The Israel Classic Security Doctrine!

The First Israel Classic Security Doctrine,

Plus its War Contingency Evacuation Area,

Were formulated twixt 1948 and 1967 — But

Security Doctrine is moved from its Foundation!

If Israel returns the Golan Heights to the Syrians,

It would make the fulfillment of Daniel 11:40 Reality,

Insuring success of a King of the north Counterattack

When a King of the south suddenly attacks HIZBULLAH!

November 26, 2008

Daniel 11:40 – And at the time of the end shall the king of the south (Israel) push at him: and the king of the north (Syria) shall come against him like a whirlwind, with chariots, and with horsemen, and with many ships; and he shall enter into the countries, and shall overflow and pass over.

Begin Excerpt 1 from YNet News

What Assad really wants

Syrian leader wants Golan so he can shift to new model of conflict with Israel

Guy Bechor

President Assad is willing to finalize a peace treaty, should Israel and the United States grant him what he wants: That is, the entire Golan Heights, a withdrawal to the 1967 borders, access to the Sea of Galilee, and an economic and military aid package in line with the Egyptian model. This is the recent assessment provided by the IDF intelligence chief, and it in fact constitutes the assessment of the IDF Intelligence Branch, which appears to be pushing for a deal with Syria.

Without going into the question of why a military assessment body provides wholly diplomatic assessments, the Intelligence Branch is wrong, as was the case in the past. In order to understand this, we must first understand several strategic processes that emerged in recent years, and which in fact completely changed our security doctrine.

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Israel’s classic security doctrine, which was formulated in the State’s early days, called for wars to immediately be shifted to enemy territory, due to the country’s tiny size and great population density. This is how Israel’s wars were waged following its inception, up until the 1987 Intifada. Those wars were about tanks rushing forward and Air Force planes, usually operating far away from our civilian population centers.

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We had a faraway front, and an emotional home front, until a ceasefire ended the wars.

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However, this has been completely reversed, because the other side realized it must shift wars into Israeli territory. This is how it has been operating, be it through missiles from Lebanon, rockets from Gaza, or human missiles in the form of suicide bombers in Israel’s cities.

Israel, on the other hand, is prevented from operating in enemy territory replete with civilians that serve as a human shield for terror.

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This population is aided by “human rights groups,” by the international media, and by elements within Israel, among others.

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The IDF cannot operate, while the other side can go on infiltrating Israel from the air or over land.

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This situation depresses Israel, which feels that its immense army is not so relevant.

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There are there options for addressing this situation and formulating a new defense doctrine.

The first option: Passivity and defense. This is the approach adopted by Israel at this time. We sustain the hits and try to minimize the damage or prevent it via all sorts of lulls.

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The second option: A pro-active offensive approach: This doctrine is unacceptable in Israel at this time. It calls for going on the offensive, despite the civilian wall of defense on the other side, in the form of surgical strikes and numerous quick operations, as well surprising military maneuvers.

The third option: The wisdom of deterrence.

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This is the best way – Delivering a big bang, that is, a powerful and symbolic blow, after which the other side will realize that it cannot afford to keep firing.

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This is also the common approach in the Arab world.

Bashar Assad realizes that the only theater still adhering to the old classic model, which plays into Israel’s hands, is the Golan Heights. There, the tanks can still rush forward far away from civilian population centers. He has no sympathetic Syrian population there (the Druze are insignificant in this context,) and he cannot utilize covert “resistance” terrorism, as he is doing in Lebanon at this time, for example.

Bashar is “stuck” in a situation whereby Israel enjoys perpetual military supremacy over him. What he would love to do is fill the Golan with one million Syrian settlers, thereby immediately shifting to the new model of conflict against Israel, where it is seemingly trapped and lost.

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This is why the Golan is so important to Assad. It will enable him to broaden the model of the struggle, whereby he (or his predecessor) will roll up his eyes to heavens and say: What can I do, those are militias operating in the Golan Heights. I have no control over them.

Begin Excerpt 2 from Arutz Aheva

Kuntar Visits Golan, Gets Syria’s Highest Medal

Cheshvan 26, 5769, 24 November 08 08:35

by Maayana Miskin

( Terrorist Samir Kuntar visited the Syrian side of the Golan Heights on Monday. Several hundred residents of Druze villages in Israel gathered to cheer for Kuntar, who is also Druze. Kuntar served almost 30 years in an Israeli prison for murdering three Israelis, one of them a four-year-old girl, and causing the death of a toddler.

Kuntar turned to the residents of Majdal Shams, Masada, Bukata and Ein Kaniya who had come to hear him and promised them they would not remain Israeli for long. “President Bashar Assad has promised me that he will help you,” Kuntar said. “I say to you, soon President Assad will fly the Syrian flag over the Golan.”

Among those who attended the gathering were MK Said Nafa (Balad) and Sheikh Raed Salah, head of the northern branch of the Israeli Islamic Movement. When questioned by an Israeli reporter Nafa expressed defiance, saying, “We’re not afraid of jail, we’ll keep protecting the interests of all Arab peoples.”

One resident of Majdal Shams who attended the event spoke with the Israeli paper Yediot Acharonot and described his hopes for the future: “We hope that we’ll celebrate the next Syrian Independence Day here, with the entire Golan returned to Syria as part of a peace deal between the government of Israel and President Assad.” He praised Kuntar, saying, “Samir Kuntar is an example of how a firm stance achieves results.”

Assad gives Kuntar Top Award

Kuntar came to the Golan from Damascus, where he met with Assad. Assad awarded Kuntar Syria’s highest medal, the Syrian Order of Merit.

“Kuntar was not only the senior prisoner during his time in jail, he is chief among free and honorable men,” Assad said. “His firm stance and commitment to Arab rights, despite everything he went through, have made him a symbol of the struggle for freedom in the Arab world and the entire world.”

Kuntar praised Assad in turn, saying, “The great thing about Syria is that when I was arrested 30 years ago, Syria stood firmly and fought against Israel, and when I visit today she still holds the exact same position.” Kuntar praised Syria and Assad in the name of Hizbullah.

State: Talks with Syria Must Continue

Meanwhile, in Israel, the state told the High Court that peace talks with Syria must continue.

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In response to a petition from MK Limor Livnat (Likud) calling to put the talks on hold, the government argued that suspending the talks would damage Israel’s relationship with Turkey and Israel’s image abroad.

Livnat argued that Prime Minister Ehud Olmert should not be allowed to hold talks with a lasting impact on Israel’s future, as he is only a caretaker prime minister and is no longer even the head of the Knesset’s largest faction, Kadima. Olmert has been holding talks with Assad with help from Turkish mediators.

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The state asked the High Court to dismiss Livnat’s petition.

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