Lebanon as Attack Planning Conspirator!

Lebanon as Attack Planning Conspirator

August 13, 2008


It will not be too much longer until Syria, Iran, and Hizbullah work the new Lebanese President Sleiman into their secret inner circle leadership pack of wolves planning an eventual all out jihad attack against Israel.

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Syria, Hizbullah, and Iran have won the battle for Lebanon from the U.S. and her allies. You may now color her “Iranian surrogate.” When the final Middle East war of Daniel 11 begins, Lebanon will be a full fledged participant in a Syria-Iran-Hizbullah conspiracy plot designed to lure Israel across its border with Lebanon, in order that a justifiable southern response charge can catch Israel by surprise, and eventually drive her into the Negev while the west watches in amazement, and its protests to the United Nations will avail nothing.

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Begin Excerpt from Lebanon Daily Star


By Agence France Presse (AFP)

Roueida Mabardi

Agence France Presse

DAMASCUS: Lebanese President Michel Sleiman heads on Wednesday for a groundbreaking visit to Damascus carrying an agenda loaded with thorny issues, including the establishment of diplomatic ties. The two-d ay visit is the first by

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a Lebanese head of state since a 2005 Syrian troop pullout from Lebanon in the aftermath of the murder of former Lebanese Prime Minister Rafik Hariri.

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The summit between Sleiman and Syrian President Bashar Assad aims to redefine ties between Beirut and Damascus, which dominated Lebanon for three decades until it withdrew its forces. The agenda features prickly issues such as a border demarcation, a review of longstanding accords, Lebanese detainees in Syria and the presence of radical pro-Syrian Palestinian groups in Lebanon, diplomatic sources said.

According to a Lebanese official in Beirut, the establishment of diplomatic relations and opening of embassies will top the agenda.

Assad and Sleiman, whose states have not had diplomatic relations since independence more than 60 years ago, agreed to finally set up ties at a meeting last month in France, their former colonial power.

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Beirut-Damascus links have been on the decline since former Hariri’s murder in a February 2005 Beirut bomb blast

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in which Syria has consistently denied charges of involvement.

But the Doha accord struck in May between the pro- and anti-Syrian camps in Lebanon after an 18-month political crisis which degenerated into deadly violence cleared the way for Sleiman’s election as president.

Leb anese Premier Fou

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ad Siniora has since formed a new national unity government, a development which would have been impossible without the consent of Damascus.

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“Syria wants a stable, united and Arab Lebanon which does not serve as a trampoline for hostile activities,” Elias Murad, editor in chief of the Syrian ruling Baath party’ s new

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spaper, said.

Officials in Damascus insist that Syria has not interfered in Lebanese affairs since its troop withdrawal and

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has instead worked to reunify ranks in Beirut, pointing to the Doha power-sharing accord.

But the Beirut daily An-Nahar, reflecting the suspicions of the anti-Syrian parliamentary majority in Beirut, on Sunday voiced doubts over how Damascus will “manage the relations.”

The official in Beirut, declining to be identified, said ahead of the visit that the fate of a Lebanese-Syrian higher council and a 1991 friendship and cooperation treaty would also figure high on the agenda.

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The parliamentary majority wants both the treaty and council to be scrapped.

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But the council’s secretary general, Nasri Khouri, said embassies did not spell the end of the coordination body.

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“There will be coordination between the two countries’ embassies and the council,” he told AFP.

The fate of the Israeli-occupied Shebaa Farms, where Beirut claims sovereignty with the consent of Damascus, is also expected to be discussed.

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