December 1, 2005

The move of politician Shimon Peres to Ariel Sharon’s new Kadima (Forward) Party is a good sign of drawing in more Labor voters than losing Likud voters. This new party may well be the party in power when the notorious “false peace,” which biblical expositors say must precede antichrist’s attack against Israel, finally arrives on the scene.

The following extracts from an article in the Jerusalem Post by Gil Hoffman and the Staff give insight into the latest shifting of Knesset leaders between parties.

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Peres: Sharon Only leader Who Can Lead Israel to Peace

By Gil Hoffman and the Staff, THE JERUSALEM POST

November 30, 2005

After 61 year

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s in the Labor party and a record 46 years in the Knesset, Shimon Peres announced on Wednesday evening that he was quitting party politics.

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“My political party activities have come to an end, but my contribution to peace and to the development of the Negev and the Galilee is still vital. I intend to dedicate the next several years to the effort of bringing peace to our region,” Peres announced during a press conference he convened in his Tel Aviv office.

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In his st atement, Peres s

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aid that the current political setup could not lead to Mideast peace, and a new team was needed.

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“I believe the most qualified person to head this coalition, based on the test of experience, is Arik Sharon,” he said, referring to Sharon by his nickname.

According to Peres, “It is a very tough day for me. I ask myself, what is the most important thing for the state in the next few years? The answer, no doubt, is peace and progress in the diplomatic front.”

“During recent talks with Sharon,” Peres added, “I reached the conclusion that Sharon was adamant about implementing his agenda and will start doing so immediately after the elections.

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Sharon is serious about achieving peace.”

The veteran politician noted the words of Israel’s first prime minister, David Ben Gurion, who, after quitting Mapai and establishing the Rafi Party, said he preferred the state to the party.

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“When I spoke with Sharon, we discussed the creation of a regional triangle of

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Israel, the PA and Jordan that would enjoy a special status in the European Union.

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We also spoke about the importance of opening a dialogue with the US to ensure the safety of the region from the Iranian nuclear threat and from rampant terrorism,” he said.

Sources close to Peres said he had decided to join Sharon “because the party framework is irrelevant, the pursuit of peace is essential and only Sharon can dismantle settlements in a peace agreement.”

Meanwhile, Sharon and Peretz continued drafting new faces to Kadima

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and Labor on Wednesday, following a full day of political comings and goings.

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Peretz is negotiating with former IDF deputy chief of general staff Uzi Dayan, former MK Dalia Rabin, and a social-affairs lawyer named Yuval Elbashan.

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Sharon has several political meetings on Wednesday, with the most fateful expected to be with Peres.


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