The Program to Interrogate Prisoners in Other Countries Was First Introduced by a Democratic Administration!

The Program to Interrogate Prisoners in Other Countries Was First Introduced by a Democratic Administration!

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December 30, 2005

According to extracts taken from “The Australian,” the Democratic Party, which is raising such a stink about the “rendition” program, was the party in power when the program was first launched against the terrorist groups by President Bill Clinton in 1995.

This is not a Queen Victoria era “Gentleman’s War” we are engaged in with Islamic terrorists.

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This is a war with homicide bombers who take innocent captive civilians and behead them in the name of Allah.

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It is the height of judicial stupidity to be more concerned about the rights

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of such individuals than the possible slaughter of thousands of American citizens, that is, too the extent we make it

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possible by not monitoring air and internet traffic to prevent it, as well as practicing the Marquis of Queensberry rules in interrogation of terrorist prisoners.

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I don’t really care who started it – It is a gre

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at idea.

The following extracts were taken from an article which appeared in the “Australian.”


Clinton ‘Set Up Rendition Plan’

December 29, 2005

BERLIN: The CIA’s controversial “rendition” program to capture suspects and have them interrogated on foreign soil was launched under former US president Bill Clinton, a former US counter-terrorism agent says.

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Michael Scheuer, a 22-year veteran of the CIA who resigned from the agency last year, told the German news weekly Die Zeit the US government had been looking in the mid-1990s for a way to combat the threat of terrorism and circumvent the US legal system.

“President Clinton, his national security adviser Sandy Berger and his terrorism adviser Richard Clark ordered the CIA in the autumn of 1995 to destroy al-Qa’ida,” Mr Scheuer said.

” We asked the president what we should do with the people we capture.

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Clinton said, ‘That’s up to you’.”

Mr Scheuer, who headed the CIA unit that tracked al-Qa’ida leader Osama bin Laden from 1996 to 1999, said he developed and led the “rendition” program, which included moving prisoners without due legal process to countries without human rights protections.

“In Cairo, people are not treated like they are in Milwaukee,” he said. “The Clinton administration asked us if we believed the prisoners

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were being treated in accordance with local law.

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And we answered, ‘Yes, we’re fairly sure’.”

At the time, Mr Scheuer said, the CIA did not arrest or imprison anyone itself.

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“That was done by the local police or secret services,” he said, adding that the captured prisoners were never taken to US soil.

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“President Clinton did not want that.”

He said the program changed under Mr Clinton’s successor, President George W.

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Bush, after the attacks of September 11, 2001.

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“We started putting people in our own institutions — in Afghanistan, Iraq and Guantanamo,” he said. “The Bush administration wanted to capture people itself, but made the same mistake as the Clinton administration by not treating these people as prisoners of war.”

He accused Europeans of being hypocritical in criticising the US for its anti-terror tactics while benefiting from them.

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“All the information we received from interrogations and documents — everything that had to do with Spain, Italy, Germany, France, England, was passed on.”


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