U.S. Future Role in Middle East Wars!

U.S. future role in Middle East Wars

Defensive & supportive, not Offensive

In Future U.S. will help Israel Logistically

But won’t put ground troops alongside Her


June 30, 2008

The United States is beginning to back away from any offensive action alongside Israel, and from henceforth you will see more and more of our actions being directed to supply Israel, but not to actively, offensively, defend her ourselves. After Korea, Vietnam, Operation Desert Storm, Afghanistan, and Iraqi Freedom, the majority of those living in the U.S. want to see us disengaged from overseas wars.

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We are withdrawing into a dream world of diplomacy without offensive actions, which ends up with us in isolation until we are drawn into a world war we ran away from, because we hate war. It is a vicious cycle that has been played many times between major wars.

We, probably along with Britain and Australia, will help to air evacuate Israelis out of the narrow western coastal script of Israel from Tel Aviv to Haifa, carrying them to the Negev. And the same three are likely to supply Israel with humanitarian supplies and logistical supplies during her three and one-half year years stay in the Negev.

Begin Archive 2002 Birth Pang Number 41


The Remnant of Israel, Past, Present, and Future!

Part 6

March 22, 2002

Revelation 12:14 – And to the woman were given two wings of a great eagle, that she might fly into the wilderness, into her place, where she is nourished for a time, and times, and half a time, from the face of the serpent.

Revelation 12:6 – And the woman fled into the wilderness, where she hath a place prepared of God, that they should feed her there a thousand two hundred and threescore days.

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The woman is Israel. The place that God has prepared for her is the Negev wilderness.

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A time is one 360 day year, times are two 360 day years, and half a time is 180 days, which totals 1260 days or 3 and ½ prophetic years. Both these scriptures describe the time period of 42 prophetic months (30 days per month) before the end of the Tribulation Period.

When the antichrist launches his lightning Jihad from

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the north it will be a two pronged attack.

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Syrian and Lebanese troops will launch a blitzkrieg strike southward along the western lees of the Galilean and Samaritan mountain. The Palestinians will zoom northward along the western lee of

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the Judean mountains out of Gaza to link with their comrades coming down from the north. This will cut off coastal Israel from interior Israel.

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Some 70% of the Jewish population lives along the narrow coastal strip from Tel Aviv to Haifa. They will be kept pinned down by thousands of katyusha rockets being launched from the bluff top cities of Tul Karm and Qalqilya in the Samarian Mountains. It will eventually be necessary to air evacuate the population out of this area across the Mediterranean into the Negev, as stated in 12:14. The other battle prong, consisting of troops from Iraq, Syria, and Iran, will be directed southward along the west bank of the Jordan River in a lightning strike. The Palestinians will pour down the hundreds of dendritic valleys in the eastern lee of the Samarian Mountains, armed with shoulder held antitank launchers. They will destroy many of the Israeli tanks coming north to intercept the southward moving Arab tank units of Syria, Iraq, and Iran. The Jewish population to the east of the coastal sections, and to the west of the Jordan River, will flee on land in whatever types of transportation may be available.

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This has long been the national Israel contingency plan that is to be carried out in the event of attack from the north, and the Negev has been their emergency contingency evacuation area since 1948. If you desire a detailed discussion of what I have just briefly covered, please review Prophecy Updates 5 through 11, which are found in our Prophecy Archives.

Begin DEBKAfile Excerpt

US will help Israel detect Iranian missiles, but stay aloof from any Israeli attack

DEBKAfile Special Report

July 30, 2008, 6:29 AM (GMT+02:00)

The United States agreed to link Israel up to two advanced missile detection systems

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against potential attack by a nuclear-armed Iran, Israeli defense minister Ehud Barak said Tuesday night, July 30, at the end of his Washington talks.

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But US officials made it clear that, while prepared to help Israel defend itself against Iranian missile retaliation, they are determined not to be involved in any Israeli attack on Iran’s nuclear sites.

DEBKAfile’s military sources report that Washington would deliver within six months “before the new US administration arrives” in January, a powerful forward-based X-band FBX-T radar. Increased access to its Defense Support Program (DSP) satellites, which spot missile launches, would take longer.

By putting a time frame around delivery, the Bush administration holds off a possible Israeli attack on Iran for as long as possible.

Barak’s talks with Vice President Dick Cheney, defense secretary Robert Gates and secretary of state Condoleezza Rice ended in agreement for Washington to deliver:

1.The transportable FBX-T radar system built by Raytheon Co. which, by providing early and accurate target-tracing and signature data, enlarges the effective battle space of missile interceptors. US officials say it can track an object the size of a baseball from about 4,700 km, and can be launched from air, sea or land.

It would allow the Israeli Arrow anti-missile system to engage an incoming Iranian Shehab-3 ballistic missile about halfway through its estimated 11-minute flight.

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This would give a potentially targeted Israeli population five minutes to prepare for an Iranian missile hit. This would make up for the deficiency of Arrow’s Green Pine radar, which can detect a missile launch in Iran only after it enters the atmosphere on its way to its Israeli target.

2. Increased access to the US Defense Support System (DSP) satellites, which spot missile launches, would help Israel cover the first 5.5 minutes of a Shehab is firing.

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This access has hitherto been provided as per request – such as last September for the Israeli strike against Syria’s nuclear facility.- rather than on a constant basis.

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DEBKAfile’s sources note that this access continues to be hedged around by the need in every case for lengthy discussion on whether it is applicable to a given military contingency. It is therefore unlikely to be available before the next president enters the White House and will then be subject to his confirmation. Here too, the Bush administration is stretching out the time table for an Israeli attack well into the future.

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3. A US consent in principle to the upgrading of the Israeli, largely American-funded Arrow. The projected Arrow III would be capable of shooting down attacking missiles at greater atmospheric heights than the present version as a safeguard against nuclear fallout. It was not clear whether the administration means to grant Israel the required technology or replace the Arrow with American systems.

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The upshot of the Israeli defense minister’s mission to Washington for a boost to Israel’s military capability for a possible preemptive attack on a pre-nuclear-armed Iran was therefore the promise of hardware to give Israel more time to defend itself against Iranian missile reprisals.

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