent Of Christ DRAWS Closer!

May 1, 2009

Twenty-nine years ago, in late April of 1980, in desperation President Jimmy Carter sent a rescue team into Iran by air to bring home 52 American citizens, who were held hostage by Iranian revolutionaries.

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Blowing sand caused all sorts of technical difficulties, and a helicopter crashed into a C-130 in the Iranian desert. It took the lives of eight American military men plus an Iranian interpreter. The mission was a complete disaster.

President Carter has never been able to forgive himself for what happened, and has been trying to atone for it by bringing peace to Iran and the Middle East through diplomatic dialog ever since.

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President Obama is the first President in office, since Jimmy Carter, who is a far left liberal strong on diplomatic dialog to solve virtually all problems.

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You may think I don’t like Obama and Carter because of my constant criticism of their actions, but you are quite wrong. I like them both, and believe they are honest and sincere men. The problem is that I am a died in the wool conservative and am convinced they are honestly and sincerely wrong in their liberal diplomatic dialog policies on the Middle East, and liberal techniques on restoring the economy.

Begin Excerpt from the Wall Street Journal via World News

U.S. Plans New Talks With Syria

Damascus Hopes to Ease Sanctions; U.N. Frees Generals Accused of Hariri Murder

April 30, 2009


WASHINGTON — The Obama administration is dispatching two high-level envoys to Syria in coming weeks for a second round of talks focused on securing the Iraqi border and supporting the Arab-Israeli peace process, said officials briefed on the trip.

The diplomats’ visit is the latest sign of a reconciliation between Washington and Syrian President Bashar Assad’s government, which is partly driven by the U.S. desire to weaken Syria’s strategic alliance with Iran.

Syrian officials said this week they hope the diplomatic thaw could lead to an easing of trade sanctions enacted by the Bush administration. The sanctions were aimed at curbing Damascus’s support for militant groups

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operating in Lebanon and the Palestinian territories.

Supporters of Ali Hajj, center, welcome him in Beirut Wednesday, after he was released along with three other generals after being held since 2005 over the assassination of former Lebanese Prime Minister Rafik Hariri.

“If the American president does not renew the sanctions, Syria would consider this the right way for better relations,” Syrian Central Bank Gov.

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Adib Mayaleh said in an interview

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in Washington on Wednesday.

The U.S. outreach comes as a United Nations court announced Wednesday the release in Beirut of four Lebanese generals deta

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ined in connection with the 2005 murder of former Prime Minister Rafik Hariri. The generals’ release is seen undercutting U.N. efforts to secure indictments for the murder, and a boon for Syria’ s political allie

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s inside Lebanon.

U.N. investiga tors alleged that the four security officers conspired with Syrian intelligence operatives

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to kill Mr. Hariri using a massive truck bomb.

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The Lebanese were never formally charged and they denied involvement in the killing.

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The Lebanese government had held the four but deferred to the U.N. court on their status after

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the court was established in March.

Hezbollah issued a statement praising the court’s decision. Fireworks erupted in areas of Lebanon under the militia’s control.

Mr. Hariri’s death fueled nationwide street protests that forced Mr.

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Assad to end Syria’s decades-long military occupation of Lebanon.

A pro-Syrian political bloc, headed by the Lebanese militia Hezbollah, is battling a pro-Western coalition headed by Mr. Hariri’s son for votes in June parliamentary elections. “This decision will give the Hezbollah-led alliance a kind of aggressiveness,” said Nawaf Kabara, a political-science professor at Lebanon’s University of Balamand.

The two U.S. envoys visiting Syria in the coming weeks, acting Assistant Secretary of State for Near Eastern Affairs Jeffrey Feltman and National Security Council official Daniel Shapiro, will be making their second trip to Damascus in less than two months.

The primary focus of their trip, according to the officials briefed on it, will be to secure Syrian assistance in sealing its border with Iraq. U.S. officials have regularly criticized Damascus for turning a blind eye to foreign fighters traveling through Syria into Iraq. This month, U.S. officials said a Tunisian militant entered Iraq through Syrian territory before carrying out a suicide bombing in Baghdad.

Syria denies the charges, but its diplomats said they are eager to better coordinate with President Barack Obama’s team on Iraq. The first round of negotiations, these officials said, developed common ideas between Damascus and Washington,

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and now they are hoping to put these strategies into operation.

“We both agree that it’s in our countries’ interests to stabilize Iraq,” said Imad Moustapha, Syria’s ambassador to the U.S., who took part in the initial round of talks.

Washington also wants Syria to be a central player in President Obama’s stated goal of achieving a comprehensive Arab-Israeli peace.

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President Assad entered into indirect peace talks with Israel last year aimed at ending their conflict over the disputed Golan Heights region. But Syria is also a principal financier of Hezbollah and hosts in Damascus the political leadership of Hamas, the militant Palestinian organization that Washington designates as a terrorist organization.

U.S. officials said they ultimately want Syria to shed its financial and military links to Hezbollah and Hamas. But initially they would like Syrian support for better monitoring and controlling the groups.

Mr. Moustapha said Syria views Hezbollah and Hamas as legitimate resistance movements fighting Israeli occupation. But he added that Syria could play a role in fostering a dialogue between Washington and the militant groups, something Mr. Obama’s administration has declined to do.

“At some point, the U.S. will have to start talking to Hamas, either directly or indirectly,” Mr. Moustapha said in an interview. He played down the idea of Syria distancing itself from Iran, as the U.S. and Israel want.

Begin Excerpt from The News and Observer, World News Wire, via World News

Carter says US-Syria ties could return this year

By FRANK BAJAK, Associated Press Writer BOGOTA – Former President Jimmy Carter said Tuesday that the United States and Syria are close to restoring full diplomatic ties, but he doubted Cuba’s new openness means its leaders are ready to grant free speech or change their political system.

Syrian President Bashar Assad is “very eager” to restore full ties with Washington, Carter said. “I wouldn’t be surprised if it happens this year,” Carter said in a telephone interview from Quito, Ecuador, at the start of a four-nation South American trip.

He plans to meet Assad in Syria in early June after attending elections in Lebanon.

The United States withdrew its ambassador to Syria in 2005 after a political assassination widely blamed on Syria – a claim Damascus denies. Washington has long objected to Syria’s support for the Hezbollah and Hamas militant groups as well as its alliance with Iran.

Syria has recently expressed openness to indirect peace talks with Israel as long as they focus on a complete withdrawal from the Golan Heights, which Israel captured in the 1967 Mideast war.

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