The Realism of Messianic Islamic Fanaticism!


February 27, 2008

A religious fanatic in America, as judged by the general population, is someone who goes to church every time the doors are open, constantly reads the Bible, never stops talking about Jesus, when you open the door to your home he asks, “Do you know where you are going to spend etern ity

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,” is always passing out pamphlets about the Gospel, is a world champion on John 3:16, tells you constantly how concerned he is for your lost soul, says over and over he does not want to see your soul go to hell, teaches we should turn the other cheek, is looked upon as a right wing conservative who is sadly misguided, and is considered a general pest one wishes to avoid – HOWEVER, AS FAR AS PHYSICALLY HARMING YOU, HE WOULD NOT HURT A FLY!

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A religions fanatic in the Islamic Kingdoms, as judged by the general population, is one who ALSO BELIEVES ALLAH’S AL MAHDI IS COMING SOON.

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He will also sing the praises of Allah and al Mahdi in unusally loud melodious impulses. BUT HE DOES NOT TURN THE OTHER CHEEK, AND THE HEIGHT OF HIS FANATICISM IS MANIFESTED BY YOUR HEAD ON A POLE.

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Since the President of Iran, Hizbullah, Hamas, Islamic Jihad, Al-Aksa Martyrs Brigades, Al Qaeda, and the countless other

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Islamic terrorist organizations all definitely fall into the fanatical category, it might be well to take a second look at the prophesied Islamic Imam al Mahdi. The excerpt following the Haaretz Excerpt was taken from:

Please read it, and please remember this as you read it: No matter what you think of it, THEY BELIEVE IT, and are willing to follow the Imam Mahdi to the death. Most of the American population is not taking this threat seriously.

Begin Haaretz Excerpt from Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs – Daily Alert

The Goal: Annihilating Israel

Yoel Marcus (Ha’aretz)

February 26, 2008

Israel is the only member of the UN that is being openly threatened with destruction – not just as a country but as a Jewish state.

Iranian President Ahmadinejad, who never loses an opportunity to sow hatred against the Jews, is busy drumming up support for the annihilation of Israel with remarks like, “Israel is a dried-out rotten tree that can be knocked down in one storm,” and “The countdown has begun for the destruction of Israel.”

From some corners, Israel is being reassured that the threats to destroy it are all talk. This is not the opinion of Prof.

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Bernard Lewis, who advises that the Iranian threats be taken very seriously, because there is an apocalyptic Shia sect out there liable to wake up and do something to hasten the arrival of its messiah, Imam al-Mahdi.

It is no coincidence that Hizbullah’s Hassan Nasrallah is also prophesying the coming destruction of Israel based on such messianic beliefs.

End Haaretz Excerpt

What follows is a condensed simplified description of the character and prophesied events associated with Imam al-Mahdi.



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I’m writing this document as a respond to requests from many Muslims and non-Muslims. I found many documents about this subject that contains a lot of false Hadeeths.

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This document is a result for a long research in evaluating every Hadeeth (true or false).

The term “MAHDI” is a title meaning “The Guided one”. Mahdi is a normal man who is going to follow the true Islam. His name will be Muhammad and his father name will be ‘Abdullah. He is a descendant from Ali and Fatima (daughter of the prophet Muhammad (pbuh)) so he will be descendant from al-Hasan or al-Husain. Mahdi will be very just and his capital

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will be Damascus.

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Allah told us that Jews will master the world two times (we live now 2008 during the first one) and Mahdi will appear between those two periods and will rule through the last one. M ahdi is NOT

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a prophet but he is the final Rightly Guided Khalifa. Mahdi will lead Muslims to a great victory against the Christian Romans (i.e. All the white Europeans including the Americans). This great war is called al-Malhamah al-Kubrah or Armageddon.

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It will end up with a great victory to Muslims against Romans after six years. Muslims will take over their capital Rome (this can be any city). In the seventh year, the Antichrist will apear and a greater war will start between Jews and Muslims for 40 days (longer that usual days) and will end when Jesus (pbuh) will come and Muslims

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will kill all Jews. All people will convert into Islam. Peace will pervade the whole world.

As Muslims, we should remember that the prophecy about Mahdi is one that will come to pass. This prophecy, however, does not absolve the Muslim Ummah from its duty to strive in the cause of Allah, oppose injustice, and seek peace and betterment of human condition. Centuries have passes from the time of the holy Prophet and there is a good possibility that many more will expire before the advent of the Mahdi. Muslims who are negligent in their duty hoping for a savior are committing a grave mistake and are not following the divine decrees ordained in Quran or taught by the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh)

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