Current U.S. Economic Crisis Will Pass!

The Current U.S. Economic Crisis Will Pass

As some Sort of Bailout Package will Emerge!

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The Stock Market will never be quite the Same,

After Many up and down Swings it Will be Lower,

In the End I Think it Will Stabilize at a Lower Level!

However, at a point in time between 2010 and 2015

The chaos of the shifting of the world’s Tectonic Plates

Will begin with the initial earthquake of Revelation 6:12,

Which will occur at about the same time Israel is Attacked,

And War, earthquakes, famine, & pestilence Will Accelerate!

There won’t be a stock market to worry about left in America!

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I warn you of a famine problem in the U.S. the JIT will Produce,

Because chaos of the Tribulation Period will interrupt Transport!

September 30, 2008

Jon Holbrook is one of the best friends I have and we are like two peas in a pod when it comes to our beliefs on the Tribulation Period. I am better versed on the Geological and Meteorological Tribulation Period events that Jon, and he is better versed on the Economic events and the things associated with their effects. I am putting in this blog an article I asked him to write about JIT, with which I wholeheartedly agree.

An exposition from Wikipedia will follow if that will give you details of just what JIT represents.




September 30, 2008

As we near the time of the Tribulation Period, there is something we need to consider about our daily food needs.

Most people need to know that the food supply in America is based on a JIT (Just in Time) Inventory System. What this means is that most food stores only keep a 3 to 5 day of fresh food and 6 to 10 days of dry goods inventory. Considering the geological and meteorological chaos which will occur during the Tribulation Period, the food supply delivered by in America by trucks will be severely disrupted, and the 3 to 5 day supply in food stores will be quickly scarped up. This will produce great panic and eventually fighting for food.

Regardless of the huge benefit of the great JIT trucking system, damage to the U.S. Interstate System will produce severe limitations during the Tribulation Period, and we should seek to prepare an alternate disaster contingency plan to have an emergency food supply on hand.

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So, when one looks at JIT Inventory System and how it works, just what is

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it to us

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? It is the food, clothing, and fuel for our vehicles, which can be interrupted quite easily at any time, as the recent occurrences of the hurricanes on our southern coasts have clearly shown. Everyone needs to understand it is not like it was 20 to 30 years ago when stores kept a 6 to 8 week supply inventory. During the Tribulation Period, today’s short inventory can, and will, be interrupted very quickly because of the limitations of the JIT Inventory System. Just as JIT Inventory System improves the quality on many products and services, it can also be stopped in its tracks by tect

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onic and atmospheric chaos, which also will produce other terrible events within themselves during the Tribulation Period.

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We need to understand what JIT is, and

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to prepare for the limitations it will cause in the Tribulation Period, as we look

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for the return of our Savior.

Begin Excerpt from Wikipedia

Just-in-time (JIT) is an inventory strategy implemented to improve the return on investment of a business by reducing in-process inventory and its associated carrying costs.

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In order to achieve JIT the process must have signals of what is going on elsewhere within the process.

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This means that the process is often driven by a series of signals, which can be Kanban, that tell production processes when to make the next part.

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Kanban are usually ‘tickets’ but can be simple visual signals, such as the presence or absence of a part on a shelf. When implemented correctly, JIT can lead to dramatic improvements in a manufacturing organization’ s return on inve

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stment, quality, and efficiency.

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Some have suggested that “Just on Time” would be a more appropriate name since it emphasizes that production should create items that arrive when needed and neither earlier nor later.

Quick communication of the consumption of old stock which triggers new stock to be ordered is key to JIT and inventory reduction.


This saves warehouse space and costs. However since stock levels are determined by historical demand any sudden demand rises above the historical average demand, the firm will deplete inventory faster than usual and cause customer service issues.

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Some have suggested that recycling Kanban faster can also help flex the system by as much as 10-30%. In recent years manufacturers have touted a trailing 13 week average as a better predictor for JIT planning than most forec

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astors could provide.

End Excerpt from Wikipedia

I have not included any warning on this Blog because Wikipedia is a free encyclopedia.

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