No War Until Enemies Have Nuclear Weapons

I have no fear of Middle East Nuclear War

No War Until Enemies Have Nuclear Weapons

Able to be effectively Fired on Long Range Missiles

Has always been my contention since Iranian Ascension

Which I believe will come to Fruition between 2010 and 2015

And I have always taught they will be use

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d for deterrent Purpose

Because Israel’s enemies fear Israelis will annihilate Them Sky High

May 29, 2008

My sentiments on a great final nuclear war being used by God to bring his judgment upon mankind for their rebellion against him have always been quite clear since I wrote “Tectonic Chaos”, which was completed and published more than 30 years ago. I do not believe the prophetic Scriptures teach that God will use nuclear weapons

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to destroy man, but God will use his own creation to fulfill his own words. (Please Consult Birth Pang Archive Number 18 for Explanation of Flesh Consuming in Zechariah 14)

Please consider the Archive Prophecy Update 187A, which follows.

Special Prophecy Update Number 187A

August 29, 2004

Atomic War in Israel – Yes or No? – Number 2

We are a month away from the Intifada being four years in duration, and a lot has happened. Its results have included the smashing of the power of the Palestinian Authority and its many associated terrorist groups, the building of a security wall and fence to separate them from Israel proper by 2006, and a final separation when the forced unilateral withdrawal plan of Ariel Sharon is completed, which will bring in the false peace that must prophetically occur before a surprise Jihad attack by 10 Arab nations from the north.

More than a year ago I issued Special Prophecy Update Number 129C, titled “Atomic War in Israel, Yes or No?” I would like to reaffirm my belief in its validity in Number 2. The original Update 129C, issued July 23, 2003, was as follows: (BEGIN QUOTE OF 129C)

“One of the main reasons I wrote three books on prophecy in the late seventies and early eighties was to establish a case advocated by teachers of the pre-World War II era. It was, simply stated, that man would not destroy the earth with his weaponry, but rather that God would destroy the earth by the use of this own power. I am certain that the horrifying changes in the topography of Israel, as well as the terrifying destruction of the antichrist’s forces at Armageddon, are by the awesome power of God, not atomic, chemical, or biological weapons of man.

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The lifting of the land from Geba to Rimmon south of Jerusalem, the breaking up of Jerusalem into three sections, the splitting of the Mount of Olives, and the consuming of the flesh, tongues, and eyes of the antichrist’s men are natural phenomena unleashed by God, not by man. All the Scriptures dealing with these phenomena unleashed by God are covered in Birth Pang and Prophecy Archives.

There are many advocates of a great atomic, chemical, and biological war in Israel when antichrist attacks 1260 days before Armageddon.

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It may happen at the time of Armageddon, but the initial attack will start what amounts to a non-nuclear, non-chemical, and non-biological war. So why am I so confident and outspoken about this being the case?

(1) Israel has more than 200 extremely well concealed missile silos in the Negev between Beersheba and the Gulf of Aqabah.

(2) It has more than 300 nuclear, chemical, and biological warheads to mount on Jericho missiles.

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(3) The Jericho is a very accurate missile, and can hit a target in any Islamic country from Morocco to Pakistan and from Turkey to Yemen.

(4) Israel has an excellent anti-missile defense to protect its array of silos, warheads, and missiles. It is able to pick up an incoming enemy missile launched from Syria before it reaches it maximum altitude.

(5) So why do I believe this array of WMD will not be unleashed by Israel when it is attacked? Because the Israeli War Contingency Plan of Israel directs that WMD will never be launched against a foreign nation unless they are first launched against Israel.

(6) So how do I know the Islamic countries will not launch WMD in their initial attack? All of them are well aware of what is listed in (1) through (5)! The former Soviet Union, when it existed, shared Israeli intelligence information with Syria, which it collected over a long period of time from its hundreds of spy satellites it launched from pads between Moscow and the White Sea, and on the eastern side of the Aral Sea. Syria, in turn, has shared it with some of the other Islamic countries around Israel. Only a leader possessed of rank insanity would ever launch WMD first against Israel, which is why I was so relieved when Saddam Hussein was taken out of the way.

Many believe the United States will quickly rush to the aid of Israel, and, as the world’s greatest power, will immediately deliver her from any kind of attack she can’t handle. There are two problems with this idea: (1) The United States believes Israel can defeat any Islamic attack on its own without any help from us. After all, Israel has easily done so in three previous wars and, (2) This will be a lightning Jihad, and better coordinated than any of the previous wars, and this time Israel will have a Palestinian state attacking it from within, while the other Islamic nations come in from outside its borders. It will probably last less than a couple of weeks, and Jerusalem is likely to fall within four days. By the time we decide they must have our help it will be too late, because they will have occupied most of the land from Dan to Beersheba. It would take months, as it did in Operation Desert Storm and Operation Freedom Iraq, to get enough American troops on the ground to do any good.

What was the character of Israel’s past three wars? They were all very short in duration, and they all ended abruptly in a truce. That will be the case in this war. The United States knows that the Negev is the place where Israel will flee. When we believe they are safely in the Negev, we will be more than willing to accept a truce to give us time to think about what to do, and Israel will remain trapped in the Negev for some three and one-half years.

The part played by the United States during this period of three and one-half years is interspersed throughout our Prophecy Archives, with some of it in Prophecy Updates 5 through 11, 32 & 33, and 74 & 75.” (END QUOTE OF UPDATE 129C, July 23, 2003)

ARCHIVE PROPHECY UPDATE 187A, August 29, 2004 Continues

Since Update 129C was issued, several noteworthy things have come to pass that reduce the likelihood of a nuclear war in the Middle East. The area is headed toward a situation where both sides will realize a nuclear war would leave the victor, or victors, in such a powerless state, that any future they might have would be desolate, and leave them in a position of great vulnerability to the rest of the oil consuming nations. Some of these noteworthy recent events, which would tend to create a standoff, such as the one that developed between the United States and the once mighty Soviet Union, are as follows:

(1) Syria now has a better Scud than the Scud B. The Scud D missile, considered to be the most sophisticated weapon of its kind, is now in the hands of the Syrian military. It is able to deliver nuclear, chemical, or biological multiple warheads to their targets in Israel from Syria.

(2) The jointly developed American-Israeli Arrow 2 missile successfully launched an Arrow 2 missile that destroyed a Scud B over the Pacific Ocean earlier this year. The Arrow 2 is designed to intercept an enemy missile before it reaches its peak altitude, far from Israeli territory. However, in a recent test against the Scud D, it failed to intercept the detached warhead. It was not a complete failure, and the results are in

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the process of being analyzed. Israel says it can still effectively destroy the Scud D.

(3) Syria also maintains a sizeable ballistic missile arsenal and, like Iran, is active in upgrading and expanding its capabilities.

(4) In June Iran announced it is building its first stealth missile, a rocket that can evade electronic detection. The missile was named Kowsar, in honor of the Kowsar river in paradise, which is found in the Koran, the Holy Book of Islam. Iran announced it would be capable of hitting ships and aircraft.

(5) Iran is continuing to steam toward development of its own nuclear bomb, which many believe it could develop as early as next year. It is now going underground, and spreading out its nuclear development sites in order to limit the damage that could be incurred by an Israeli air strike, like the one carried out on Iraq’s nuclear facility in 1981.

(6) Iran is manufacturing various missiles, chief among them being the Shahab-3, whose range of 1300 km (793 mi) allows it to reach Israel. It is designed to carry up to a 700-kilogram conventional warhead. But the Iranians are currently developing the Shihab 4 and 5, with ranges of 3000 km (1830 mi) and 6000 km (3660 mi), which puts all of Europe in its sights, and these both missiles will be able to carry chemical, nuclear, and biological weapons.

(7) At the same time that Iran and Syria are attempting to manufacture weapons of mass destructions, and the missiles to deliver them, they are also building up their conventional arsenal of weapons. Iran has been making its own tanks, armored personnel carriers, and fighter planes, inside its own borders for some time.

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They have been guided by the designs of weaponry supplied to them by North Korea, Russia, and even China in both their conventional and non-conventional programs of weaponry development. The huge payments from the Iranian oil money have, for some time, helped to keep the Russian Economy afloat, and the North Korean economy from completely collapsing.

I do not believe there will be a nuclear, biological or chemical war in the Middle East. I have long been convinced of this. It will be a great war, but only conventional weapons will be used. I will not rule out the possibility of some being used at Armageddon, but I really don’t believe they will be launched even them. Please consider the following quote from Special Prophecy Update 135B.


“I was rather surprised by some armor decisions made recently by former Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who is now the Treasury Minister in Ariel Sharon’s Cabinet. He believes Israel faces two threats – The Palestinian terrorist groups, and the weapons of mass destruction that are being developed by Arab states in the Middle East, notably headed by Iran. Of course, both of these are real threats, but I do not agree with his statement that followed. He does not believe the threat of an invasion by Arab states against Israel on the ground is a feasible reality and, because of this, favors the decommissioning of old war systems, like the Merkava tanks, at an accelerated rate. Netanyahu attributes great importance to the strategic view, which would provide answers to the Iranian nuclear threat and to other state’s weapons of mass destruction. He favors the continuation of the security fence to its completion, but desires to see the discontinuation of Merkava 5 tank production. If Israel does follow this program, believing they are secure from an external ground attack at the present, then once they finally get the Palestinians fenced in the West Bank and Gaza Strip, it will give them a sense of “peace and safety” regarding their being overrun from the north.

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Scripture indicates it will happen. Without the conventional old war systems, such as the Merkava 3 and the new Merkava 4 tanks, Israel would be much more vulnerable to a conventional attack like the one launched against them from Syria in the 1973 Yom Kipper War.

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The deterrent to non-conventional weapons, now being developed by the Arab states, lies in the Negev wilderness in the form of nuclear, chemical, and biological warheads on the hundreds of Jericho missiles found there.

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The mass destruction weapons possessed by Israel in the Negev are more than a sufficient deterrent to cause the Arab states not to launch theirs against Israel. When Israel truly believes it has attained peace and safety, then a conventional war attack will be launched against it from the north.

I Thessalonians 5:3,4 – For when they shall say, Peace and safety; then sudden destruction cometh upon them, as travail upon a woman with child; and they shall not escape. [4] But ye, brethren, are not in darkness, that that day should overtake you as a thief.

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Ezekiel 38:14,15 – Therefore, son of man, prophesy and say unto Gog, Thus saith the Lord God; In that day when my people of Israel dwelleth safely, shalt thou not know it? [15] And thou shalt come from thy place out of the north parts, thou, and many people with thee, all of them riding upon horses, a great company, and a mighty army:” (END 135B QUOTE).


It is no secret that, if left unchecked, Iran is determined to become a global nuclear power with long range nuclear missiles that could strike Europe, plus NATO and American forces within a 3600 mile radius, and the United States and Israel are determined to not let that happen.


Begin DEBKAfile Excerpt of May 29, 2008

Washington asks nuclear watchdog to search for two more Syrian nuclear sites – report

May 29, 2008, 3:00 PM (GMT+02:00)

According to the Washington Post, US officials have identified at least three suspected nuclear sites in Syria, two more than the Al Kibar reactor Israel bombed last year, and passed the information to the International Atomic Energy Agency. This confirms the Oct.

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25, 2007, disclosure by DEBKAfile military sources that the Israeli raid of Sept.

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6 had destroyed at least two nuclear sites in Syria.

Washington released its request to the IAEA now – both to point up its disapproval of the Israeli prime minister Ehud Olmert’s peace talks with Damascus and to continue the pressure on Syrian president Bashar Assad. More such disclosures are therefore expected.

CIA Director Michael V. Hayden told the WP that the intelligence community’s insight into Syria’s nuclear ambitions had deepened since the Israeli raid. “Do not assume that Al Kibra exhausted our knowledge of Syrian efforts with regard to nuclear weapons.”

Our military sources add: The fact that Syria was building three interconnected nuclear sites, a North Korean reactor and facilities for supplying nuclear fuel rods and fuel processing for extracting plutonium, proves Damascus was close to completing a weaponization program fueled by plutonium rather than enriched uranium.

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Both American and Israeli sources reported that the reactor was only weeks or months away from being ready for production.

Our sources add that if Syria was that close, how much closer must Iran, the senior partner in the alliance, be to its goal of a homemade nuclear weapon?

Syria has not responded to any IAEA requests for a date to conduct inspections.

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